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I love video games and have kids with a similar passion for the digital life. I don't like internet trolls. And age ratings on games are there for a reason.

Wed 29th May 2013

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Stumpweasel commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Localizers Talk Shop:

@DanielHPoetry You pull up weeds, you plant flowers and trees. You hit rocks and hope one of them is the bell rock. You catch fish and insects - you can sell these or donate them to the town museum. You dig up fossils and give these to the museum or sell them. You make friends with the animals living your town, then they leave and someone new moves in. You buy a house, you extend your house, you furnish your house. You buy clothes, design clothes. So not a lot actually happens, but Animal Crossing Wild World is one of my favourite games. And I'm expecting Animal Crossing New Leaf to be a new favourite. It's addictive and fun and I can't say exactly why, but it's just brilliant!