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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Tim commented on No WiiWare Games For Europe This Friday:

Go figure. All the Europeans are hanging out at Without any WiiWare releases they have no reason to come here today. Instead the Americans are betting on how many games NA will get. LOL.



Tim commented on World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare I...:

There is one good thing about this retail switchover. If none of us buy it the first year the sales will suck and the price will drop fast to make room for newer stuff on the self. WiiWare doesn't have price drops.

I don't know how fast the price drops in Europe but in Canada I have seen prices drop so quickly after as little as one year that I am hesitant to pay full price. The only games that don't drop are high profile titles like Mario or Halo and World of Goo will never reach that level of recognition.



Tim commented on World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare I...:

Well this sure is something that popped out of nowhere.

I'm skeptical about how you can turn a small WiiWare game into a full blown retail game. But when you consider all the other wii shovelware on disc out there this doesn't seem so bad.

Telling me that I'm getting the gimped version of a game isn't a good way to encourage me to get it. I think they should release the extra content in all versions and price the Euro version lower than they would if they are so concerned about price that they have to add extra content to justify it.



Tim commented on Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America (2...:

I guess my recent Toki Tori purchase didn't influence its position for the better. With my limited space I am extremely anal about what I purchase, so what I do get I consider the absolute best. I don't have space to waste with second rate stuff. I think that says something about just how good Toki Tori is.

I will never understand why people like Pokemon Ranch so much. I personally think Pokemon shouldn't even be on a top 100 list never mind a top 16. Apparently a lot of people like it with a passion just as I hate it.



Tim commented on Sunsoft To Bring Digital Comics To WiiWare In ...:

@Damian G.
The petroleum was already wasted for the purpose of video games. They are simply extending the function of the machine and making further use of something that already exists. If Wiis were specifically created and limited to digital comic books then yeah it would be a waste.



Tim commented on Sunsoft To Bring Digital Comics To WiiWare In ...:

I hate reading scans of books on the computer as it is at a resolution of 1280x1024. The wii's limited 480p is going to make this unbearable. You'll probably have to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll amongst other things and it is just too much effort to enjoy the content. Some printed material was never meant to leave the realm of the paper world.



Tim commented on Telltale Games Interview - Strong Bad's Cool Game:

It's too bad we can't demo a game or get a proper storage solution from Nintendo. I'll have to pass on this. There is no way I'll be able to fit an entire season of SBCG4AP on the 667 blocks I have left. For that reason alone I have to be anal about what I download.

I can't wait though for Telltale's Sam and Max Season 1 coming out in August. I have all my pennies saved up for it



Tim commented on Secret of Evermore - Brian Fehdrau Interview:

"I'd hope they could make use of some of the patches people have done, e.g. the Silver Sheath fix, maybe the multiplayer patch, etc." (Brian Fehdrau)

Sadly I can't see the Nintendo or Square executives going through the trouble of releasing a modified game. They'll only release the game if it was effortless to do so and even then they still might not.



Tim commented on ESRB To Crack Down On Early Leaks Of Games:

I bet Nintendo is the only publisher that really put any pressure on the ESRB to do something like this and they are big enough to persuade them on their own. Most publishers want us gamers to know what they are releasing to capture a market and conduct their advertising so I doubt a lot of them even care about the hiding feature.

I really don't understand what is Nintendo's problem with release dates. Do they get some kind of perverse pleasure from the ability to control information? They are like the Gestapo of the video game industry.



Tim commented on RUMOUR: PopCap Games To Develop For WiiWare?:

Ah Root Beer Tapper, I have you for XBLA. It certainly is a gem in a pile of rocks.

We'll probably see Bejeweled and Zuma from PopCap but I can't say I would be excited since their games have been ported to just about every system and I have them on pc.



Tim commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

Some of you seem to be confused with XBLA and XNA and it is understandable because there is a fuzzy line drawn between the two and you might not have an XBOX. XBLA is the commercial service that you would buy commercial games from much like you do with WiiWare. XNA is like the homebrew version of the commercial service but is limited to XNA subscribers. You don't need to have a XNA or gold membership to have access to XBLA.



Tim commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

"The further you open the window, the more crap flies in."

Nintendo had crap flying in before the window was even open. Don't ask me how that is physically possible. Maybe if they open it a little more something good will fly through.

"It's true, though. With XNA all you need is a computer and a dream. You and millions of others. TRY to get your game noticed. And if it isn't noticed, you get nothing." (Peznaze)

That happens to be the way the cookie crumbles. But at least with Microsoft's solution you get the chance to fail.

Personally I think Microsoft should allow the general public to play these XNA games for free, but not allowed to keep it stored for play offline, and have a ranking system that lets the community decide which are good and not. This would make it easy to not bother with the crap and the possibility of promoting some of the good ones into a fully realize XBLA game. I think right now XNA games are closed to the general public and only accessible by XNA subscribers.



