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thatguyEZ commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

Nobody should be surprised by this. Capcom themselves said these HD remakes were just quick cash grabs and developing for the Wii U would probably cost more than their willing to spend. It sucks though, it's never fun to see gamers being left out in the cold.



thatguyEZ commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

@mjc0961 This, pre-ordering is an awful, awful practice. Unless someone is honestly unsure of whether or not they will be able to get their hands on a copy, or they are looking to get a limited editon/collectors edition(actual limited editions, not that FarCry 4 garbage where they threw some guns in and called it the limited edition), or amiibos I suppose, then there really is not reason for it. Especially for a game like this, where at least in NA and the EU there will be plenty of copies. Games like Etrian Odyssey, FE: Awakening, Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensei, etc. probably won't sit on shelves for more than a day so it's understandable. I just don't understand why people would gamble with their money while simultaneously tell companies that its okay to shaft us and it won't even matter because they've already got the money. It really is quite sad. Though I guess that kind of thing just doesn't matter to some people.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

Lol, Nintendo hasn't even been able to handle the current lineup of figures, how are they gonna be able to do it with there are twice as many figures out there. They haven't changed anything since this began and it has totally turned me off of Amiibo all together. Nintendo's incompetence has sucked all the fun out of it. And I can only hope that people stop buying them to send a message to the big N, of course that will never happen.



thatguyEZ commented on Iwata: 3DS Has Plenty Of Room For Growth, Fema...:

@tsukipon or maybe it doesn't matter what gender the character on screen is? From what I've seen that has nothing to do with whether a girl buys a game or not. I'm not sure why you brought up FFXV either, as it's been known that it would be an all male main cast. The producer has said that their may be female party members though. Regardless, if the artist wants the main cast to be all male then that's their choice and the market will decide whether it works. The same goes for your other two examples. This talk of shoehorning female characters into games as if that will somehow make it appeal to female gamers is ridiculous. If a girl wants to buy a game, she will, just like any male gamer out there. I'm all for more interesting and better written female characters in video games, but the currently landscape makes it quite hard for devs to do female characters because if they do, (some)people will be putting extra scrutiny on that character. The female MC gets beat up? It's violence against women. The female MC is sexually assaulted? The devs are profiting from rape. The female MC is saved by her friends? She's too weak and can't save herself, etc. I'm not surprised more devs don't want to risk it at the moment. You can do whatever you want to a male character, but God forgive the same be done to a female character. I'm not saying this is the way you think of these things, but I'm saying its a recurring theme in gaming journalism these days. Like I said more interesting female characters is never a bad thing, but shoehorning them in just because is.

In regards to the article, I feel like the Wii U will be Nintendo's main focus in 2015. After the delay of Zelda they have to fill that gap(hopefully with an Animal Crossing game for Wii U). I'm really hoping they drop some bombshells for the console at E3, though I'm not getting my hopes up for it.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@bitleman mmm, well you didn't say much in that last message. But I'm a fan of many video game companies, I'm not sure why you assumed me to be a Sony fanboy. Regardless I've just been being realistic. And yes, Konami is just another 3rd party studio. They were just going where the money is during the NES/SNES era, and that exactly what they're doing now. And there you go, once again acting like by Konami/Kojima following the money is somehow betraying you. Seriously, grow up, you're acting like a child. And yes, Nintendo is losing relevance and that simply the truth of the matter. You can either accept it or stay in your little delusional bubble. I, for one, hope Ninty is able to make a comeback with the NX. But if they, like you, are unable to see that there is a problem, then they won't be able to fix it and will stay on this downward spiral.

