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Thu 15th Nov 2012

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SuperCharlie78 commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

Third party support is not going to happen, Nintendo must be well aware of this or they are fools confirmed.
But they know actually, and that's why NX will be the one and only Nintendo console with all their 4000 employees working 24/7 on it. No need of third parties in order to sell like hot cakes, Pachter doesn't understand, as usual



SuperCharlie78 commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

Don't launch a character when the System is already dead (the Gamecube), don't leave the sequel in Japan if the System has sold over 100 millions units (the DS), don't put him in a crappy broken eShop game, give it a bit more exposure by not announcing the next game a couple of months prior to its release. It's so easy Nintendo, but you'll never understand, will you?



SuperCharlie78 commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Tops Japanese C...:

Thomas this is not accurate, or to say it other way, you missed the fact PS4 has got a cut price announced. Next week sales will be extremely poor, because japanese people will wait, but probably PS4 will lead the WiiU by the end of the year, while 2016 will be a massacre.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Mario Memories: Mario Kart 8 and Discovering t...:

"I'll never have to worry that these people I've not met face to face will troll me or be mean".
Why not both!?
Nintendo should allow voice chat at this point, giving the option to put it off. Plus if they're friends there's no reason to be trolled.



SuperCharlie78 commented on The Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Has, Well, Said...:

I've got mine, ordered it instantly yesterday morning.
Now I'm sadly short on stars, but still believe I could grab that goodbye double cd.
I just can't accept it will be all over soon, Thomas please, just don't write anything about the club Nintendo closing on sept. 30th.



SuperCharlie78 commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

Ouch, 8 years ago Damien thought this:

To put it simply, S&P is a true classic. It's a practically faultless shooter and (in my opinion at least) the pinnacle of the N64's output; make no mistake about it, this is worth every penny. Treasure even translated the game a bit: The menus and training mode are in English, along with the ending subtitles. Other cutscene subtitles are still Japanese. Because of this, the game costs 1200 Wii Points, which is still a bargain!




SuperCharlie78 commented on Luigi Diorama and Legend of Zelda Carry Case R...:

I was waiting for the diorama, I've already picked it up!
Now I've got just 3500 stars left, I think I'll go with the goodbye coin and something else, maybe.
Sorry for you american friends, but you can always buy it on ebay at a high priiiceee!



SuperCharlie78 commented on Awesome Mario Kart Trophies Are Now Up for Gra...:

I've got 10500 stars currently, but I need them for the Luigi's diorama, which was 7000 last time in Europe. With the remaining 3500, then, I'll grab the goodbye coin and maybe the cartridge box, I'm forced to leave the MK8 OST away, unfortunately... Definitely not interested in any of these trophies



SuperCharlie78 commented on Review: Flick Golf 3D (3DS eShop):

Sorry, I meant useless for me, I obviously respect your choices and tastes, I own every PS system ever released and played a lot of games on them, I just don't need a PS4 yet.
Same old stuff, no new interesting features, lots of remastered and sequels and cross gen titles, just with better graphics. On the other hand I need a new Everybody's Golf (Hot Shot Golf for the american friends) in glorious full HD XD



SuperCharlie78 commented on Review: Flick Golf 3D (3DS eShop):

What about no?
I've just wasted enough money in lacklustre eShop golf games (the very first game on the platform and a mini golf one), i give up and wait for everybody's golf to come to ps4 (and them I'll be forced to buy that useless system)