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TerrapinJess commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@WhiteTrashGuy haha! Nice! Yeah I could only hope Devil's Third gives me as much fun as I had with Winback. I know it was stupid at points making you go all the way around a level to get up on a ledge when you could simply jump and pull yourself up if it were real life but it was so satisfilying pulling off a head shot with that pistol from far away! (Unlimited ammo!)
Now I'm excited about this... Could be fun



TerrapinJess commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Every time I see this game I think Hybrid Heaven (N64), Winback (N64), and Ninja Gaiden (Not N64, hehehe)
This one's going to be extremely hard to spend $60 on....



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Basking in the Glow of Atlu...:

Preordered Legend of Legacy the first day I got wind of it. I wanted it for two reasons: the first one, probably stupid, is because I want to play Bravely Default so bad but I don't want to deal with the negativity I read about during the second half of the game. Reason two is because of who is behind the game. Ok and a third reason: is because you can get a frog character just like in the 90's....
So after reading this I am even more stoked about playing it. I was going nuts with my 3DS this year but recently fell away from it after lack of hype from E3... Still doing the daily street pass thing and I still take it everywhere but I'm not playing it as much as I was. Anyway.. Yes, I cannot wait to play LoL and I hope there's preorder bonus' (that won't kick the price up past $40!)



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Plugging In To Chibi-Robo!:...:

If I buy a single amiibo, or had to pick just one, this one would be it. I'm so freakin excited for this game and have been ever since I watched the trailer. Glad Nintendo Life is giving it some more exposure! Glad it's hitting everyone else's radar in a positive way as well. Bring it! I wanna plug in!



TerrapinJess commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

I'm giving Federation Force the benefit of the doubt and curbing my hate horse for now. I'm going to keep my eyes on it and watch how it develops. We've seen next to nothing about it to say anything. See you all when it comes out and we'll see about congregating some more. Ready? Break.



TerrapinJess commented on Don't Hold Your Breath, But Axiom Verge Is "Pr...:

It's funny this article is here as I wake up this morning. I JUST, this weekend, decided to finally just go ahead and buy it for PS4. It's an amazing game indeed. As a HUGE fan of Blaster Master and Metroid, this is the best thing to happen since them. I hope this comes to Wii U for everyone who hasn't played it yet!



TerrapinJess commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

@AtlanteanMan YES. Just moved across the country and you know, I couldn't bring half the things I had spent days, weeks and years collecting. It's a shame because I whole-heartedly want to collect things-- especially amiibo — but realistically, it's just something to "collect dust" and not get used... Therefore I always pass. Just the fact that these things are so hard to find and collect, that drives the nail in the coffin for me. I'll probably never buy a single amiibo, (maybe Samus, come on its Metroid!) but yeah.... Glad I'm not the only one who realizes/thinks this.



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Getting Into the Fold With ...:

I'm more excited for this than ever. I'm probably going to pick up dream team this weekend on sale now. Then again I think I was leaning more toward fire emblem... Ugh... Just when you think nothing is out for Nintendo! Gotta love 'em...
I feel like I have a bipolar relationship with them, I'm all up and down with Nintendo but overall I love them.



TerrapinJess commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

I think Nintendo's been hanging around and playing with Sega too much😛.
I'm really hoping I'm wrong when I say the end is nigh for Nintendo. I'm really hoping this isn't so but its just bizarre... This whole thing. What the hell is happening? I'm blaming this on all the other good games coming out for the other systems. I don't know how I feel or what to think anymore. It's a feeling of dread. I imagine the feeling I have right now after this E3 is how someone would feel if they woke up covered in blood and found out they killed someone in their sleep overnight. That sinking feeling knowing that you could've been peacefully asleep and awoken like normal. Applied to this, we know the potential that this E3 had.. And we woke up covered in blood.

Now the puppets, that was so cool. The games they talked about? Well... Hehe... Ya.... well... Can't win 'em all, champ.



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@Faruko yes like if they simply took the game pad and threw a radar on for all range mode. Basically, the bottom screen for the 3DS version would've sufficed perfectly. Maybe have a weapon switcher on there; if Nintendo incorporated some other weapons other than the lasers we can switch them via the game pad. Or we could see realtime damage statistics (like a racing game showing realtime tire wear or body damage) on the game pad... So much potential! I have my fingers crossed because I'm pleased with everything about this game (yes even graphics) save for the controls. I just hope they allow for classic gameplay!



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@aaronsullivan well this is good news if you don't NEED the game pad to simply aim around the screen. The way I am taking it is you aim around with the game pad and you can get a birds eye view of that aiming via the game pad screen (Aka I can't move the arwing with a joystick but rather need to with gyro controls). I don't even use gyro controls in the 3DS remake which I love.

Well, here's to hoping it turns out okay because if it does I'm absolutely getting it. I don't want to sound too harsh against Nintendo because I do love them it just saddens me sometimes to not have something meet my expectations... (ESPECIALLY AN IP I LOVE LIKE STAR FOX!)