Tim commented on Nintendo Looking To Push WiiWare Via TV Promotion:

"Nintendo can't advertise because they keep everything a secret." (x.SuperMario.x)

You took the words right out of my mouth. Nintendo will advertise when they get over their paranoia regarding revealing release dates.



Tim commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

Very well, I'll leave you to your dream world, if only for a while. I only hope you don't imagine or believe this to be something it is not with the very little information that is available and I stress the little part.



Tim commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

I don't know how you can say it looks interesting unless you know something I don't.

All there is is the game logo to look at and a vague description that reads "Gravitronix will be an action/battle game for 1-8 players on a single screen and uses different primitive shapes ... as projectiles and utilizes unique physics per object." It doesn't even show the game in the video.

Sometimes I think this site has bots that create generic positive posts.



Tim commented on Fischer Completes Spectacular U-Turn On Wii St...:

You silly duckies. Nintendo won't seriously think about releasing a storage solution until the vc/wiware money well drys up. Keep on dreaming. He was only covering his ass to keep his job.

It's sad that I can download the games through my internet connection faster then I can copy from sd card. My connection is only rated at 7Mb. That isn't even a 1MB transfer speed and lord knows I will never even hit the 7Mb maximum. Curse you Nintendo! Curse You!



Tim commented on Nintendo Channel Gets An Update:

Nintendo could at least release useful Trojan horses like Microsoft does. One can't help but wonder all the little features Nintendo stripped out with the idea of dressing their Trojans with it and releasing it later. They're diabolical idiots.



Tim commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

I want someone to release a classic controller to gamecube converter cable so I can use my classic controller with gamecube games. There is a cable for just about every controller now except the classic controller.



Tim commented on Nintendo Channel Gets An Update:

The save file is about the same size as the channel itself. I think its around 123 blocks. It's possible the save file could grow when more data is stored in it; I'm not sure.

I downloaded it and then deleted it after I got bored 5 minutes later. You can easily get better info for games from sites like this one and others. I don't see any reason to waste space on stuff like this when I have a computer that is much more comfortable to surf with.

The stats data gives this channel something unique to separate it from all the game websites out there. Personally, I couldn't care about using the stats to determine if a game is for hardcore or casual players. Anybody with half a brain can figure out who a game is for without stats.



Tim commented on Wii Move To Bring Balance Board Fun To WiiWare:

Oh Great! The next best thing to wii shovelware is a wii marathon game.

For all intents and purposes I was unable to decipher that one sentence that reads as "The game looks to but an unexpected slant on the Wii Balance Board." Something seems to be missing and what ever it is isn't in the previous or next sentence.



Tim commented on Eternity’s Child To Feature 4 Player Co-Op Mode:

Wow co-op! There are way too many games out there that are either a single player only or multi-player only experience. We need more games that can effectively be both. This will be a welcomed addition.



Tim commented on Otakugate – The Saga Continues:

I think I am one of the only people who didn't really care about being called a geek. I guess it might have something to do with me not being passionate about Nintendo. I would probably take more offense to someone calling me a girl or wimp because I have a wii. Thank god I have a 360 because I don't know if my ego could take those kinds of remarks (joking).



Tim commented on EU WiiWare Releases 13th June: Spare Some Chan...:

I get mad every time I read something like this...
"I really don't mind that we didn't get any WiiWare games this week..."
I'm not going to point fingers this time and reveal who said it.

I think a lot of gamers like to know when games are coming out so they can figure out how to work it into their lifestyle. Nintendo's strategy often releases games when you don't have the time or money to play. And because there is no specified release dates gamers want all the completed products to be released immediately so that they are available for when they do have time and money.

It isn't like the games depreciate in value over time such as retail games. I don't see why they could be concerned about bunching them up in fear of games not selling because of competition or saturation and losing value with time. The prices are locked and time isn't a factor. Shelf space isn't even a factor.

It's better to have all the games released so they are ready when you are. I really don't understand how people can say stuff like that. They obviously must have very little interest in playing games or the games announced that are yet to be released.



Tim commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

@x.SuperMario.x "haha, you're clearly not American"

I thought the flag beside Quimby's name was a clear sign that he isn't American. I know both have stars but the American one clearly has more than 6 . I bet you also lost your high school sweetheart that year when your arm ruined your American dream.



Tim commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":


I am far from the cliche you described, but I'll still help you bust down Laurent's reinforced golden mansion gates with my massive muscular arms, so long as I get to keep the gates and take it home with me.

Once in a while you just have to distance yourself, take a look at the whole picture and have a good laugh because of how stupid everything has become. Nintendo has reached an all new level of low and I simply can't take them serious enough anymore to even be angry.

Nintendo is the biggest joke in the scene. I don't understand how geeks can take them seriously. Geeks are suppose to be smarter than that or is it nerds?



