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Wed 23rd Jul 2008

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SuperMarioX commented on Review: Wii Music (Wii):

I wonder should I buy this? I'm still thinking on my own conclusion it looks rather good but there's other great music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I'm just not to sure to have the Wii-Remote next to your mouth and start thinking that it's a trumpet



SuperMarioX commented on Introducing... Nintendo DSi:

EU first..EU first... arhh what am I saying US first... US first.
It doesn't look that bad actually if they add the possibilty to phone friends (like a mobile) then I wouldn't have to dish out money on a phone. YAY!



SuperMarioX commented on Review: Mario Kart Wii:

Yeah nice review.
When I first played it I thought 'WOW' but I just can't justify the graphics looking shoddy. When I played I definitely thought the game was "well made and highly polished" but not that the "graphics look shoddy". Other than that NICE review.