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Male, 29, Hungary

Mon 6th Feb 2012

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supermario4ever commented on Garfield Kart:

I like Garfield, and I always missed his games onto Nintendo consoles. I don't think, this game will be great, but I will give this a chance.



supermario4ever commented on Super Tennis:

It is a very good game, offered it to everyone. It seems that it won't be appeared on Virtual Console, but I hope, someone will write a review about this game.



supermario4ever commented on Analyst Claims eShop Made $11 Million in 2011:

In my opinion, the Pokémon won't be released on Virtual Console, because the essential part of the game is the multiplay, trade each other's Pokémon. I didn't play with Pokémon games much times, but as I know, there are Pokémons which are in the Red, or Blue versions, so you're Pokédex never will be complete.