Edit: Oh! And regards to you mentioning Codename Steam getting bad reviews, the guy who was reviewing the game for Polygon didn't even finish the game. But he still felt it was appropriate to slap the game with a 3.5/10 and call it 'terrible.' I found that to be extremely disgusting and highlights what's wrong with gaming journalism. Though sites like Nintendo Life and Push Square do a stand up job.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@bitleman Of course they didn't release those games on the Wii U, hardware wise the system is underpowered, though in the scheme of things the One and PS4 are underpowered as well. But those two systems set the bar for the consoles, so of course the Wii U won't be getting the same games that the One/4 are getting when the Wii U hardware is only slightly more capable than the 360. It takes time and money to port a game to other systems, and there is no reason to port a game to a system when the possibility for a return on your investment isn't there. According to VG charts Bayo 2 sold approximately 660k units, which is certainly good, but that's not even 1/9th of Wii U owners who bought the game. A game with production costs like a Metal Gear game wouldn't make its money back if it came out solely on the U. As we have seen with Codename Steam, which came out for a system that has sold much better than the Wii U mind you, Nintendo fans in general don't want new things. Nintendo fans' buying habits show Nintendo that there is no point in producing new IPs when they won't sell. Konami is a company, and companies go where the money is. There is no reason for you to have taken it so personally with all this talk of being 'betrayed.' But at the end of the day that's your problem and nobody else's.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@bitleman ahh the bitter fanboy, it never gets old. You should really expand your horizons, I can't imagin blindly following a company is any fun. If MGSV(somehow) got ported to Wii U you would buy it and you know it. :^)

In regards to the article, there's really nothing wrong with a company putting out quality games vs a quantity of not-so-good games. Ground Zeros was awesome, and that PP is a follow up to Peace Walker gets me infinitely excited. I loved the management of Outer Heaven in PW and am looking forward to a more robust system in PP. Everything g I've seen of PP thus far I've loved, and couldn't imagine a better send off for Kojima. Though I do think Konami could do much more with their IPs, that's the case for almost every major company out there, Nintendo definitely included. Time will tell what happens to Konami, but I don't see them leaving the gaming industry anytime soon.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

@jsty3105 and it's still much easier to jump on online and just re download them without losing anything. But it's good to know I'm not totally screwed if something happens and that actually makes me feel a lot better. But still, Nintendo needs to set up an account based system ASAP.

@Superryanworld @mgc0961 idk, a year of PS+ pays for itself in 3 months. Either way, trying to spin Sony giving you 72 games for $50 a year is retarded. I do think having to pay to play games online is dumb, but saying PS+ is "such a horrible service" is pretty funny. Whatever makes you feel better I suppose. I don't think Nintendo needs to copy it though, as a subscription model for VC games sounds worse than the current set up IMO. They just need to upload more games and drop the prices on them.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

@BLPs It seems more sensible to go with the account based model and just go with prepaid cards if you're worried about someone getting ahold of your info. There's always a risk of your info getting stolen when you put it online. I'd rather run that slim risk and not have to pay $100 every time I want to re download all my Ninty classics. Not to mention if my Wii U/3DS break then I'm just SOL unless Nintendo customer service cuts me some slack and gives me codes for all the games that I lost. Whereas if my PS4/Vita break I just re download them all to the new system and, at most, the only thing I've lost would be saved files. Though now if you have PS+ even those are constantly being uploaded and can be re downloaded if something happens.

In regards to the article, I think the VC is fine for the most part. They just need to lower the prices for the games and, as you said, not be so concerned with squeezing every cent out of fans. They also need to release more games more frequently. But I don't see any of this happening any time soon, at least not until the NX releases. Which is quite depressing.



thatguyEZ commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

It's not bad as it is, though the games need to be a bit cheaper, and there needs to be more of them. They also need to set up an account system for users, because having to buy retro games multiple times is infuriating. I was hesitant to buy the N64 games because I know that, at least for the time being, those games are locked to my Wii U. Nintendo really needs to take a que from the way Sony does things and follow suit.



thatguyEZ commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

@OmegaPowerDX and that is exactly what's wrong with the Wii U. If somebody is deciding what console they want, and the enjoy playing COD or other third party titles then the Wii U is automatically off the ballot. That's why for most people the Wii U is a secondary console. Nintendo will have to fix this with their next machine if they hope to stay competitive with MS, Sony, and the PC. I'm not sure where you got this idea that if something is aimed at an older demographic then it shouldn't be on the Wii U, but it's just silly. That is one of the major reasons the Wii U failed. Limiting consumer choice is never the right choice.

