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Mon 3rd Jan 2011

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Superfrick commented on Review: Magical Drop III (Virtual Console / Ne...:

I haven't bought the Data East Classics collection because I wasn't able to find the answer to questions I had about Magical Drop 3. So I'll ask the question here in hopes that it can be answered for either the version in the collection or the VC version of the game.

1) Which version of MDIII is it? Is it a port of the Neo*Geo edition, or is it a port of the Playstation 1 edition?
2) In the original Arcade/Neo*Geo version of the game, the English version received a horribly translated and simplified version of the board game. (adventure Mode). Does the re-release have this version of the Adventure mode? Is it the Japanese version of the Adventure mode with a proper translation? Something in between?
3) In the story mode (and vs mode) is it properly translated this time around? The arcade/Neo*Geo version when set in english only used a few (terrible) audio clips and completely threw away the story dialogue and replaced it with things like "Lets fight!!!"