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Tue 18th Sep 2012

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Sunnymj commented on Nintendo Download: 27th February (Europe):

Nothing of this stuff for me this week. Except that I bought AA: Dual Destinies today, but not gonna play it before I've completed the Ace Attorney-trilogy on iOS(got it on black friday for 7NOK(0.99$)). Maybe I'll buy some other games I don't own yet to play for my winter holiday next week(we have a holiday around this time in Norway).



Sunnymj commented on Norwegian Cruise Line extends partnership with...:

@IsawYoshi Yeah, I haven't either seen a lot of commercial or ads the past years. I have only seen playstation commercials on TV, but I don't watch a lot of TV. I have only seen ads for Pokemon or other 3DS games in comics(Donald Duck), nothing about WiiU. Nintendo/Bergsala need to adverstise the WiiU more here if they want it to sell and people to notice it.

On topic to what this article is about: The cruise line have nothing to do with Norway today(operates in the Caribbean, used to have Norwegian owners). Anyway all advertising for Nintendo is cool.



Sunnymj commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

Here in Norway it's actually often cheaper to buy games on the eshop:). New games often costs 400-500kr or more in stores, and only 369 or 329kr to download. The prices in Norway are very high so I guess the eshop prices might be a convertion of euro or something. Buying retail online is sometimes cheaper but I can't do that. I bought Animal Crossing(retail) a few days ago for 349kr,on the eshop it was 20kr cheaper, but I wanted a boxed copy:P. The only game I've bought digitally is New Style Boutique(used to cost over 400 in stores), and I might dowload Fire Emblem 'cause I havn't found it in any stores yet. 1st party games almost never drops in price here, Skyward Sword still costs over 400kr many places and many DS-games have just recently dropped in price.



Sunnymj commented on Hands On: StreetPass Plaza's Downloadable Content:

The games look cool and interesting, but I never get Streetpass hits. So I think I'll stick to PuzzleSwap and the Quest(slowly progressing through them both). Only get hits from family,and when I'm visiting bigger cities.