I'm on the fence about this game. I do think it looks really cool but just don't know if it's for me. I don't think it will be a console seller, but I do think people who already own the system will pick it up. The choice is leave voice chat out is ridiculous though. Limiting the consumer is never an option. All the arguments I've seen against VC are nonsensical or shakey at best. If they don't want to hear people then they could just mute them. As for the argument that one team utilizing VC while the other doesn't is unfair, well that's just too bad isn't it? If one team can work together efficiently and yours can't then that's no body's problem but your own. That's the worst excuse I've heard for taking out VC. Like I said, limiting consumer choice is never the option, and as we can see in this thread, it has turned people off of the game.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Shows Off More eShop Games, With Cros...:

Kinda sucks that they're just now doing this as I already have the games they've been offering cross-buy for on my PS4/Vita. But I guess it's good news for people who only own a Wii U, and it mean Ninty is finally starting to get their act together.



thatguyEZ commented on Crunchyroll Pre-Order Bundle for Etrian Myster...:

The shirt isn't actually an Etrian Odyssey shirt which is really disappointing. I'm thinking about doing this as it's the same price, but at the same time I could still just go pick it up day one and get everything except for the shirt and mystery box. :/



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

I'd be super down for Animal Crossing on Wii U. I've gotten back into New Leaf lately and am reminded why I love this series so much. But it does suck that Zelda is now pushed back, as that was one of the main reasons for me getting a Wii U in the first place. I'm fine with waiting for it though, as I'll take a delayed game over a broken one anyway. But Nintendo is going to have to pull something big to keep the Wii U relevant this holiday season.

@kensredemption lol so Nintendo delaying their biggest release of the year isn't grim. We may be fine with waiting, but that doesn't really matter as our patience doesn't sell systems unlike a new Zelda game which would do huge numbers this holiday. I assume you must not be very exposed to clickbait if this is what you perceive as being it.



thatguyEZ commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

It looks and sounds like this was a project that was close to the devs' heart, which is a huge plus. And Wind Waker is one of my favorite Zelda games so I'd certainly be down to give this a go. I considered getting it on my phone but I'd much rather play it with sticks and buttons so I'll hold off. It'd be really nice if they were able to improve the animations a bit for a console release, but seeing as they didn't for the PC version I highly doubt it.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

Until Nintendo fixes the mess that amiibo has become I'm done with them. This whole frenzy over trying to get them has totally poisoned them for me. And after the whole Majora's Mask debacle I'm done with these kinds of things from Nintendo. As much as I would like to have the Fire Emblem characters, I'm not about to reward scalping and I have better things to do that check stores everyday for them. Until Nintendo learns the basic concept that the customers (or fans in this case) come first, I won't be purchasing anymore of them.



thatguyEZ commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

@quorthon You really must not be paying attention to what feminism is today, I mean did you have your eyes and ears shut during the whole debacle with the European Space Agency landing the Rosetta probe on a comet? Even feminists such as Christina Sommers will point out that modern day feminism is nothing but fear mongering and which hunts for the big bad patriarchy and rape culture (UVA scandal anyone?). Feminism is dead in the west, and the feminists know it. So they desperately try and find ways to stay relevant. You also have apparently have not been paying to what's going on in Sweden to be trying to state that feminism isn't political. Feminism is fundamentally broken because it focuses solutions for one gender to problems that affect humans. The fact that feminists have to twist facts (one in five college girls will be raped) and tell half truths to keep women fearful and feeling weak says everything you need to know about it. But I suppose if you want to keep telling yourself it's all about equality (name one right men in the west have that women don't) then that's your prerogative.

Enough off topic ranting though. While I think it's pretty arrogant for people to think they have the right to tell people in other parts of the world that their cultural norms (if you want to call it that) or tastes in certain things are wrong, I also understand that it's exactly that, their right. I'm not overly worried about it though, the 'mainstream' video games media is quickly becoming irrelevant, and everyone should know that sites like Kotaku shouldn't be taken seriously. YouTube and video streaming are quickly becoming king.

