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Sat 28th Mar 2009

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Tails_92 commented on Virtua Tennis 2009 - Better than t'real thing?:

I was expecting an in-game video for the wii version but that's only another general ps3/360 one.. Think i'll take Grand Slam Tennis 10 which is developed thinking to the wii hardware and it's not a downgraded version from an HD consoles as this is.
Anyway looking at the next-gen graphics, top spin 3 beats this sooooo much.
Oh my god my english is awful tonight =_=" sry.



Tails_92 commented on More DSiWare Titles Revealed:

I was waiting for a reduced version of the original clubhouse with 5 games in or little more to be released on DSi Ware, and i saw right. Anyway without the Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer mode i'll never buy this. I owned the original version with 42 board games and remember that find an opponent for an online match was very hard. Hope the WFC will be implemented in this little version and in that case also hope to find more players than the original.



Tails_92 commented on Review: Texas Hold'em Tournament (WiiWare):

What? 5 out 10? It's simple a card game and in this works properly, it has not any innovation but this doesn't mean that's not enough for a 5€ game...
In my opinion a 6-7 should be more correct.
ps: hi to all i'm new ^^