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Secretely wants to be a Pikmin

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I am the Head Editor at Dig-A-Dug Gaming on YouTube. I love having fun and enjoy Nintendo games. If you need some Nintendo based humor check out the channel. I have been a reader year for 2 years but just know finally got a profile.

Fri 11th Jul 2014

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TICGS commented on Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK ...:

@rjejr I hear you. I go to high school in the United States and know at least 20 people at my school who would buy a wii u with a price drop. I am pretty lucky though because I already have 10 friends who already own a wii u. I hope your kids get some wii u owning friends.



TICGS commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

I thought that the direct was really good. I went in expecting nothing and came out pleasantly surprised. I think the only thing that really disappointed me was that Xenoblade Chronicles X did not make an appearance, but that was made up for with the showing off of SMTxFE, FE If, Smash ballot, and 200cc. I thought it was one of the better directs that we have gotten. I would rank it as the 5th best direct we have had.
ND Top 5 in my opinion
5.April 2015
4.E3 2013
3.December 2013
2.Janaury 2013
1.E3 2014( It was a slightly different format but the deluxe digital presentation was just a really high budget ND)

Well, happy Holy Week and Easter to my fellow Catholics and Christians; and a happy week and weekend to my atheist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, and any other faith friends.



TICGS commented on Video: Let's Celebrate The Game Boy That The W...:

I used to own one I found it at a garage sale in Ohio. I have no clue how it got there, but I played a little bit of it. Then I made the stupid decision of trading it for a Gameboy Advance. Oh well, first world problems.



TICGS commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I do not know what all the hate is for in this comment section because personally despite the fact I managed to earn Platinum the only of these games I own are NES Remix and Dillon's Rolling Western. I am getting Donkey Kong though just because I spend most of my money on Wii U games because I prefer home console and this will give me something to play on my 3DS. Now the only game that I want for my 3DS is Fire Emblem Awakening must find by end of year.