People have the right to make what they want, consume what they want, and voice whatever opinion they want, and that won't be changing anytime soon.



thatguyEZ commented on Rumour: Nintendo Plotting amiibo Super Mario C...:

Can't even get the Amiibos I want as it is, this is just ridiculous. After my Toon Link comes in the mail I'm done trying to hunt these things down. If I come across one that I don't have and want, that's fine, I'll get it. But as for breaking my back trying to hunt these things down, I'm done. Nintendo can't even get the existing stock right, and now they're feeding scalpers with these gold and silver versions. After the debacle with trying to get a copy of the limited edition Majora's Mask and the MM New 3DS it's just too much. Nintendo needs to step it up if it wants me to even consider this stuff again.



thatguyEZ commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

This program is beyond awful, I'm really hoping Nintendo fixes it with the beta and makes it more reasonable. This is a perfect example of Ninty being stuck in the conservative ways and it driving me up a wall. I mean they did an awful job at advertising the Wii U and now they want to punish people for giving them free advertising? Well that seems more than a little backwards if you ask me. Not even mentioning that this program punishes those who have been the most loyal and supportive of Nintendo. Those who have Nintendo only channels will probably want to start thinking of doing other games. It's just sad to see Nintendo continue to shoot themselves in the foot like this. The only way this could get any worse is if they start to flag review content. This just means Nintendo will have a minimal presence on YouTube, but I suppose they made their bed on this one.



thatguyEZ commented on Atlus Shows Off Terrific Launch Edition Extras...:

@zach777 That's what I'm saying! A NA release date can't come soon enough. :'(

@superstick Mystery Dungeon is different from the mainline Etrian games. Those are first person dungeon crawlers done in the style of games long past. While MD seems to be a rogue like kind of game, so pretty different from the usual formula. EO is one of my favorite series though and I couldn't recommend it to you more.



thatguyEZ commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

It's really disappointing as MM is my favorite Zelda game. But I'm not gonna pay ridiculous prices to a scalper. I'm just holding out hope that, like the Marth amiibos, Nintendo will put out another batch for actual fans. These scalpers are disgusting and tick me off beyond belief.

@Falchion lol I think you're putting too much faith in humanity. People don't order 10+ systems just because and then see how much they're selling for and then decide to put them on eBay. People buy these things with the intent of taking advantage of fans. But I'm sure you might be right about a handful of cases.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

Another week of nothing. Nintendo really needs to step there game up. Their sales are horrible compared to other services. Not to mention the VC is pathetic considering Nintendos roster. They've really been getting on my nerves lately with the limited supply of MM3D new 3DS's and bundle and these lame sales. Oh well, guess I'll hope they'll be willing to take my money next week.



thatguyEZ commented on New Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders Emerge at GameStop...:

The Majora's Mask one is sold out everywhere. I mean they're going for $900 on Amazon right now. It's beyond frustrating, Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game and if I can't get the bundle or new 3DS model (refuse to go to a scalper and pay 300% more) I'll be really upset. I'm really hoping Nintendo will up the supply since demand has been so high. But if they don't then I guess Ninty really does hate taking our money.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (North America):

Pretty weak week. Was hoping for another Fire Emblem game on the eshop. But seeing as there isn't one I might pick up MMBN2. It's quite sad that Ninty has such a fantastic library of games but refuses to capitalize on them through the VC. I'm still baffled there aren't any N64 games on the Wii U VC. Oh well, maybe one day...



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo's Holiday Sales and Profit Set to be ...:

@jaxonH It's probably closer to the fact that people have different tastes. And a lot of the time people like to play games with their friends, so obviously if all their friends are buying a console, then the person will be more inclined to buy that console as well. The fact is, unless you are fan of Nintendo, the Wii U is an extremely hard sell. I love Nintendo and the Wii U has been a hard sell for me. But after watching Aunuma-san playing the new Zelda game there was no way I could put it off any longer.