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Sylverstone commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

Well, they only released one Wii U game in 2013 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

Plus with a gimped version of both Madden and FIFA with none of the new features that PS3/360 had, and an admittedly great port of Mass Effect 3 by Straight Right (though lacking the DLC), EA wasn't going to make bank at all.

They made nothing new with their own properties (through EA Sports), while Criterion (NFS:MW) and Straight Right (ME3) actually gave the ports a fresh lick of paint and noteworthy features.



Sylverstone commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

"I don’t understand games like ZombiU, for example, as I think they would be more fun with conventional controls. I understand the features of games like Call of Duty — which really does use two screens."

I honestly don't understand this rhetoric at all.



Sylverstone commented on Indie Hit FEZ Is Finally Shaking Off XBLA Excl...:

After seeing Indie Game: The Movie, I kinda felt sorry for Phil Fish in his plight to get FEZ finished up and ready for release, but he seriously needs to chill since he really can get into drama quite easily. At least he speaks his mind, but he sure can get caught up in the silliest things.

As for FEZ itself, I think it would be a welcome addition to the Wii U eShop, since he won't have to worry about having to ante up $10,000 to patch the game anyway, plus he could think of some good ideas of how to use the Wii U GamePad (Off-TV Play can definitely be one).



Sylverstone commented on Iwata Asks Reveals New Super Mario Bros. U Too...:

Looks like this could be the best NSMB title yet.

While I did enjoy NSMB2 in some spots, NSMBU looks to improve far beyond it while bringing together various elements from past games (Mario 3, Mario World, NSMB Wii, NSMB2) to make an impressive and fun 2D Mario game.