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thatguyEZ commented on Atlus Shows Off Terrific Launch Edition Extras...:

@zach777 That's what I'm saying! A NA release date can't come soon enough. :'(

@superstick Mystery Dungeon is different from the mainline Etrian games. Those are first person dungeon crawlers done in the style of games long past. While MD seems to be a rogue like kind of game, so pretty different from the usual formula. EO is one of my favorite series though and I couldn't recommend it to you more.



thatguyEZ commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

It's really disappointing as MM is my favorite Zelda game. But I'm not gonna pay ridiculous prices to a scalper. I'm just holding out hope that, like the Marth amiibos, Nintendo will put out another batch for actual fans. These scalpers are disgusting and tick me off beyond belief.

@Falchion lol I think you're putting too much faith in humanity. People don't order 10+ systems just because and then see how much they're selling for and then decide to put them on eBay. People buy these things with the intent of taking advantage of fans. But I'm sure you might be right about a handful of cases.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

Another week of nothing. Nintendo really needs to step there game up. Their sales are horrible compared to other services. Not to mention the VC is pathetic considering Nintendos roster. They've really been getting on my nerves lately with the limited supply of MM3D new 3DS's and bundle and these lame sales. Oh well, guess I'll hope they'll be willing to take my money next week.



thatguyEZ commented on New Nintendo 3DS Pre-Orders Emerge at GameStop...:

The Majora's Mask one is sold out everywhere. I mean they're going for $900 on Amazon right now. It's beyond frustrating, Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game and if I can't get the bundle or new 3DS model (refuse to go to a scalper and pay 300% more) I'll be really upset. I'm really hoping Nintendo will up the supply since demand has been so high. But if they don't then I guess Ninty really does hate taking our money.



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (North America):

Pretty weak week. Was hoping for another Fire Emblem game on the eshop. But seeing as there isn't one I might pick up MMBN2. It's quite sad that Ninty has such a fantastic library of games but refuses to capitalize on them through the VC. I'm still baffled there aren't any N64 games on the Wii U VC. Oh well, maybe one day...



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo's Holiday Sales and Profit Set to be ...:

@jaxonH It's probably closer to the fact that people have different tastes. And a lot of the time people like to play games with their friends, so obviously if all their friends are buying a console, then the person will be more inclined to buy that console as well. The fact is, unless you are fan of Nintendo, the Wii U is an extremely hard sell. I love Nintendo and the Wii U has been a hard sell for me. But after watching Aunuma-san playing the new Zelda game there was no way I could put it off any longer.



thatguyEZ commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

If this is true then that really sucks, this was one of the main drives for me to pick up a Wii U this year. If it is cancelled then there goes one of the main bullet points in favor of getting the console. This really is unfortunate because I want to want a Wii U but Nintendo is making it such a hard sell that I just don't know. But this is far from official so I'll just assume it's not true until we get some official word on it. Fingers crossed!



thatguyEZ commented on Nintendo Creating a New Console for Emerging M...:

I feel like it will be a Wii U 'Lite' or something along those lines. Something to keep the hardware costs down so that it will be able to reach more Chinese citizens. I think this is where Ninty has an inherent advantage over the Xbone in China because I don't see MS dropping the Kinect or really doing anything to keep the cost down over there.



thatguyEZ commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

It's a fun game and I love it, I'm not the biggest fan of the art direction but the gameplay is solid. The devs are free to do what they want, it's their game and I don't want feminists to ruin something that most of them probably don't even know exists. It's just a game, get over it.



thatguyEZ commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

I've always been a Ninty/Sony guy and love both of them to death. But the lack of a unified account to tie purchases to is just ridiculous and borderline unacceptable imo. I'm big on downloading my games and have a ton of games on my 3DS with a ton of time put into them, and I've been worrying lately about what happens if my 3DS just gives out one day. I should NOT have to go through some huge hassle just to get the game I bought with my hard earned money back. And if I were to lose all that you can bet I'm not about to just give it up and say 'oh well.' On my PS4 all it takes it opening the PS store and hitting download, and that's all I should have to do if something happens to my 3DS. The fact that Iwata is talking about not unifying accounts until next gen is totally absurd, the Wii U is still practically a fresh new console that should have 4+ years ahead of it. I love Nintendo to death but the lack of any openness or even empathy on the subject gets on my nerves like nothing else. Seriously Ninty, step it up.



thatguyEZ commented on Electronic Arts CEO Discusses The Company's Pl...:

Why is this on NL again? I mean I understand the Virtual Boy was the first dip into the VR waters but still. The Oculus Rift is awesome and I can't wait to see what Sony has up it's sleeve with their peripheral, I'd love to play Soma with a headset. But EA should keep clear of the two, the have a knack for driving anything awesome or potentially so into the ground and destroying it.



thatguyEZ commented on If You Do Pick Up a PS4 or Xbox One, These Ski...:

@JaxonH I agree, I've always been Sony/Ninty all the way. Plus a 360 in there, but I'd say Xbone fanboys are the worst. You can't even talk to them seriously because they all act like 12 year olds. But I'm loving the PS4, I think I'll always have at least one Sony and Nintendo console in my house. But I'm not a big fan of these skins, they just seem kind of pointless (and ugly). I mean I really like the way the PS4 looks by default so I'd never pick up a skin for it regardless.



thatguyEZ commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

@Araknie lol look at you mister internet veteran. -_-

But as much as I am against micro-transactions, I'll probably still get this when it comes to NA. MT can be done right, or devs can do it like EA and constantly shove it in your face. I think DLC started out as something great with 'good' intentions but then companies (like EA) came along and totally abused it. But for the most part I don't think this is a big deal. But it'd be better if it didn't have them at all, companies shouldn't be tweaking their games to accommodate for people who such at games. At least this isn't the right way of doing it IMO.