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SuperSonic commented on Zelda Gets All Lovey-Dovey in Skyward Sword Tr...:

0:43 Okay, the bird caught link... but what about Zelda?
Zelda:"AAAAAAHHHHHHhhhh... ahhh............"splat

1:07 Whoa, slow down, there, Zelda!

Finally! A relationship between Link and Zelda! This is going to contribute to the game's drama! But I don't mean anything like those 100% drama novelas where everybody loves, hates, misunderstands, or cheats on everybody.



SuperSonic commented on Feature: Luigi's Mansion 10th Anniversary:

I love Luigi's Mansion. I just don't get tired of it. I doubted I'd get Luigi's Mansion 2 cuz of a shortage of money from preordering Special Edition Skyward Sword, Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, and Sonic Generations. But 2012's enough time...-...need...luigi......along with....REVELATIONS!!!



SuperSonic commented on Activision Comes Out in Support of Circle Pad ...:

@Raptor78 I admire the lengths you go through to get your point across. I don't get how he doesn't get it...

@SUBTERRANEANboy Dude, c'mon already. You know 3DS is gonna wipe the floor with Vita WITH OR WITHOUT AN ATTACHMENT. Keep in mind that even though Vita can load more at once cuz of its RAM, 3DS still has twice the cartridge memory! With a slight downgrade in graphics, the 3DS's version of the "port" could be twice as long! (Vita: 4GB, 3DS: 8GB. Not to mention that Sony copied the cartridge idea, too.)

And another thing! Now that Nintendo has pulled off another trick that we do not yet understand, you can see that with this accessory the 3DS now has more buttons than the Vita (which is apparently a problem for Sony)! So now...

A regular day at a Sony meeting:
Tretton: "Man, the 3DS now has more input controls than Vita... This is bad for us and our first person gore games. What should we do?"
After hours of synthesising last resort "innovative ideas"...
Worker #7: "I know! We'll do what we always do to solve our problems! Lets copy Nintendo again!"
Tretton:"Genious! This is why you are my lucky #7! We'll just make an an add on for the Vita, too! Ok, so here it is; lets give it 16 face buttons, 10 index triggers, and 48 analogue sticks!-increasing its size by 10 times! Now we're bound to beat Nintendo..."
A year later, as we all know, the 3DS ended up out selling Vita by three times the amount, causing a major loss of money for Sony, and every multi-platform game had a better "port" on the 3DS.
THE END (for Sony)

This is pretty much how things work out between them.



SuperSonic commented on Activision Comes Out in Support of Circle Pad ...:

@warioswoods That critical thinking was good enough to change my mind. Thanks!

@SUBTERRANEANboy , I hate it when people demand others to get their facts straight when their own are crumpled up. The gaming definition of "port" is to get the game on every system chosen with any changes needed. Tell me, how is Call of Duty on both PS3 and DS? Isn't the PS3 literally 10+ times as powerful as the DS? So why is there a port of CoD on the DS then? And don't come back at me telling me it's crappy anyway "cuz tah garfix arnt gud enof", because IT IS SILL CALL OF DUTY.



SuperSonic commented on More Super Mario 3D Land Screenshots Warp Into...:

Does everyone here know that LordJumpMad is a TROLL, or are we all just ignoring him?

I already have the preorder for this payed off (along with Kid Icarus and partially Special Edition Skyward Sword pack), so it's practically mine already!



SuperSonic commented on Mario Tennis Smashing Onto 3DS:

Meh... ...I would like something like another Mario Sports Mix with different sports like: Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and Soccer (preferably like Strikers).



