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United States

Sat 4th Feb 2012

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Tahlmut commented on Monster Hunter 3 G:

Sad to say, but this game NEEDS Online Co-Op if it comes State-side or it'll flop. Heck, even in the UK. The Japanese are fine without net play, but further west people are much more spread out and don't always have people to play with. Hope they make our dreams come true!



Tahlmut commented on Heroes of Ruin:

This game looks pretty good. One of the few that happens to be Action / RPG style with Online Co-Op. Pretty much a must-have. The system needs more games like this. We can only hope Capcom adds Online Co-Op to MH3G if they port it to USA - or it'll fail here in the States. The 3DS can do so much with Online Co-Op and it looks like n-Space got it right with this title.