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Sat 10th May 2008

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Terra commented on Review: Ace Attorney (Film):

Not sure if I'm allowed to directly link you on here but if you google "Ace Attorney Subbed", the first link that comes up has a subbed version streaming



Terra commented on Camelot Justifies No RPG Mode in Mario Tennis ...:

Having really enjoyed the RPG mode in the GBA version (And the similar stylings of Everybody's Tennis recently), this is disappointing. I don't just see why they couldn't have just excluded Mii characters from an RPG mode altogether.

Is it just gonna be like the Console versions then, a set of Tournaments you have to play through to advance?



Terra commented on GAME Drops The Last Story Limited Edition:

"Perhaps GAME shouldn't have accepted pre-orders for a product that they wouldn't, ultimately, deliver"
I get the feeling that they may not have known this would happen when they did put up the pre-orders. I mean, why would they have put up the listing if they knew they wouldn't stock it? That doesn't make any business sense as they wouldn't gain any money from it and it only makes them look worse in terms of customer service.



Terra commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

I can see this being like a Facebook site update. People will complain at first, saying how much they preferred the previous design (Who complained about that change as well at first) but eventually, the hate will die down, people will accept the new stuff and move on with their lives. Until next time that is

I personally quite like the new design, especially with all the tabs at the top as mentioned in the post, was certainly getting overcrowded up there. Helps make it look more modern



Terra commented on Sonic Colours:

Just started playing this and it is certainly the best Sonic game I've played in a long time



Terra commented on Steel Diver Sinks Without Trace at UK Retail:

@machu - There has been advertising for the game across TV Channels, I've seen it. So I'm not sure if lack of exposure is the case here. I'd put it down to narrow appeal perhaps

I'll probably give this a buy too but I'm waiting on a price drop first.



Terra commented on Rumour: Rare Looking Into 3DS Development:

I appreciate what they tried with Nuts and Bolts but for me, it just didn't take. Maybe I need to try going through it again. I'd be glad to see something different appear on the 3DS for the seris but as long as they don't deviate too far like N&B did.



Terra commented on Talking Point: Can Nintendo's Next Console Top...:

If they bring us series like F-Zero, Star Fox and Custom Robo, alongside the usual suspects, then think it could top the Wii. The console itself could be magnificent but without the software to go with it, what good is it? An improved online service is also a must imo, as the Wii's has been rather poor at times