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Tue 25th January, 2011

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TeeJay commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

@1BrightGamer Huh? I remember being heavily disappointed in the fact that it DIDN'T have a sleep mode feature. In mentioned it in the 3DS version's thread. (I think it was that one...if not that then the Wii U thread)

So I'm not sure how you heavily utilized something that doesn't exist??



TeeJay commented on Mii Mascot Outfits Shown Off for Super Smash B...:

@Mewthree456 The Halberd is METAKNIGHT'S SHIP. Imagine the backlash if Metaknight's own ship made it in and not Metaknight himself! Besides, like I said before, Sakurai's own characters tend to get special treatment. Metaknight is 100% making it in and I am disappointed in anyone who has even a little doubt in that.



TeeJay commented on Mii Mascot Outfits Shown Off for Super Smash B...:

I'm honestly surprised people actually think Metaknight even has a slim chance of not returning. He's one of Sakurai's babies, the Metaknight stage is returning AND the newest pic of the day is directly referencing him. Even though the Metaknight mask is a mii hat the fact that Sakurai chose to reference him of all fighters makes it plainly obvious he is returning. If Sakurai did this and Metaknight didn't return it would be suicide, and he is not stupid.



TeeJay commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

After some thought I chose N's castle. There were so many awesome screenshots this week it was hard to choose, but I really really REALLY loved fighting on Spear Pillar and to see a similar stage is just freaking awesome.



TeeJay commented on Video: This Is Possibly The Most Almighty Falc...:

@vamkar I know right? Just yesterday I saw a better Falcon Punch than this. Captain Falcon was pink in that video too come to think of it. Might have been the same player. He jumped off the stage as his opponent was recovering and mid-air Falcon Punched him to his death!



TeeJay commented on Target Blast Mini-Game Blows Up on Super Smash...:

@ikki5 Are you serious? Of COURSE the 3DS version is going to get more attention because its release is right around the corner. And of COURSE the Wii U details will come after the 3DS version's release because they are concentrating on the 3DS version right now because like I said, its release is right around the corner. Common sense.



TeeJay commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Multiplayer Will Wor...:

YYYYYEEEESSSSS. I remember that awful day when I met up with a friend I grew up with after he left for Holland for school, and when we tried hunting together in 3U it wouldn't connect because of the region lock. I was so so disappointed because I'd been looking forward to hunting with my friend for so long. Now with this I can hunt with him and we don't even have to meet!



TeeJay commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

Some of you people are real system hoarders. What on earth are you going to do with 7+ 3DS's? Those could have gone to other people. As for the article, it's funny that this should come up now as just yesterday I upgraded to a 32GB SD card from my previous 16 GB one. I don't think I would ever hit 300 individual downloads though.



TeeJay commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

This looks more convenient than using the CPP, actually. It leaves your rght thumb open for the face buttons and it works particularly well for this game since it's in basically the same spot as the L button you're replacing. So camera movement is still around the L button area which is good! And it's not the eyesore the CPP is.