SuperSonic commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

No, Nintendo, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why are you getting infected by Sony!?!
We don't need a second analogue stick when we have a touch screen and a gyro! And I strongly disapprove of the amount of sexyness levels emitted from that ugly 3DS add on! I expected waaaay better from you, Nintendo! It should have at least been this tiny clip thing that goes under the face buttons, but not that bulky monster! I hope 3DS owners get some super special discount on the new model, like trade in an ambassador 3ds for a free new model, or if you present your 3ds's cereal number you get 50% off a new model.
But this IS Nintendo, not Sony. They must know what they're doing, or have some huge trick up their sleeve... |:{



SuperSonic commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

If this is a completely new redesign, then why would they only add a second analogue stick? What about some more RAM or some more screen size? What about all of that crap that Vita added just to make it seem better than the 3DS? Add those things and with the best games, Nintendo will have another 50% added onto their 150% chance of beating Sony... again.



SuperSonic commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!! Talking about Nintendo's doomsday is making me die a little inside (being that my dream job is working at Nintendo of Japan). If anything, Sony'll end up like SEGA! Oh, wait, Sony doesn't even develop games. Oh, and wouldn't these "iOS downloadables" be something like VC anyway?

@23 You are wrong, sir. Nintendo will live the longest no matter how much Sony copies and bashes. And you should be satisfied! Most Sony "innovation" comes with a bit (50%) of Nintendo essence!

BTW, Super Smash Bros. 360 is the worst thing I've ever heard.



SuperSonic commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

@14 Totally an RE4 remake for 3DS! As for a more powerful title... how about an RE5 remake? It was said the 3DS could handle it.

@83 You've gotta be testing me... I'm gonna squeeze that puppy to death.

Anyway, once the holiday arrives, Vita will never catch up to 3DS. Even if Sony coincidentally also decides to drop $80 off Vita.



SuperSonic commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

I feel like I'm around a bunch of interested people when they only forgave Nintendo because of the 20 free games... C'mon guys, Nintendo only did it cuz they needed to ensure the 3DS's life. Personally, I felt honored after reading: "Those who purchased the 3DS at the very beginning are extremely important to us." Even if they hadn't come up with the ambassador program, I would still feel that my 3DS is special, being that I got it on day one. It was completely worth my $250; I've had fun every time I played it, so I would never feel punished and I know you'd never betray me!
Wow. An an apology straight from the big N-boss himself. Wish Sony could be like that, too, huh? I feel humbled and more loyal to Nintendo knowing that the company I follow cares for me as their consumer. They know they're not perfect (though they are compared to Sony and Microsoft) and when they make a mistake cuz of pressure, they fix it. They don't do it for the money, they work to please people. This is why Nintendo is my favorite video game company

@29 Ha! I think I get the points- 1. Sony is pathetic for needing to rip off, brag, and bash 2. Sony lost any rights to bash on "overpricing" 3. Sony desperately priced the Vita low to rival the 3DS 4. Sony has no honor or respect because of bashing on competitors 5. Sony is selfish-they do it for the money and overprice and 6. Tretton is an a**hole



SuperSonic commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

@Vinsanity #31
Nintendo hasn't slipped, and Sony is only doing better because they're leeching off Nintendo.

LOL!!! An image about the leeching just came to mind! I imagined Satoru lwata and Jack Tretton standing in a meeting. Tretton is uncomfortably close behind Iwata. He slowly bends over a bit and silently begins to suck on Iwata's shoulder. Iwata takes notice, slowly looks diagonally down at Tretton, and with a slightly annoyed and confused expression, he slowly says "What the hell are you doing?"

@51 The sky is black - the atmosphere is blue because of reflected light. ...please don't hate me...



SuperSonic commented on Miyamoto: "Wii U is an Attractive Environment ...:

@Gamer83 ...Trollin'...
What exactly will suck about Wii U and sucks about 3DS, Mr. Dissatisfied? Now let me tell you that I am completely happy with Nintendo's progress. So, am I now retarded because of not agreeing with you? If you're not gonna buy the Wii U, fine. This just means more for us who actually appreciate Nintendo.

Nintendo cares about its fans. Why do you think Wii U was built with more similarities to the current generation "core" systems? The fans got sick and tired of the Wii being excluded from games and bashed on by PS3 and 360 fanboys. Those ignorant fools thought like Sony: "Grafix 'n' Powr r wat maxe a game gud". So when some of these "gud" games didn't release on Wii, it was laughed at. They can't appreciate the true platforming of Mario and Zelda. So now we have a really powerful Nintendo system. It keeps the good Nintendo qualities and has no graphical or power limit (compared to 360 and PS3). Now, what's so bad about the Wii U?