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

As bad as I want one, I don't see a reason to go and buy a Wii U after this E3. I refuse to pay $350 in order to play maybe 5 NEW games: (Zelda Wii U, Xenoblade, Super Smash Bros.) I'm able to talk myself out of it every time I think of it getting one. Pay $350 to play basically the same games as I can right now (Wind Waker, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy, STAR FOX 64..!!)
I'm being really harsh right now but it's true. I really want to get a Wii U and I'm seriously one of their biggest fans but after yesterday it just confirmed why I traded in my first Wii U: not cashing in on your IPs. Does Nintendo realize how freaking awesome Star Fox could be?! How about Metroid?! How about F Zero?! It sickens me. I'm all about innovation and trying new things but even the most simple racing game allows you to go in and out of the cockpit/driver's seat view. This game seems to be forcing the cockpit view. As far as I can remember, I don't think I ever played an entire star fox campaign in cockpit view more than once. The option to turn this off should be present along with a pro controller option. If these two things end up making it into the finished product, I will personally come in here and delete all my negative comments. I think it looks fantastic otherwise.



TerrapinJess commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Well this tops it... No way to use the Pro controller? If this is true, count me out of this crap. The second screen should be optional of you want it, not forced.
Nintendo really — seriously — needs to take a good hard look at all the feedback and listen to people about this. First, not a real Metroid and now not even a real Star Fox. I'm beginning to backpedal my positive comments about this game. Graphics, to me, look okay and I mean that in a way where I think they match the look and feel of the series but the controls, what the hell are you thinking? I'm utterly disgusted that this is being forced. There's nothing, and I mean nothing, that i'd love to play more right now more than a newly updated star fox but apparently, this is just not going to fill the void.
This is very sad news. I may consider writing Nintendo a letter if I have time today and we should all do the same if we want to see this fixed.



TerrapinJess commented on Star Fox Zero Marks An Explosive Return To For...:

SO fired up for this!! I love Star Fox 64! Reminds me of summer so much; countless hours spent in Aquas and Macbeth. Was really hoping for a price cut on Wii U but I'm going out to get myself my second Wii U as soon as I can! Finally get myself Metroid Prime Trilogy off the eshop too



TerrapinJess commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

"And games you didn't know you wanted"

More like games we didn't know we didn't want. I think we all agree that a Metroid-proper title would have been ideal but this will appease the Hunters fans for sure. No doubt I'll check it out when it releases but there is undoubtedly still a massive void to be filled.



TerrapinJess commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

I'm beyond excited for Star Fox — seriously excited — but the lack of a real metroid is... Well... Less-than-desireable/tolerable.

Im also excited about Fire Emblem (both systems) and the Paper Mario game but man... There could have been so much more!

So I sold my Wii U a year ago because I wasn't happy with the game library but looks like I'll be getting another for star fox and some of the other games that came out since I abandoned it. I'm sold, Nintendo... I don't know how, but I am.



TerrapinJess commented on Rare Replay on Xbox One Will Include 30 Games,...:

Ugh... I got rid of my 360 years ago and wrote off Microsoft after not being happy with their business model (for example, making me pay for Xbox live to watch Netflix when everyone else doesn't) but this would make me want to get one. I love Banjo-Kazooie and if they said Jet Force Gemini was going to be included too then that might send me over the edge eventually... Bah, I don't know I just wish these were coming back to Nintendo. Then again, with a new Metroid and Xenoblade (and Yooka-Laylee) I won't give two craps about these oldies



TerrapinJess commented on Metroid-Style 'Blast Ball' Unveiled For Ninten...:

Omg yes this screams Metroid (prime). As mentioned above, even the font looks the same.
I'm really optimistic that a Metroid is being announced FINALLY!! And this is some kind of mini game/multiplayer mode for it.
Color me excited.



TerrapinJess commented on Video: This LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Made O...:

I love the title about making our glasses move, haha. I'll tell ya, to me Lego is becoming one of those video game franchises like Pokemon where I'm not ashamed to say I play them. Pokemon is a FUN game and so is Lego so why the hell not? Really excited for the Lego Worlds game especially but I may start building my Lego game collection (pun intended).



TerrapinJess commented on The Legend of Legacy is Heading to 3DS in the ...:


EDIT: and FuRyu; how silly of me as I did see that. I'm just glad we get these awesome games. I'm loving to art style and the frog character

Now here's to hoping we also get Labyrinth No Kanata and E.X. Troopers! They look too good to not come to America.



TerrapinJess commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

To be honest, I've been playing star fox 64 3D nonstop just like I did on the 64 original. I cannot wait to see what's in store for the series. I hope its something like mass effect/metroid where you can pilot your vehicle and get out on foot and explore for upgrades. Even if it's an on-rails shooter again I'll be extremely happy. There's so many possibilities — hopefully the outcome satisfies everyone!
So excited for details on this, wow.



TerrapinJess commented on Natsume Is Bringing Smartphone Title Ninja Str...:

I HATE this kind of news. These little session games belong on a cell phone and they should stay there. Maybe I'm old school but I just feel that a console should be held to a higher standard, that's all. All respect to the creator and everything I just don't like to see these cheap one-off game experiences on a dedicated gaming console that I feel should have more meat and potatoes games.

EDIT: But yes, thank you for supporting Wii U! I'm sure others will appreciate this.



TerrapinJess commented on Feature: The Making Of Body Harvest:

I was just playing this on my modded Wii! Granted, it ran like a bowl of diarrhea, it was so cool to hear the sound effects and see the gameplay again. I always think of this game as the first grand theft auto or something like that. Such a cool game. Oh, and flying the plane is harder than flappy bird. Just sayin'.
Great article!