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TeeJay commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

Nice color on that model. Would be nice to have more color options though. I have a black colored New XL though which is the color I wanted anyway so I'm happy with the color I have. Color color color color color



TeeJay commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

Ugh. This is exactly the kind of thing we DON'T want to encourage Nintendo to do. Why are many people downloading this? Just A FEW MINUTES AGO I streetpassed someone and the last thing they'd played was Pokemon Shuffle.



TeeJay commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

I don't have a retail copy preordered yet, I should probably get on that...

In the even that I forget and can't find a retail copy, the download will still be able to fit on my 32 GB card, but I'm not sure if I want to dedicate all that space to one game.

So retail takes priority, but if not, download works too



TeeJay commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

I gotta admit the water looks beautiful. But the characters look sort of stiff and I know they openly admit it's Zelda-inspired but they seriously ripped a LOT from them. I mean they even have the laser tower enemy! The only original idea (and by original I mean not Zelda-ish) I can see judging from the trailer alone is the hot air balloon travel. That's it.

I'm sure it would be fun to play, but that's only because they took all their ideas from good source material.



TeeJay commented on Interview: Nintendo's Hiro Yamada On The Chall...:

@FaustoM Xenoblade is a heck of a lot more demanding to run than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I don't even own Xenoblade and I can see that. MH4U maps are comprised of many small areas that need to load before you enter any of them. The areas themselves are small and the backgrounds beyond the areas you can walk in are mostly flat textures. Xenoblade is a giant sprawling map with a large draw distance. That's why only the N3DS is capable of running it.

And for the record, there can't be a "trend" if there is only one known example.



TeeJay commented on Video: New Pixels Movie Trailer Passes One Mil...:

Ummmm, what? I'm not one to pay attention to actors but even I know that all those main characters are people who always star as the joke/loser character in all their movies. Like, isn't that one guy the one from the mall cop movies? And that other one the guy in all those lame Christmas movies?



TeeJay commented on DeNA Dreaming of 100 Million Daily Users on Fu...:

Wow, DeNA was persistant over a long period of time about this. This is good. Hopefully it means they can put enough love into whatever they are planning to make it good, and above all, successful. Here's hoping.



TeeJay commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

@Kaze_Memaryu You did see the bit where they said they were't abandoning dedicated gaming hardware right? You're panicking for no good reason. The most I see gaming consoles being effected by this is being a part of a login system shared by mobile gaming apps.

And also probably reviews for app games featured on this site. Were still getting our games so no need for the doom and gloom conspiracies.



TeeJay commented on Splatoon eShop Listing Continues Speculation o...:

It's hard to imagine them NOT using amiibo in some way to be perfectly honest. With possibilities for special weapons and costumes it's very easy to imagine what uses they could have. Also this is a much hyped new IP, they'd be silly not to take advantage of amiibo.



TeeJay commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

@ikki5 You're first sentence is currect, but then you get off-track from there. "A" would mean one, yes. One Tale.

But, I feel arguing this further is likely to derail the conversation more than it already has, so we should stop splitting hairs and just agree to disagree.



TeeJay commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

@ikki5 But it is! "A" would be referring to "Tale" the subject, which is singular, since "Cowboys" would be the adjective in this case.

To make it easier to understand, you can take out all the adjectives in a sentence and it would still be grammativally correct. Since "cowboys" is describing what kind of "tale" it is, you can remove it completely and be left with "A Tale" which is still grammatically correct.

Now whether the developer actually meant for this to be the case is another argument altogether, but the fact remains that "cowboys" can be an adjective to describe "tale".



TeeJay commented on Nintendo of America Suggests That Fans Hoping ...:

"Good news, those of you who don't have time to babysit the internet every waking minute of the day and night! We're giving you about half an hour on a day you may or may not be available to grab one of these amiibo! Good luck! Please understand!"