Or the 3DS at that? It's such a great and improved successor to the DS, Sony ripped it off with PSVita. Its poor game library at launch is not to blame on the 3DS. There just weren't that good 3rd party games to make up for it. 1st party, you ask? Nintendo's been working on so many at once that it would only be logical that the games arrive late. Need anything else explained?

Excuse me, I seem to have just broken into another rant...



SuperSonic commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

@48 Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking! More people need this point in their heads, instead of them bashing on Nintendo for not revolutionising.

@54 You are not alone, my brethren... this and more is expected by me from Sony.

@84 Why would I buy the Wii U if I owned a PS3 or 360? Because it's not a clone system; it's different. It's Nintendo innovation and originality. It would have way better exclusives. It's remote involves way more interaction. It's definitely going to cost less than "599 US dollars(...riiiiidge racerrr...)". It's more powerful than PS3 or 360. Possibly longer (more content) games (25GB discs to 9GB discs). I can still play my Wii games on the Wii U after trading my Wii in for it (Gamecube? I luckily still have mine). Video conference. Ability to stream (that solves so many problems). That's a group of 10 good points. Would anyone else need any more reasons?

I LOLed at the second image's resemblance to a black Wii remote and Nunchuck. It just reminded me of the future's Sony PS4 touch screen tablet remote which was completely innovated, like Tomita's 3D! ...(snickers)...



SuperSonic commented on Nintendo Faces Lawsuit Over 3DS Screen Patent ...:

@just10 Exactly what I was thinking! What pissed me off most about that comercial was when they said "only on Sprint" at the end.

All this article had to say is "Sony", and all is understood. Damn you, Sony guy! Claim you come up with something 20 years prior to Nintendo's use of it and sue them. Since before the second millennium's end, 3D was and is on Nintendo's Virtual Boy, Gameboy SP, GameCube, (Wii?,) 3DS, and Wii U. Sony? The misconcepted 3D from movie theaters on their TVs. Typical from anything related to Sony. I am (kinda) not worried.



SuperSonic commented on First Impressions: Resident Evil Revelations:

Me in a long, dirty, and ripped coat, sitting against a corner with a gun in my hand, looking down with a lifeless expression
"...Resident Evil mah furst Resident Evil game, could not play it a' night...never seen nuffin like it... The envahornments, the monsturs, the horrors...have readied me for some new Revelations..."



SuperSonic commented on Wii U is Technically 3D-Ready:

@pikmaniac02 Hey, don't wrap up the 3DS's life up so quickly! To make up for the 3DS's apparently crappy launch, FIVE Mario games are on the way, and THREE of those at once. Not to mention the rest of the anticipated first party Nintendo games.
Yes, I can admit the 3DS's first months were boring (and kind of still are after beating Mercs 3D), but I LOOK FORWARD to what Nintendo's bringing us.


2D was 4D ready... wait...



SuperSonic commented on Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Diffic...:

@outrun2sp Oh, ok! Let's now compare Reggie and Tretton! Because Reggie is such McDonalds quality, Nintendo obviously can't succeed like Microsoft and Sony!
Reggie is telling the truth: If the Wii U has the processing power and controls of PS3 and 360, it will at its least be a clone system and "cores" will buy. Then, being that it's newer, said to be 50% more powerful than PS3 and 360, and definitely cheaper than "599 US dollars", it indeedlically is not a difficult sell.



