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Fri 3rd Oct 2008

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Talicus commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (31st Dec):

Good to know that World of Goo is getting the praise it deserves, it truly is a brilliant game.
Too bad Mega Man 9 is dropping out of the charts fast, it deservers to do (almost?) just as well.



Talicus commented on Hands on with SnakeByte's XS Starter Pack:

I'm actually quite surprised that this is so well received, I bought a Wii Remote and Nunchuk bundle off Dealextreme once (was advertised as OEM, but it really wasn't) and it was horrible. The Nunchuk was alright, but the Wii Remote had a near-faulty D-Pad, it lost focus with the Wii Sensor Bar after just a few feet and the sound that came out of the speaker was extremely loud (even on the lowest sound settings) and really just a lot of static....



Talicus commented on USA VC Update: Boogerman:

Then again, your Secret of Mana makes up for pretty much all EU-exclusive classics.

Go and play Secret of Mana some more, it will make you feel happy



Talicus commented on Lonpos Comes to Europe:

It does look like a fun game, but I'm not going to go near it for that price, it's insane for a simple puzzle title...

I'll just stick with the puzzle mode on Tetris DS for my puzzle need thanks



Talicus commented on Confusion Reigns over Mega Man 9 Sales:

Those sales actually kind of surprised me, considering it has almost continually been less popular than My Aquarium, if the "Most Popular" list in the Shopping Channel is to be believed.



Talicus commented on Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing:

This is odd... I just downloaded this game, but when I try to play it I only get a black screen (with sound). None of my other Virtual Console games have this problem. Do you have any idea why this could be?

My Wii is hooked up to a HDTV with component cables, but switching to non-widescreen and/or 480i 50Hz didn't help...

I live in a PAL region by the way..

Any idea what this could be? I'll try using a original cable instead of a component cable tomorrow, but I have some work to do for now and it may be a little hard to find