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Stuffgamer1 commented on Mario Kart 64 on Wii U VC Doesn't Have Support...:

@MegaWatts N64 on Wii U DOES have Restore Points, yes.

And yes, the controller pak was mostly used as a way to help third parties get cheaper game carts to improve developer support. I really hope they can get that worked out or we'll have even less chance of some real gems like Goemon's Great Adventure hitting VC.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Bayonetta 2 to Have a Standalone North America...:

GameStop is actually out of stock, so that link is kind of useless. The day Bayonetta was announced for Smash, I went to a local independent game store and grabbed two copies of the for me, one for a friend. Yeah, they were still charging $60, but the thing has gotten hard enough to find lately that this was preferable to online sales taking advantage of collectibility. I'm happy with the decision I made, but I also think it's nice that Nintendo at least has the sense to offer any sort of reprint for the Smash release. And you can always get game 1 on the eShop if it comes to it...although I certainly prefer my discs.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Metroid: Zero Mission Looks Set for a 14th Jan...:

It's about damn time! Of course, that's one game out of way too many we're waiting for, but it's also the earliest release (not counting Mario's Super Picross, as if THAT will ever actually come). Figures NoA would put it out solo...but hey, it's progress...such as it is.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

@Bass_X0 So pessimistic! I mean...yeah, it's probably deserved because Nintendo may very well be too stupid to take the free money from the free preexisting fan translation, but I think there's enough negativity going on around here for Christmas Eve as it is without piling that on.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

@Grumblevolcano Thank you for being a good an empathetic person instead of of reveling in the reversal of fortunes or even merely being indifferent. After all, we're all Nintendo fans here and every branch is still part of one company at the end of the day...we'd all like to be treated fairly and help support the company we love...but sometimes, they do NOT make it easy.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

@Grumblevolcano Yes, precisely that. It's really the fact that NoA insists on pretending the internet doesn't exist and we couldn't POSSIBLY be upset that people across the pond have all these games we don't. They never ask what we want, they don't even care...meanwhile, Sony actively seeks suggestions for PS2 games on PS4. sigh

Of course, it used to be the other way around...back in the pre-modern-internet days. NoE improved immensely and NoA gave up.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Super Mario Galaxy May Arrive on the North Ame...:

"Sadly this wasn't included in the European Nintendo Download details earlier in the week, but hopefully it won't be too far away."

So what? You guys are getting SMRPG AND SM64DS, so I don't wanna hear your complaining. Galaxy is great and all, but it's not what I was excited for and it still feels like a consolation prize in this situation.

@sketchturner I'm afraid you'll be pulling a Rip Van Winkle on that at this rate, man. :/



Stuffgamer1 commented on The Japanese Release of Super Mario Advance 4:...:

Well, this was OBVIOUSLY the only right way to handle this release. Which of course means I half expected Nintendo to screw it up and have been pleasantly surprised. I'm sure that whenever it gets around to releasing here, we'll get the levels also because it just makes even less sense than NoA normally does otherwise.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Humour: The Pain Of Being A Wii U Owner This C...:

Who wanted a new version of TP? I did! Looking forward to that one for real. And amiibo Festival is actually good IMO. People say Nintendo's Christmas lineup sucks this year, but it's still way more interesting to me than the other guys' overall.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Wave 2 Lego Dimensions Expansion Packs Arrive ...:

Huh...didn't know about the hire-a-hero thing 'cause I haven't played in a bit. But I'm totally working on collecting the whole set anyway so it hardly matters. Yeah, it's a lot when I'm already doing amiibo and I almost didn't...but Dimensions is what pushed me over into getting Best Buy Gamer Club Unlocked and I've been LOVING the game, so it's worth it IMO.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (North America):

@MrPuzzlez Yeah...but if they're spending so much producing VC games that a SUPERB title like Drill Dozer wouldn't be profitable, they're doing it wrong anyway. I know Nintendo cares about quality control and that's admirable, but they take things WAY TOO FAR with Virtual Console, re-building emulators and play testing every title individually.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th October (North America):

"Initially we thought this was actually its GBA predecessor before realising it was a follow-up with an exceptionally lazy title."

Me too, guys. I checked Nintendo's website last night to see what would be releasing and at first I was like "but that's already been released!" Had to scroll down to see the tiny difference in title.

