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Re: Soapbox: No, HD Wii Games Coming to Nvidia Shield Doesn't Foretell a Switch Virtual Console


That video is not even worth a watch because it is FAKE NEWS! The Nvidia shield uses graphics cards comparable to the switch so by default having these games run on them is an open possibility (more than we had before this announcement for china) than we had before. Virtual console streaming may be the way to go for Nintendo and this is a complete test to then launch it worldwide but for the Nintendo Switch instead.

Re: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Arrive on Mobile in Late November


Great display for Nintendo! This will be the most successful by far of their mobile success. People want free to play games and this is just that! I am not a big animal crossing fan but this app certainly caught my attention surprisingly. On the go from my phone, this app seems like the perfect thing to play for a few minutes in between waiting for things in real life! Great job Nintendo!

Re: Editorial: Nintendo's Surprising Fanbase is a Major Strength, Which Bodes Well for Switch


Great article! I loved reading it! I have Nintendo "moments" all the time with people. I got my family to love Nintendo on a level similar to my very own. When I was waiting in line for an SNES classic I met some now friends who shared a level of passion similar to mine for Nintendo. Even though they were nearly a decade older than me, it felt amazing that we loved Nintendo as much as one another and we then hung out to play some Nintendo games after picking up our SNES classic. It is really amazing and astonishing how Nintendo can bring people together. It is the sole reason I love the brand and will always love the brand for the rest of my life!

Re: Soapbox: Why I Still Love the Wii U


I love my Wii U. I got it within the first month of its launch and built a fantastic Wii U library of 43 games for it. I have many underrated gems such as the Batman Arkham games (which 2 screens make a huge improvement in unlike the PS4). Also getting Star Fox Zero, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Super Mario 3d World, Wind Waker HD, Black Ops 2 and many others made for a fantastic experience. Unfortunately with the absence of both Star Fox Zero and Zelda Wii U (which became breath of the wild) which they were supposed to both launch in Fall 2015 I knew the wii U was finished when both of those games became delayed from that period. Star Fox eventually arrived but it was not as great a game as it was supposed to be even though there is nothing wrong with it I just wished it had a new story not the same as the originals.

Overall, I have been waiting since December 2015 for the Switch to arrive as that was when the Wii U was no longer in Nintendo's eyes anymore. I love my Wii U and all of its games I have for it. I know that I will cherish it with everyone I can as I have done so in the past with great party gems like Wii Party U (which is one of my top five wii u games!)

Re: Nintendo Switch Patent Provides Insights Into VR Accessory and Console Touchscreen


This looks just like the Wii! I can't wait for the switch but the fact these controllers are just like Wii motes is uncanny! It is basically the Wii brand without the Wii name! Look at them! Motion controls, small, buttons so close together and in a rectangular shape! I have nothing against the Wii but if this succeeds to Wii levels I will be surprised that history has once again repeated itself! The VR component looks neat too as Nintendo VR would be the only VR unit I would actually purchase because I trust Nintendo as a brand! I really hope this Console is as powerful as current PS4 then everything about this console will be like the Wii but better! Basically the Wii 3 😂

Re: Feature: 25 Essential Wii U Retail Games


I only have 13 of these titles! Truly for my Wii U library of 41 titles a few of these games are awful on your list and should have been replaced! Wii party U is a fantastic game that should be on here, at least one Batman Arkham game should be on here, Game and Wario, Injustice, a justdance game, and quite a few others!

Pokken, color splash, yarn yoshi, Tokyo mirage, and Rayman shouldn't be on this list before some of the titles I described! They really shouldnt

Re: Feature: Reflecting on Four Years of the Wii U


I love the Wii U! It was the first Nintendo console I purchased over 40 games for and that felt like an accomplishment in itself! I loved Smash 4, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D world and many other first party titles!

It was the third party which I enjoyed the most though with the Wii U! Whether it was the Batman Arkham City or Batman Arkham Origins both of which the dual screen play was amazing with! The dual screen made for a great accompany to the console and is is a shame that it was so poorly received! Here is to a health Switch lifespan!

Re: Review: Lost Reavers (Wii U eShop)


I thought Nintendo life was done with giving review scores?????? This review seems like a contradiction to those words spoken in a previous article about giving review scores :/

Re: Soapbox: Game Reviews Always Need a Final Score


I agree! The biggest thing about reviews is comparing them to other sites and having a different system makes that feature much harder if not impossible to do! Besides, there are some games that watching a review are not worth and I like to just check the score they were given

Re: Talking Point: Nintendo Needs to Excite A Mainstream Audience in 2016


NINTENDO POWER! Nintendo shall reign once again; they ought too! Being an army greater than the children armies on rival consoles, we shall make the NX a success once again. Myself as an example converted at least 75 people to buy Wii U's who did not know about the system just by explaining and showing trailers of Splatoon to them! We can make Nintendo Great again and all it takes is our huge community to branch out to others when the NX launches instead of late in its lifespan!