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Thu 21st Nov 2013

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SuperMartarano commented on Wii U Hardware Sales Take a Significant Leap i...:

Went to my local Walmart last night and saw more XboxOnes (3) on the shelf than Wii U's (1). This wasn't due to limited shelf space for Wii U, it's just that more people were eager to get their hands on the little black machine than the big black machine.



SuperMartarano commented on DFC Intelligence Lowers Wii U Lifetime Sales F...:

@Warruz I know PS4 sold one million units in 24 hours... But after seeing my local Craigslist ads CRAMMED to the brim with people trying to make a profit by reselling them, it leads me to believe that many people bought two systems (perhaps through different outlets). While I've seen this type of thing before, I've never witnessed it to this magnitude. If this is nationwide, I don't think one million PS4s in 24 hours is as impressive as it should be if a decent amount are strictly for the purpose of reselling.