Also...while I suppose this is better than NO VC like Europe got this week, it's hardly what most people want. Where in the bloody hell is Zero Mission already? Or Drill Dozer...been waiting for that for a while too, but at least it's not out overseas yet either AFAIK.

@NandN3DS: I guess not, 'cause my point is more or less that. Very rarely does anything else on these releases catch my interest.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

Umm...but Natsume is the same company that said Nintendo was "moving on" from NES and SNES on Wii U, and THAT'S not entirely true based on recent releases. Don't think I can entirely trust them, sorry.

To clarify, I don't think that means we should waste energy expecting that next big wave of games week after week...just that I don't think Natsume deserves to be taken as FINAL word on the matter given their track record.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

This is the man who openly stated he wasn't allowed to talk video games on his Escapist video series "No Right Answer" after being hired at Nintendo. I have NO IDEA why he thought he could get away with this podcast. But he did, and he was wrong...and I for one feel bad for him because the Treehouse must've been an AMAZING job to lose for something like this. Yes, he brought it on himself, but I don't think that precludes any amount of sympathy.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Apparantly, Arin Hanson got banned just for using the username "Egofaptor" (apologies if that's too dirty to post here...I'm honestly not sure). I question why Nintendo couldn't have simply helped him change the name instead of banning him like that straight up.

Anyway, I've seen a few posts of obviously bad nature on Miiverse, but not all that many. But I also don't use Miiverse all that much, so I dunno how bad the problem really is. While this measure seems ill thought out and harsh, if it's as bad as they say, I understand WHY they'd do it. Not sure what the alternatives are.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Video: No Matter How Annoyed You Are At Ninten...:

I was sold on Triforce Heroes and Paper Jam and completely fail to see what all the complaining is about...well, except for those who wanted real Animal Crossing instead of a board game. That I get, even though I think AC is better on handhelds anyway.



Stuffgamer1 commented on The First Mother Game Is Finally Coming To The...:

@brooks83 Technically, the main villain in EarthBound was also a major player in the first game. Not in a way that's terribly confusing for newcomers (or less EB would've had an even tougher time in America 20 years ago), but still. Mother 2 had a subtitle: Giyig Strikes Back. That was changed to "The War Against Giygas" in America to avoid confusion. In both cases, it really only appears in the opening scene and not the proper title per se.

Now, EarthBound Beginnings is a VERY old-school game, and much harder to play through than EarthBound. If you're certain you're going to play them all and not give up, start with the first just to get it out of the way. The series only got better with each sequel, so saving the worst for later would suck.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

@KirbyKirbyKirby To be fair, they did cite a months-long development cycle to make new characters. If that's not total BS (when depending on their remaining team size it very well be legit), these characters would have been in development since before the ballot was announced. It would simply mean that more characters pertaining to the ballot are still to come...but only time will tell for sure.

IMO, these are both bad character choices for Smash (especially Roy...we don't need ANOTHER Marth clone!). But if they're serious about it, I guess it's whatever. At least Ryu will probably be an easier amiibo to find since they've been favoring third parties so much.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Gets Its First Ever Escalatio...:

I caught him around 20%...currently on Level 42 going for that Mega Startup at 50. It's still not really too hard with my team of Mega Gengar, Yveltal, Zoroark, and Absol, all max level except for a tiny sliver of EXP left to top off Zoroark. Then I can try those new main levels...



Stuffgamer1 commented on New Super Mario Bros. Releases On The North Am...:

@Grumblevolcano If by "pointless" we mean "unquestionably lucrative because Mario still prints money," then you're right. Face it buddy, this release WILL sell more than any Fire Emblem would, and they know it.

@errantrazor Yes they do, actually. ESRB ratings are only valid for the platforms originally submitted, and re-releases require re-ratings. Which is sometimes a good thing in the case of older games that need new ratings to match the modern refined standards.

