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Thu 12th Sep 2013

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SuperDuperGang commented on FIFA 14 is Skipping Wii U Because of "Disappoi...:


I like FIFA so I bought FIFA 13 for WiiU (I already owned a copy on PS3)... What a let down! That wasn't Nintendo's fault - that's EA's fault. Now EA does this? DUMB!

I like conspiracies so I agree with the idea that EA doesn't want any used game selling and trading going on. Which is also DUMB! Stepping on my soapbox...

I bought a game = its my property! All gamers need to unite and not purchase ANY game on ANY system if it cannot be traded or resold. Side note - no one should pay for online service! I already pay for Internet access to my Internet provider. SCREW YOU!

I love games. I could see spending way too much money on a gaming environment if it was phenomenal! - but most games are barely even good! Unite gamers... Unite... We need to crush all this fine print, extra charge, not my actual property garbage NOW.

Microsoft... you are dead to me. Sony... I'm watching you. Nintendo... Save us all.