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Mon 9th Jun 2008

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Superdab commented on Wii Move To Bring Balance Board Fun To WiiWare:

Mario64DStyle- Yes you just put the wii mote in your pocket and put the balance board off to the side.
Anyway this game is too strange to even look at. The trailer showed no gameplay footage and made me feel like I wasted a minute of my life. I will not buy this game due to the fact it looks worse than pokemon ranch.



Superdab commented on Blue Oasis - Fishy Fun For All The Family:

Damn you Hudson for delaying Tetris for next year that was the next WiiWare game I was looking forward to. If Blue Oasis ends up coming to North America I might pick it up if the price stays at $5. Looks like it might be nice.
PS: 1st post yay



Superdab commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch:

Pokemon Ranch beating Toki Tori just shows that all Nintendo needs to do to make money is design a boring and shallow game experience, put Pokemon or Wii on the title, and charge twice as much as it is worth. And boom Nintendo just made another milion from misinformed wii owners.
I pity the fool who buys this without owning diamond or pearl..



Superdab commented on Nintendo Working On USB Devices – HDD Possible?:

Come on everyone should know that Nintendo is making a motion sensing microphone for the brand new casual game Super Mario Karaoke (from the makers of Get Fit With Mario).
Anyway I will pray that it is a usb hard drive. I hate having to delete games off of my system in order to play other games. I haven't played half my vc games due to this. I own the license to about 50 games yet I only have 8 on my wii menu.



Superdab commented on USA WiiWare Update: My Pokemon Ranch:

DJ_Philanegro- You are able to get one free Pokemon a day . I read this off of a ign preview. Anyway if you add pokemon to the ranch you are still allowed to keep them in your card.
I will end up buying this game no matter the rating for my brothers, who in my opinion are addicted to pokemon. As long as they play it for at least ten hours I'll be happy.