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Thu 15th November, 2012

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SuperCharlie78 commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

If the XL sells a lot more units then just ship a Limited amount of the standard model, to not give the option at all is only going to frustrate a significant number of customers. They know the standard model option is given to europeans and japanese gamers, there's no logic in Nintendo's decision, I'm frustrated myself and I live in Italy!



SuperCharlie78 commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Appears t...:

No please, make a whole achievement system or nothing, it's annoying to see your activity log full of these stupid medals from Hyrule Warriors.

Ah Nintendo, just in case you were wondering, don't do nothing about this achievement thing and millions of gamers from Sony and MS won't be never interested in your systems.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (Europe):

Shantae is too expensive, not going to play it soon anyway, so I'll see and wait.
I own Stealth Inc. 2 but I've already played the other three un the Vita thanks to my PPlus subscription, boy, to buy these titles at the discounted price nearly matches the annual cost of the Plus...



SuperCharlie78 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo Games Perfect For Multi...:

Nintendo Land is so underestimated, I can see myself playing this all over the Wii U cycle.
And now my son is 7, he's been training with the 3DS version of Smash Bros. so he is quite ready for some Full HD coop!
Not to mention MK8 and 3D World which we have already enjoyed together (ok he is learning at the moment, but I enjoy staiyng with him nonetheless)



SuperCharlie78 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

"Once you do have a masterpiece saved, meanwhile, stages cannot be easily shared — there's nowhere to upload them, and nary a QR code to export. Locking stages to the console on which they were created is a needless, confusing restriction."
Nope, they said they'll include stage sharing in some future update, alongside the Miiverse stage if I'm not wrong, in the 50 (well, actually 54 lol) must see things Nintendo Direct.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Gallery: Enjoy a Cuteness Overload in These Ca...:

"some of these show two Toad characters on screen at once, in a manner that seams unlikely to be down to the Double Cherry power-up..."

Mhhh I'm not sure, I checked every screenshot carefully and it seems to me it is totally a double cherry affair.
I hope I'm wrong...