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Fri 7th Mar 2008

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Tesche commented on Review: Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console / Su...:

There are things that I like differently about both this game and it's sequel. Both are outstanding and are my two favorite RPGs of all time...even more so that FFVII, though I know people a generation or so behind me are going to consider that statement blasphemy.



Tesche commented on USA VC Releases: Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman:

Wow. Mega Man 9 is a must obviously, but my five favorite NES games of all time were...
1) Ninja Gaiden (check)
2) Super Mario Bros. 3 (check)
3) Mega Man 2 (check)
4) Super Dodgeball (now a check)
5) Final Fantasy ('cmon Square! Please?)

There was also an awesome robot baseball game called Base Wars that was completely reandom and pretty sweet. Dragon Warrior falls just out of the top 5 as well. Oh, and RBI Baseball....



Tesche commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

Here is what I have been wondering...Are americans the only ones calling for this? Is there a cultural diffence in America that leads us to want bigger and better hard drvies? Like our big cars? Is there any outcry in Japan, for instance, for a storage solution for the Wii? Or is Japanese culture content with the redownload option? Something tells me they are content with the situation as it is, and this is why Nintendo always states that they are aware that "some Wii users" are expressing a desire for more America the "some Wii users" in that sentence? We are a much smaller market for Nintendo than Japan is....I could see why they would drag their heels on this if Japanese are not frustrated by the lack of space. On the otherhand, if my hypothesis is wrong...then I am just that, wrong.



Tesche commented on Introducing WiiWare World - Reviewers Wanted:

Like others....when I read this topic I became quite excited....but have since lost a little bit of my enthusiasm after having read the entire article and all the comments. I just don't feel that I will buy enough Wii Ware games on my own to be a competent and trusted reviewer. Readers develop trust with reviewers because of their ability to discriminate and be (hopefully) objective. Both sporadic reviewing and reviewing things you have a personal bias towards (after all, you chose to buy it) are both counterproductive to reader trust. There is no body of work on which to judge a reviewer and there is no faith that someone isn't merely trying to justify their own purchase or destroy a game they wasted their money on.
Just my two cents, but I don't think I will be applying.