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Secretely wants to be a Pikmin

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I am the Head Editor at Dig-A-Dug Gaming on YouTube. I love having fun and enjoy Nintendo games. If you need some Nintendo based humor check out the channel. I have been a reader year for 2 years but just know finally got a profile.

Fri 11th July, 2014

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TICGS commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I do not know what all the hate is for in this comment section because personally despite the fact I managed to earn Platinum the only of these games I own are NES Remix and Dillon's Rolling Western. I am getting Donkey Kong though just because I spend most of my money on Wii U games because I prefer home console and this will give me something to play on my 3DS. Now the only game that I want for my 3DS is Fire Emblem Awakening must find by end of year.