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live the dream.

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To socialize, to spread community, and engage my fellow gamer. People come together, bring your best, and work for the fellow beings of this world.Thrive together with food, friendship, and community. May everyone's cup overflow and share the wealth.

Tue 26th Nov 2013

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Tekshow commented on Guide: Getting Into The Swing Of Mario Golf: W...:

@Yorumi really? Starting gear for me was a 200ish drive and now I can top spin to 300 on a lot of shots. Which gives the ability to Eagle a lot of holes. Plus my control is so high I can chip in all the time, although that could be just practice. Still the Club tourneys are all played with Mii golfers... And I like my pimped out avatar with all the swag.



Tekshow commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Omg! No! Tension and suspense are one thing - survival horror would be different, like a thriller movie versus a horror movie. The Game, Jack Reached, Bourne Identity, Taken, The hunted, a good action thriller. Metroid is not like SAW or a Massacre movie.

As a game the most logical step is to give it some multiplayer. Regardless if it's third or first person it needs to step away from the isolated main experience and have a mp component.

Horror. No thanks...



Tekshow commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

well maybe. Most people tend to play different games on their phone as opposed to traditional handhelds. I play plenty of iOS games, but I've stopped downloading anything that tries to be a real game and use my phone for poker, scrabble, and other games that don't require any real input. I think adding a randomly supported controller shell isn't going to do much for the audience. The real gamers are still elsewhere. Nintendo could learn a lot from Apple in terms of marketing and distribution, but Apple in turn could learn a thing or two about developing a real games community.

A lot of the games that would use this are straight up knock offs of Nintendo games or "old" classics like GTA III.

Don't think it's the game changer, actually the vibe it's giving me right now is... "quick, buy stock in Nintendo!"