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Thu 14th Mar 2013

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Sukichi-D commented on Nintendo Reveals Flipnote Studio For The 3DS e...:

im happy for all those who can afford a 3ds and can actually make flipnotes for once but I was a flipnote hatena user of the dsi system and that was my only way to make flips...I don't under stand why they have to shut down the current app for dsi and replace it on 3ds...I guess I liked hatenaa little to much but it was the only way for me to express my feelings through art with the world...I made a lot of friends on hatena...and about the whole paying plan?ive lost ALL respect for used to be a monthly paying plan just to post...unless your popular,then its free...the poor keep losing money while the rich keep on gaining...and the reason they are shutting dsi down for 3ds is 1.)money...2.)the first time they opened the app for 3ds all thee dsi users mostly stayed on dsi without converting to this way to continue hatena you have to pay for a 3ds AND monthly charges...ive been working my butt off to save hatena...I cant see why we cant have both...I hope you all enjoy yourselves why all the thousands of dsi users around the world suffer...some of the best creators I ever knew are quitting...ill never see their art or talk to them EVER happy but....when they come out with an even better system then 3ds and end flipnote memo for something expensiver and will all KNOW OUR PAIN.....I hope your happy with yourselves. ~Sukichi D.,previous hatena user