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Wed 6th Jun 2012

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Tatsufox commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

@Nin-freak wow your nuts, you know that most of the ambassador games will never come out, and whaaaaa. this new design looks like a cheap fisher price toy, i think its in the quality of plastic, id rather the colour to be all the way through and not just the top and what happened to the gradient look. that made it look very sleek



Tatsufox commented on New Animal Crossing 3DS Trailer Straight from ...:

SERIOUS WTF, why is that nintendo hates north america, eruope gets all the cool ii rpgs before us and it takes MONTHS before they release them in Na, europes gets all the VC stuff waaaaaayyyy before us, and now this. NINTENDO give us some bloddy love man.



Tatsufox commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

Is it just me but the redesign is BUTT ugly. I know the 3ds got smudge but i rather like the cake layer effect it looked sleek and not just a toy but a piece of fine electronics this new redesign looks So cheap, the mate look feels kinda cheap form what i have seen on the pics, the 3ds depth light is gone the street pass etc light is slimmer but i rather like the square as it is a larger light to see if you have it in your pocket. Yes the home button etc are actual buttons now which is a great addition but i hope the screen resolution is better then how the dsi xl was and we know the camera's are not better which i wish they were. I too wish the ccp would be added in i know there are like 4 or 5 games that can use it but serious they have the space. i think another concern is the think screen, i know the 3ds seems frail but this looks even worse i hope the hinge does jiggle like my 3ds. I think ill stick my my good old faithful 3ds till i get my hands on a xl and see if it is really worth the 200 dollar minimal upgrade.