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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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TBoneTony commented on EU VC Releases: DoReMi Fantasy and Ys Book I & II:

Ys is a great RPG from what I have played so far,

and with Super Mario RPG two weeks ago, I FINALLY have some real top quality RPG action.

Hope that Square Enix will sort out the rights to the BIG game I am really looking for.

Chrono Trigger, PLEASE come to PAL Virtual Console next Hanabi in 6 months time.



TBoneTony commented on Retro Gamer Magazine Interview VC Reviews:

I just got Retro Gamer issue 50 this week,

that is because of the 3 month delay that I have to wait for a UK Magazine

Anyway, I am so thankful for the Virtual Console because it reminds me of a time when Videogames never had to please anyone just to be important.

Because to gamers like me, Videogames are always something spescial because Videogames were great by just being themselves.

and that is fun.

I just feel that even though the Wii is appealing to the casual audience, it sometimes feels like Nintendo has never listened to those like me who wish for some good quality RPG action that I always wanted for a long long time.



TBoneTony commented on RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wa...:

In the end, it will be Nintendo and the 3rd Party companies of all those RPGs like Square-Enix and the like would have the final say, and they will release them onto the Virtual Console when they feel they have settled all the payment issues.

Hope Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy and also Lufia 2 are released soon.



TBoneTony commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

I know for the fact that because of the crappy Europe Translation issues of the past, it is going to take a while for Square Enix to translate such games like Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger onto the VC



TBoneTony commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

I feel that the 3rd parties find it hard to sell their games on Nintendo's consoles even in the past because their main competition is Nintendo themselves, also ask any other person what they know about Videogames and all they can think of is either, Nintendo, PlayStation and XBox.

Sadly not even the average person knows who CapCom is.



TBoneTony commented on Defend Your Castle Coming to WiiWare:

Although I need to play this game featured on here first to test out what I would need to do, that is why I have been waiting for other more experienced people to make their games before I try to make mine,

Also do I have to attract anything like go to Nintendo and try to ask them to put my game onto Wii Ware????

I was just hoping some someone to answer me this question

and also if I can make a Flash based game for the Wii Ware, what sort of software do I need and what version of Flash do I need to make it compatible for the Wii Ware????



TBoneTony commented on Defend Your Castle Coming to WiiWare:

Cool a Flash based game for Wii Ware

I have a Flash Based game that I plan on getting onto Wii Ware called Boa-Khan

you can find it on my Deviant Art file

Although this is only just a test model that I did for my TAFE college class back in 2006 when I knew there was a possibility of making Flash Games for the Wii

Now I need to know the capabilities and the limitations so I can fit this game in with less problems and more updated version.

Hope you like my idea and I hope to develop this sometime in 2009 or so when I get to know more about the Wii Ware capabilities and what I might have to go though to bring this onto Wii Ware




TBoneTony commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

I would love to Download Ocarina of Time but since I already have it on my N64 and that my Wii is almost full on memory... I have decided to take the more better option of having an AV Switch so I can safely switch to playing my Wii to my N64 to my GameCube to play all of the GBA games on that GBA Player on my GameCube.

Problem fixed with a bit of shifting around things in my lounge room.



TBoneTony commented on Global Inequality on the Virtual Console:

Sadly, I am STILL waiting for Final Fantasy 6 to come onto the SNES Virtual Console in Australia since that the GBA updated version never made it here.

Also I wanted Cronno Trigger, I love RPG's but it sucks that everything is based on what would be more popular and nothing about what the hardcore minority want...

Story of my own life in Australia...can't get it if it is not popular in America first.



TBoneTony commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Mrs Mario (Mario & Luigi's mother) : Boys...what did I tell you about picking Pumpkins in the gardern...don't eat them or else you will gorw facial hair...

Mario: Sorry mum but Luigi already took a bite from one and now his face has changed...



TBoneTony commented on US VC Releases - 10th December - Pokemon Snap:

I sure hope that when Pokemon Stadium becomes avaliable for the VC, there should be a choise of also getting all 3 GameBoy games to go allong with it too.

Just so people out there can experience Pokemon Stadium at it's full potential.



TBoneTony commented on Ys Book I & II:


Considering it was from the PC Engine CD, I was wondering how many Memory Blocks it would use...

I already had to delete a few good N64 games from my Wii and it seems I will have to delete a few of my SNES or at least a few of my unused TG-16 games to fit this baby in...

Holly is so awsome!!!!!



TBoneTony commented on EU VC Releases - 5th October - Fatal Fury and ...:

I got Landstalker, finally....

Good game but a bit tricky at the start trying to get used to the Isometric feel of it.

Good to see the Neo Geo titles and I won't mind picking up one of them in the comming weeks, but I may need to watch my remaining blocks on my wii as I already had to delete one of my N64 games from my channels (because I dropped down to 196 blocks left of memory) but I saved them on my Photo-Memory card before I did that though...

Hope that Nintendo has a way of increasing our Wii's memory soon or else I will have to delete a few more games inorder to get some good ones that are comming later on.



TBoneTony commented on TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?:

I hope that Nintendo put in extra memory blocks in the next Nintendo Wii System Update.

Bacsuse I will need some if there are going to be more consoles on the Virtual Console.



TBoneTony commented on Rare Confirms Banjo possibility for the Virtua...:


My personal fav RARE game is Jet Force Gemini and I really hope that the people who missed this galactic 3rd Person Shooter on the N64 that this is every bit as enjoyable as Goldeneye or even Perfect Dark,

It is the shooter for those who don't like the 1st person perspective like I am with the old traditional controller.



TBoneTony commented on Neutopia:

Ohhh yeah!!!!!