SuperSonic commented on Resident Evil: Revelations Graphics "Will Blow...:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, there, buddy! Capcom isn't Sony! They aren't ignorant developers that think that graphics is what makes a game a game! What Capcom did was see how far they could rock the 3DS's engine! I own Mercs 3D, and yes, I know that the frame rate drops at a distance, but the Resident Evil Mercenaries is only a minigame, making a perfect reason/chance to test the 3DS! (Even with all of those problems, RE:M3D is still the best game out at the moment.)
I know Kawata said "best graphics", but don't you think he knows a later 3DS game will have better graphics anyway?
The diference between Mercs 3D and DOAD is that in Mercs you are running for your life around fully reanimated and active Mercs stages with 8 (actually 16) fully reanimated characters that have unique actions and 25 different weapons to combine with each. You also have multiple gameplay options and plenty of interactable objects on screen for the 3DS to handle. DOAD only handles 2 characters at once (and occasionally the addition of assistants) with a slightly interactive and active background, allowing a finer focus on the characters for a smoother look on them, the environments, and both their shadows. Yes, there are unique moves and everything for each character, but keep in mind: you preform all of these actions on one enemy. Not much to handle at once, there, meaning no lagging or aparent disappointment.

Please don't take offence to this response. All I wanted to do was point out that Capcom is not a disappointment (especially with their Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, and Ghost trick series, which are - in order - my favorite from Capcom).



SuperSonic commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

I am now 15 years old, and although a Nintendo fanboy, my favorite character is Sonic The Hedgehog. I've at least played if not owned the majority of Sonic's biggest titles; Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, Spinball, 3D Blast, R, Advance 1, 2, 3, Adventure, Adventure 2 Battle, Heroes, Riders, (Shadow The Hedgehog), Rush, Secret Rings, Next Gen 2006, Black Knight, Rush Adventure, Unleashed, Chronicles, Colors, and just a couple others I'm forgetting.
Since this was and continues after (getting my first game system, the Genesis, in) 2006, people may expect me to say "Sonic Unleashed is the best out of all because it is the fastest and has the best graphics" or "the old ones suck because they're so limited". Nuh-uh, some of my favorites Sonics are the old and moderately old ones. One of my best ways to describe my opinion of Sonic and his games is that "he rivals Mario". I love how Sega was able to get the story across in Sonic & Knuckles, a 16-bit game. The environments were so clear and colorful. The physics of that game were easy to adapt to, and the gameplay flowed with the environment. What made up the rest of the 100 was the music. To me, Sonic is the guy with the best sounding games. What was the only good thing about Next Gen 2006? The music of course! The stage music is what gave the level its unique "personality" and "mood". I could spend hours lisening to sound tracks. I've even successfully played some themes on my flute!
This may seem freaky to people but these allow me to think and can actually influence my current genre of imagination. Every Sonic theme has become and retains the top of my favorites. The applicable ones introduced me to my favorite band, Crush 40. Their music fits Sonic's personality, and when first playing a game, a Sonic theme can practically tell me the mood and my future feeling of the game.
The current moment is a bit coincidental, for right now as I type this section of my comment at 11:00p.m. 6/26/11, I am thinking of the second version of the Lava Reef Zone theme from Sonic & Knuckles.
Sonic's stories have always amuse me and have earned my liking, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Chronicles rivaling for best and Next Gen 2006 sinking to "worst, but not that bad". I like how the main ideas of the games can keep themselves together and never turning out unexplained. But this only reminds me of one thing: Why does Sonic have two histories, a game one and an archie one? Though I know an extremely low percentage of Sonic's archie side, it is considerably deep and long! It's as dramatic as a novela, yet as cool and adventurous as Sonic's game history! This brings another thing to mind: Is Sonic Chronicles more like (a Sonic Heroes 2?) a part of the archie story ?
Anyway, Sonic The Hedgehog is my idol. To me, he has made Super Smash Bros. Brawl not "just another Super Smash Bros.". Him and Mario are what made the olympics more interesting. I have vowed to get Sonic games (with a story, not necessarily spin offs or multiple versions) if I can afford it and is for either of the systems I own. I will conitnue to look up to Sonic and look forward to Generations 3DS and Sonic on the Wii U. Happy Birth(yester)day, good luck, and don't die on me, Sonic! No matter what haters say and/or do!

lol, I got emetional... T-T
I need a hug... (>T.T)>



SuperSonic commented on Nintendo of America Announces National StreetP...:

