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TerrapinJess commented on The Racing Days Are Over For SEGA’s 3DS eSho...:

I want THIS (or rather, the sequel now) and ATTACK ON TITAN brought to the west. Although I know next to nothing about how the Attack on Titan game plays, I love the show and am willing to pay if it is a cool game. So yes, I'd buy this.... And that.

Edit: ...but would favor much more a game that plays like Top Gear Rally 1 or 2 (for N64, that's right) where you get full control. If we could add anime attitude to top gear rally I'd be sold.



TerrapinJess commented on Interview: Nintendo's Hiro Yamada On The Chall...:


Dying to play an RPG again and was really close to getting bravely default while I waited for this. I'm going to stick it out and just wait because I know this will be getting played nonstop once I get my filthy mits on it, effectively shoving BD to the side forever.



TerrapinJess commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

I've always played sonic as a platformer. What I mean is that I would get tis crazy amount of speed going and then all of a sudden: BLAM! A strategically-placed enemy rift in my path just to slow me down and take my rings. Therefore I bega to play more cautiously, like a Mario game for example.
Speed is good but I think they need a way to slow you down gradually instead of us crashing into an enemy without spin-dashing. I relate the feeling of this to watching an excellent movie and then having someone run into the room and blurting out the ending.
My favorite sonic games will always be 1, 2, 3, knuckles, sonic CD, Sonic 4 P1 & P2 (but even these had strange feeling controls...)
Gain control of yr IP or give up and port Shenmue 1 and 2 to 3DS, Sega.



TerrapinJess commented on Go The Whole Hog With This Amazing SNES New Ni...:

I agree with the first poster... Why they didn't give the XL full color buttons as well is beyond me... It only makes sense to me to make one set of buttons and put them into two systems rather than 2 sets of different buttons for 2 different systems that use the same size buttons... They DO use the same size buttons right? If there's ever a chance for me to take my system apart and put my own buttons in I'll do it.... I'LL DO IT, NINTENDO!!



TerrapinJess commented on New Nintendo 3DS XL Charging Cradle Goes Up fo...:

Very strange that this article popped up yesterday. I had JUST ordered one through eBay for $17.55 with free shipping from Japan. I actually think that it ends up cheaper in the end! I don't know, I'm excited to have this cradle and wanted one ever since I read about them. Going to leave it on my desk at work as I get street passes walking around the city at lunch time.



TerrapinJess commented on Nintendo of America Teams Up With Best Buy For...:

You know, speaking of streetpass, I wish they'd allow for a queue of over 10 at a time... Events like these have you GLUED to the screen holding the R-button to fast-forward through all that Mr. Mendell take-your-time-and-have-fun and hello goodbye BS. I spend so much time per day skipping through all of this stuff when I really just want to build my army and collect puzzle pieces. Come on isn't it really all about getting all the outfits with plaza tickets?



TerrapinJess commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:


And I know this is off topic or outside the realm of 64: I would absolutely LOVE if they made a port of Shenmue for 3DS. That might be the nice little comeback Sega would need to re-establish themselves... I would absolutely go nuts for a 3DS release of both 1 and 2.



TerrapinJess commented on You'd Better Get a Bigger Micro-SDHC Card for ...:

@martinskrtel37 haha no, what I am saying is that I don't have to worry about bringing my game case with all my carts in it when I go out. All my games are with me at all times. It sucks not being able to have the option to trade in in the future but the trade-off for me is worth it. I am still mad however that kingdom hearts 3D is not available for download! Pros and cons to both!



TerrapinJess commented on Review: Blaster Master (Wii U eShop / NES):

This was and still is my favorite NES game. I think this title was "pushing the system to its limits" at the time. I'd easily pick this over Metroid because you can disembark from your vehicle at will. 28 years old now, I still have this fantasy that I will someday make my car resemble Sophia III...

I think this should easily get a 9 or 10. It's lacking a map system and whatnot but I guess I'm just lucky since I played it so much I have the worlds memorized (yes even the "sewer" level!)



TerrapinJess commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off New 3DS HOME Themes ...:

I so wish they kept the entire button color for the XL like they did with the standard new 3DS. I also wish we had white... That white and color combo with the themes is so sexy. Oh well, I got my MM3D download this morning and I'll be on the lookout for my free theme when I get home today!



TerrapinJess commented on Nintendo Lists Formally Tested Micro SDHC Card...:

I know I'm late to this post but I wanted to mention that I am currently using (from Amazon: SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHI-I/Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card Up to 48MB/s With Adapter- SDSDQUAN-032G-G4A [Newest Version]
) in my now-old red XL. I didn't format it and I merely copied the files from the old SD to this micro. It works fine! Not sure if this will change for the New XL but I don't suspect it will...



TerrapinJess commented on Nintendo Download: 12th February (North America):

@Mus1cLov3r likewise! I opted to NOT get the Majora's 3ds just so I wouldn't have to worry too much about ruining it. I'll be getting black and most likely getting a custom vinyl decal of some sort for more personalization. The (red) XL is a beast-- I hope that quality carries over to the new system!



TerrapinJess commented on Meet Playtonic, A Studio Of Ex-Rare Staff That...:

Oh me oh my this is awesome news... I really hope something for 3DS comes out of this... I was just thinking about a Donkey Kong 64 remaster/remake until I realized that Rare is more so for Microsoft now... But NOW... We may have something appealing in line!



TerrapinJess commented on Review: Sonic Labyrinth (3DS eShop / Game Gear):

I would have loved if they scrapped this for the game "Tails' Adventure". If anyone has played that, you'd know that that game was really good for its time. Metroid/Blaster Master elements are present. Nintendo/Sega, please release Tails' Adventure!!