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Re: Review: Bayonetta 2 (Switch)


@MyNameIsRandy I know. I own it.

$20 for Bayonetta 1 and $40 for Bayonetta 2 doesn't seem that bad to me, but these are some of my favorite games of all time, so I'm biased.

Re: Feature: Neo Geo's First Flash Cart Is Here, So What Now For Switch-Owning SNK Fans?


I mean, I would love to have this. But you'd need a NeoGeo first. Not to mention there are hundreds of other ways to easily access NeoGeo games if you really wanted to. I think Hamster will be fine.

Although that does bring up another issue I've thought of... Are NeoGeo compilations done for? I had Samurai Showdown and Metal Slug comps on my Wii that were pretty good, both released for relatively cheap when you compare it to buying Hamster ports individually. But I can't see those ever coming to the Switch now, which is unfortunate.

Re: Video: Sonic Forces Trailer Showcases Gameplay, Along With Familiar and New Foes


Looking at the artwork, I'm kind of wondering why classic Sonic is even in this game. He seems out-of-place and invites comparisons to Sonic Mania. It doesn't really feel like a Sonic Generations sequel, so what's the point? I don't mind him, I just hope the devs just don't spread themselves too thin.

Anyway, I'm probably playing this just for the character creation...

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