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Mon 15th Apr 2013

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Suzakuryuu commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

still using the std 2gb memory card... playing from catridge all the time.
might want to change it to 32 IF nintendo video can save the 3D video instead of replacing it with new videos. or IF nintendo release a 3D movie player that can play more than 10 mins per video



Suzakuryuu commented on Review: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Inf...:

got to agree with some comments..
there's some pro and cons for this game

  • better graphics (for graphics addict)
  • good storyline and side story
  • No more personality (could be pro or cons, cos some ppls rather choose their fave pokemon right away)
  • customized paradise (tho I prefer if they add some side story for each building, like Azure Dreams)
  • Skill's Level
  • All 'mons gain exp without training
  • Companion modes - you can use other 'mons even before completing storyline
  • Magnagate dungeons feature
  • some 'mons joined your team through story


  • Lack of starters
  • lack of 'mons n legendary (too many from gen V)
  • only can take 1 mission per run
  • DLC dungeons (I really hate to pay another $ after buying the catridge x.x, but well, it's not really a must)
  • short main storyline
  • lack some story details

had to agree, compared to Red/Blue Rescue or Time/Darkness/Sky, it lacks something.. but still, it's good game and enjoyable ^.^