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Sat 11th Jan 2014

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Sweet16 commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

This article neglects to mention that picking the heroes gender has been an option in the series past - in the three soundlink games for Super Famicom. Nintendo has already done this. Also I wonder if the author has actually played the CDI games they say are awful or are they criticising from a position of ignorance like most people.



Sweet16 commented on Feature: Lifting the Curtain on Game Ratings a...:

@ThomasBW84 A big problem is the conflation of Australia and New Zealand, which are completely separate countries with separate ratings systems. In addition, the body which was formerly the OFLC is the Australian Classification Board. I have no idea what COB is supposed to be? The article also demonstrates a lack of understanding for why the American system can not simply be imported over.



Sweet16 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

I would most like for Nintendo to bring out Mother 4 but only with Shigesato Itoi at the helm. This is unlikely since, Itoi has said he would not make another one but stranger things have happened. However possibly even more than Mother 4, I would like to see Nintendo bring out Startropics 3.

Also, Majora's mask can't work on the 3DS because the save system (you have to play the game for a good while before you even CAN save) and three day time cycle is a terribly ill-fit for portable gaming and changing these elements would neuter much of the games uniqueness and tension. Why can't people see this?