Tim commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

You guys are hilarious. I was just picturing all you otaku geeks trying to knock down Laurent's reinforced golden mansion gates with your little stringy arms.

Well Damien, the picture and caption you posted of Laurent is enough to get anyone after him. The article is simply icing on the cake for Ninty Fanboys.



Tim commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

I hate Pokemon with a passion. My brothers, when they were little, were into the cards and game boy color games. That was a long time ago and they have grown out of it since. I still can't believe Pokemon is around.



Tim commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

I didn't provide any links because I didn't want this conversation to end up becoming anything illegal. A simple Google search would have brought up all the necessary links. It's legal to talk about this stuff but it's questionable when providing links to content.



Tim commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:


I think people will skip the obscure games that happen to be crap regardless. I won't buy a crappy game just because I'm waiting for a good game. I imagine that other people are smart too and would do the same. Also casual gamers probably don't by any game without a recent recognizable franchise behind it to begin with.

mr.niceguy's post #105 is proof of the inevitable point that my post was about. He got tired of waiting for Nintendo to release Final Soldier in NA, not to mention that it is already 'prepared' and available in EU, and than downloaded an emulator onto his pc to try it out.

It's only a matter of time until it becomes mind-numbling easy to copy roms from an SD card to wii. Once that happens a lot of people are not going to bother wasting their time waiting for Nintendo when they can just do it them selves light years faster than Nintendo can.



Tim commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

Why does Nintendo feel like they have to limit releases and take forever to do something? The wii home brew scene is rapidly getting closer to solving our dreaded problems than Nintendo.

People have already figured out how to softmod their system so they can run vc games from SD Cards with a proper channel interface and everything. Without needing a modchip to do this I must say it is becoming a very appealing option rather than waiting for Nintendo.

If I was Nintendo I would just release all the vc titles in one shot to get it over with and then focus exclusively on WiiWare. In a couple of years the Wii will be hacked to the point where even a dummy can easily install roms of their favorite past games onto the system. If all the vc gems are not released by than I can see a lot of people taking this alternate route. Of course if all those gems were already released then no body would bother putting the effort into softmodding their system.



Tim commented on Yudo Announces Aero Guitar For WiiWare:

LMAO! This idea is so wrong in so many different ways.

The average 128KB MP3 is about a 1MB per minute. Think about how big 1 song will end up being after extra MBs are added to store the song's note data and any layers of separate instrument tracks. Now imagine being able to only hold one or two songs on your Wii and then having to do Nintendo's redownload or SD swap solution when ever you feel like playing a different song. It sounds good so far doesn't it?

They could always skip the vocals and use a midi type FM synthesizer for all the instrument tracks. Midi files are very very small. Of course they don't sound nearly as good as a 128KB MP3 and 128KB MP3s don't sound very good to begin with either. Does the Wii sound chip even have FM synthesis?

Last but probably not least they could stream the music over the net but this will also mean you'll have to wait for the song to buffer and put up with the possibility of lag. Technically, you also won't own the songs when the online service becomes obsolete, but it could be worse, right?

The best reason why this game is so wrong is related to gameplay fundamentals. Music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are fun because of the instrument controllers. Who do you know that likes to play either of those games with a standard controller?

Well, its time to fill up all that extra space Nintendo says everyone has on their Wii with song downloads



Tim commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me. Well, not me personally, but all the Ninty Fans out there.

This is not surprising. Nintendo will shut people out to the point where no one will be making games for Nintendo's system except for Nintendo. The GameCube is a case in point.

Nintendo is still the same arrogant company they have been for years. The only difference now is they are rich again and have the spotlight because of it.



Tim commented on EU WiiWare Update: Actionloop Twist:

I have Zuma for PC so I won't bother with this one when its released in the NA. The one redeeming quality is the multiplayer but that still isn't enough for me to care. Personally I think the players look but ugly in this game. Is their wii head attached to some kind of mech body?



Tim commented on North American WiiWare Top 10:


I don't think the Mario delay helped out Defend Your Castle. I think it was the 500 point price point with a concept that is easy to understand. People like cheap and familiar; especially when you can't try before you buy.



Tim commented on North American WiiWare Top 10:

I couldn't believe Pop was as popular as Corbie would have you think. This list only confirms my disbeliefs.

We'll have to wait and see how the games all fair when more heavy hitters are released. I for one would like to see Dr.Mario get knocked out of 1st place by a third party developer even though I like the game.



Tim commented on USA WiiWare Update: Protöthea And Toki Tori:

If only Toki Tori was 900 points in Canada too it would work out perfectly.

I would buy a 2000 point card for a total 2400 points because I have 400 left as is. I would then be able to buy Dr.Mario for 1000 + Toki Tori for 900 + Defend your Castle for 500 and it would equal a perfect 2400.

Alas I am a 100 points short. Nintendo should really let us buy points in 100 increments. Those bastards set it up so they can hold on to our pennies for us or in this case dollars.