I have a few friends who have a 3DS. Two of them are brothers that I see occasionally. The last one is a classmate that I see every schoolday. To get streetpasses my classmate and I leave the wireless on and walk from class to class with our 3DS's in our pockets. He and I help each other with Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. As of right now I've completed the quest twice and 3 completed dioramas.
For some reason all 4 of us started off with the pikmin panel. Is this because of our living region?
So anyway, the only reason I also have the Metroid and Zelda panels is because there is this random black guy (I assume because of his Mii's color) that I rarely meet on my bus ride home. He has like 7 panels! Not to be a stalker, but I'm trying to figure out what time he's on the bus so i can get the rest of the panels.
And BTW, I'm in the Bronx.



SuperSonic commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

Hardcore is now used very loosely. Some people call themselves "hardcore gamers" because they think that playing fast paced action games and killing games is all cool and popular. Ask any "hardcore gamer" who's a about it and on mario, sonic, and the Wii what makes a game good. Watch them respond with something like "violence and/or graphics".
Casual gamers just want to be entretained. "Hardcores" want to relate themselves to casuals because they want to brag about being "real gamers". Playing Call of Duty 482 hours a day 13 days a week is not even being a gamer, it's wasting your life. (To the fake "hardcores") Just because the Wii is not as graphically powerful as 360 and PS3, shouldn't mean you're not gonna get the Wii cuz your "hardcore" wants to see things' insides raining in HD, and also because apparently Mario games and Sonic Colors are too damn , right!?!
Sorry for the outburst. It's just that my idea of hardcore is not cursing out the teletubies and getting into a fight with you because I claim I'm better than you in every gory game you've ever played. It's being able to take on any game's challenge, wether it's Bratz Ponyz or Final Fantasy 9,643.
Casuals that make games last, two thumbs up to you! Real hardcores who are just very experienced gamers in any genre, the rest of my thumbs up to you (Hint: not zero o_0)!

I wonder what kind of responses I'll get...



SuperSonic commented on Sonic Generations 3DS Rumours Gain Speed:

Nice one, dude! Just what I was thinking - just another "true sonic fan" that does nothing but b!tch on Sonic's new design (and the funny thing is that they buy the game anyway). Rapadash 6 is what I'd call a retro sonic fan (if he is a fan). A true sonic fan gives credit to all of Sonic's games. I was able to enjoy something from Sonic 06; the music: 9.8/10

Anyway, I believe in Sega. Sonic Generations 3D is now a game in my mental 3DS library!



SuperSonic commented on Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo T...:

First of all, Fox News is not reliable in my opinion. Second of all, WHAT KIND OF DUMBA$$ LOGIC IS "WHY PAY $50-$60 FOR GAMES ON $300 MACHINES WHEN YOU COULD PLAY CRAPPY LITTLE EXPERIENCES IN LESS TIME AND FOR LESS MONEY"!?! It's quality over quantity, cheapskates! Phone games will never compare to home or even portable gaming consoles! Besides, if consoles ever do expire, I wouldn't worry about Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony; they would all have something else to do.



SuperSonic commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:


It's not that we argue and compare cuz we hate each other, we just want to prove which system is better. That's why Sony already exaggerated with what they're able to do and cheated by knowingly copying things from Nintendo.



SuperSonic commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:

(Oh, yeah! Sony also wants to have video conferencing, be able to watch high quality movies, higher game memory capacity, which may result in better graphics, and attack the 3DS's only weakness; battery life, by adding a mighty two hours or someting. Geez...)



SuperSonic commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:

How much y'all wanna bet the "Next Generation Portable" (God, that sounds soooo convincing) will now have 3D effects, cameras, microphone, touch screen (which it already copied), ability to use cameras for video, 3D pictures, and face recognition, and lots of applications and software too similar to the 3DS's? (And I'm still forgetting some other functions and abilities besides Sony also desperately trying to improve what the 3DS already has to make Sony Fanboys brag about what they did not rightfully come up with.)