@Superryanworld And by "poor" we mean "literally non-existent." sigh Anyway, I doubt that situation exists solely because Mario outsells them...Mario outsells damn near everything, so it's a moot point. Really, the problem of Japan vs. America continues to stretch MUCH further than Squenix, as they currently have literally almost TWICE the total VC games we have according to this chart. All those PC-Engine titles and we don't even have Turbografx out West...WHY? They haven't said a word. Also for what it's worth even Squenix apparently hasn't had a VC release in Japan in almost a year.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Mega Man & Bass Kickstarts "Mega May" On Wii U...:

I had no idea Capcom had actually patched BN2 to give away those chips...if they had any sense, they'd have ADVERTIZED that fact! I wasn't looking to buy games I can't actually complete, so this is kind of a big deal. Hoping for similar fixes for the series moving forward as well.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

The three-hours thing is an insult to me, especially because I'm not available on any of those periods this weekend. Nintendo is telling me that I can try their game IF my life just HAPPENS to conform to THEIR schedule, and I find that absurdly patronizing. For my good will, they'd have been better off not doing this at all...but then it doesn't matter 'cause I already preordered the game and amiibo anyway and I'm not upset enough by this to cancel anything.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@BulbasaurusRex I was under the impression that this was a normal failing of using HDMI because the connected device is supposed to control the TV directly. I dunno, it sure does suck at any rate. There's also remappable buttons as another benefit to Wii U VC, of course. All in all, it's just something they should do...the good by all rights should overpower the bad in this scenario.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@BulbasaurusRex " Is it really that much of a hassle to boot up Wii Mode whenever you want to play them?"

Yes, yes it is. Know why? It's because the Wii Mode lacks the ability to fix the aspect ratio of the game. If I want to play a VC game in Wii Mode without it being stretched on my TV, I have to change from HDMI to Component cables so that my TV itself can do the aspect ratio work instead. It's a pain in the ass and you'll understand if I can't be bothered when I SHOULD be able to just buy the upgraded version.

I think it's awfully presumptuous of Nintendo to decide what platforms we want games from. They really ought to be picking good games regardless of system, and there are still PLENTY of great SNES titles left. Of course, the ongoing apathy from Squenix in the West even though they've been on board in Japan for well over a YEAR doesn't exactly help...

In the end, I think they'll still go back to SNES now and then because they just don't have very many platforms or all that many companies supporting it. They'll HAVE to just to get more content up at all.



Stuffgamer1 commented on New Safari Event Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle:

There appear to be just five Pokemon in this event, as listed on the bottom of this list ATM. Word is some of these appear more often than others (I'm running into Carvanah entirely too often), and Sharpedo has a Mega Evolution so that's probably a priority catch. I'm just missing the two grass-types now, and I really hate not being able to even guarantee who I'm fighting.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Video: WarioWare Touched! Arrives On Wii U Vir...:

@Pod I agree, yes! Twisted and Touched are the two best games in the series. I'm sure they COULD emulate the gyroscope with the GamePad's motion controls...but will they?

@Nintendo_Ninja The color varied by region for some odd reason. Our USA boxes were orange, but the one pictured is PAL.

@mjc0961 So negative, dude! Certainly, WarioWare is not for everyone, but it really is a fantastic series for some of us. I look forward to downloading it and seeing how Wii U handles DS games first-hand soon.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

@XCWarrior To be fair I buy them for both the look AND functionality. My entire collection is open for that purpose. But since it's a dual approach, I definitely agree that I don't want lousy cards for the same functionality. But we should remember that replacing figurines was only one possible use of the cards...they could also develop a game that makes use of them like Eye of Judgement on PS3...only harder to copy thanks to NFC in the card.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Reported GameStop Memo Shows Massive Delay in ...:

Well...I'm stuck in an unusual situation here. I DID place my preorders before the cut-off date, but my GameStop closed last week and my reservations were all manually transferred to the other store in the mall. So now I wonder if they have my original order date in the system or if I'm going to be screwed due to no fault of my own.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Hyrule Warriors 'Ganon Pack' DLC to Bring Fres...:

@TobiasAmaranth: Doesn't make much sense to squeeze out a tiny patch for that now with the major patch coming so soon. We can manage until then.

Now...max level raised AGAIN? Good grief, my highest is still only in the 120's! Of course, gameplay momentum slowed down here recently...a problem I hope to rectify soon.



Stuffgamer1 commented on Mario Party 10 Official Website Prompts Specul...:

We did already see Rosalina and DK in the Mario Party 10 amiibo trailer a couple weeks ago, actually...since then, I've just worked on the belief that they were DEFINITELY coming in a future wave. Nintendo wants to sell amiibo anyway, right?