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Fri 26th July, 2013

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SuperMalleo commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

claps hands Bravo Crapcom! You have absolutely made fools out of yourselves. Disappointing the fans of Resident Evil and especially Megaman really made you feel like king of the world, didn't it? You guys must be real proud right now.



SuperMalleo commented on Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Ha...:

We have lost a great man today. He entertained us with such classics like Aladdin, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork and Mindy, Good Will Hunting, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, and Good Morning Vietnam. Hard to believe suicide was the cause of his death.

R.I.P Robin Williams
1951 - 2014