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Sun 22nd Nov 2009

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Teyon commented on Rainy Frog Launches to Focus on Bringing Weste...:

We are doing the exact same thing almost 2 years now

Teyon has a Japanese subsidary licensed by Nintendo of Japan and we successfully released over 20 games in the eShop (

Developers can contact us here:

Edit: Oh... and we also release Japanese games in the U.S. and Europe. For example Groove Heaven, Clash of Elementalists, Cat Frenzy. You can send us suggestions for Japanese games you'd like to play on our Facebook page.



Teyon commented on Review: Bird Mania Christmas (3DS eShop):

We are going to release the game in Japan soon (it is a bit delayed there and will be out probably in January as "Bird Mania Winter") and it will be really interesting to see for the first time Japanese players competing for the best score in Bird Mania with players from other countries. The original game was quite popular in Japan but it came without online scores so we don't know if there's any potential contender to Bezerker



Teyon commented on Teyon Announces 101 Minigolf World Release and...:

@Qwikman: It's not only up to us, but in the next few months you can expect most of our games will be priced 500 Nintendo Points (with the exceptions like Robot Rescue).

@Awesome5: It’s a shooter, but not an FPS like Onslaught. We want to make Heavy Fire a quality game worth your money, that’s all I can say at the moment. You need to wait for the next press release concerning the game to learn more, it should happen in March! The development is quite advanced.

@brooks83: Thank you! Well, I think Hubert was received as a decent game, which is OK, but it’s also a valuable lesson. We learn a lot from each release and hope it will let us make better games for you:) If you meant sales than I’m afraid we don't comment on that.

We will be revealing more details concerning the line-up in the next press releases with some twits at @TeyonGames beforehand so stay tuned!



Teyon commented on Teyon Announces 101 Minigolf World Release and...:

@bro2dragons: You need to wait for more details (we're still working on arts, screens, trailer and all that marketing stuff), but I can promise this won't be a next Warmen Tactics. We will give you more info before the release date so you can decide if the game is your thing or not.