After having Zelda for the GBA classics, I was wondering wheather do download that same game again for the cost of almost 100 blocks later on this year, but with this game on a format that was never released in my country that accturly takes on that same game but with a grathical improvement and also only takes up 28 blocks, well I think I will go with this one for a few months and see if it lives up to Zelda's first game.

So far it looks verry prommissing.



TBoneTony commented on Super Metroid:

I have enjoyed playing Matroid Fusion on the GBA and can't wait till Super Metroid on the SNES for the VC.

I have never played the Metroid Prime series because of how I have dodgy aiming with the controlls but with the Wii-mote, I think this will improve my quick aiming.

So yeah, Metroid Corruption and Super Metroid are ones I will love to play soon on my Wii.



TBoneTony commented on Too Hip to be Square - A look at non-Square RPGs:

I have been saving some space on my Wii Channels for those RPG's for a long time, only ones I have are Actriser, Shining Force and Paper Mario.

But for a long time I have been waiting to get games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 (FF3 on SNES) and Super Mario RPG. But I really want Nintendo to ditch that Region Only law as I am from PAL region that never got those great games before.

Other ones like Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire, Earthbound, Fire Emblem and also Phantasy Star are other great RPG's that I will be waiting patiently for even if it takes Nintendo and other conpainies a few years to release them.



TBoneTony commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

Dam, I got the original Street Fighter 2: World Warrior without even knowing of the Turbo Version, I feel like shouting "Give me my 800 points back so I can get this one...."

But I perfer staying with the one I already got, the slower one. Besides I enjoyed it without knowing any difference so I guess be not knowing before is a good thing.



TBoneTony commented on Landstalker:

Cool, I am starting to get interested in this one.

As long as when I die, I don't have to go back to the start,

Hopefully SEGA had a battery save system.



TBoneTony commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

One of the great consoles that never made it to my area of the world.

Thankfully the Australian Virtual Console has recently got the TG-16 games so now I won't have to miss out on these great games.

If only Nintendo could do to us PAL region gamers like what Hudson did and give us the games that we never got the chance to play back in the day.



TBoneTony commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th July - Paper Mario:

I really wanted to play this on the N64 in 2001, I was saving for this game for years at the time and I was ready to buy it when it came to Australia, sadly even though it was released, I tried to look everywhere but all I could find was old N64 games, PlayStation games and PlayStation 2 games that had recently took all of the attention.

Sadly when I found a copy of this awsome game, it was only for an overnight hire at a video hireing store like Blockbuster video.

One night is not enough time to play such an awsome deep RPG game like this.

But now here it is on the Virtual Console and I downloaded it immediatly when I realised it was on the VC system.

I am so happy that I have waited 6 years just to play this.



TBoneTony commented on Games we hope never get released on the Virtua...:

Hopefully for newbies to the classic games that they will visit this site, so hopefully they will not waste their hard earned Virtual Console Wii points on these pieces of Garbage.

And also for the parents, a bad game is not always something with large amount of violence that Jack Thompson tries to tell you about, more often a bad game is just something that plays so horribly bad and no fun at all.



TBoneTony commented on Chew Man Fu:

YAY, now with Aussies like me now getting a taste of the TurboGraphx-16, I might now have a chance to play this great puzzle game.



TBoneTony commented on TurboGrafx-16 in Australia from 7th July:

I have got some of them just yesterday. That is when us Aussies finally got them.

I got Bonks Adventure, Bomberman and R-Type.

They are three awsome games. But you have to be careful because just like the NES games, there are some really good games allong with some really bad games. So this site is always where I go to to find the great gems that are worth my hard earned Wii points.



TBoneTony commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

Perhaps the only bad thing about the N64 was that there was no RPGs, no Metroid and there was no good Gameboy to N64 link (besides from the Transfer pack but that only worked for the Pokemon Games).

But if you think of how the Gamecube fared in the market compared to the PS2 and the XBox, then you have to say that the N64 was still a great console in the end.



TBoneTony commented on ActRaiser:

I have just downloaded it recenty and I can say that this is a deep and involving game.

May not be a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games that I was hoping for but this is still a great RPG with Real Time God Sim and Platforming involved.

Well worth my 800 points



TBoneTony commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

Also some of my best N64 games were Zelda OoT, Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium (1 & 2, with the Pokemon Gameboy Games played though the Transfer Pack), Snowboard Kids, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Jet Force Gemini.



TBoneTony commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

With many of the N64 games, I still sit down and play with them even though I already have completed them, that is how fun they are.
Because it is not how long it takes to finish them that makes them great games, but it is how long you still play them after you finish them that is the key to making great games.

And the N64 winns with that hands down.



TBoneTony commented on Kirby's Dream Course:

I love this game

I first saw it on my freinds emulator a few years back and it was the first time I had seen a Kirby game, besides from Smash Bros and before I downloaded Kirby's Adventure for the VC.

As soon as I saw this in the VC Shopping channel, I downloaded it immedialy and I am still enjoying it now after 3 days of downloading it.



TBoneTony commented on Australia to get TurboGrafx-16 games in July:


Yes...hopefully Nintendo would then scrap their stupid (Original Region Only) policy and this is the next big step towards us PAL regions getting great RPG's like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6 and Super Mario RPG. Those are the BIG THREE in Australia's TOP 5 Most Wanted Virtual Console games according to Nintendo Gamer in Australia.

Sadly, Steve Irwin never saw any of these Wii Virtual Console Games. But I am sure Bindi would love Bonks Adventure if she has a Wii.



TBoneTony commented on Chew Man Fu:

This game looks so cool, plus 4 stars is not bad either.

Anyway, if you are from Europe, America or Japan, get this awsome game, you might love it too.