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Sun 27th Jun 2010

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Tar commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

Because of this price, I will most likely get it near Christmas. But, I'm looking more forward to the Vita, because of all the other features that it has. I wasn't the biggest fan of the PSP (I didn't hate it though), but I loved my DS and DSi, The 3ds currently doesn't have enough games out to warrant my purchase quite yet, but Super Mario 3DS looks good.



Tar commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

Everything that comes out is obviously better than the predecessor, So yes, the 3ds is a updated 3ds, but the PS Vita I would consider more of a "updated" version of the PSP. The 3ds actually added the 3d effect to the ds, making it a new system. Both systems have improved and updated.



Tar commented on First Impressions: Cave Story (3DS):

I might get a 3ds, if I do, I will just transfer my DSi version to it, I don't like these new graphics. Can the DSi one be transfered anyway? or is it one of the few that cannot?



Tar commented on New Nintendo Console at E3?:

They might match the xbox or ps3, but the ps4 and new xbox will bee better, so I hope this is a wii 1.5



Tar commented on Activision Disbands Guitar Hero Business, No E...:

@24 I don't the the call if duty series will be canceled anytime soon, there are to many fanboys that only care about the multiplayer for them to quit making them, I don't love the series, but it wont be gone anytime soon.



Tar commented on What's the World DS-Playing Record This Month?:

I have 3 DS lites and a DSi , though my 1 of my DS's are broken, and the other I won't open from package because it is the Triforce one, But my brother has a DSL so, I kinda do have 3 total systems.



Tar commented on These Fuzzy Super Scribblenauts Headphones Can...:

No, Nothing was wrong with it, I have it also. It was that 5th Cell didn't make enough, they made about 2 for every 10 people that pre ordered it, and a bunch of people complained to GameStop about it. 5th Cell better know what they are doing this time, or I WON'T pre-order this.



Tar commented on Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way:

If they do that, I wouldn't call it a "1.5" Look at the gamecube, if they did that, the 2 systems would be completely different still. I would call it MAYBE at the most, a 1.2