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Stomatopod17 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Mega Metagross for P...:

Mega lati@s, Mega sceptile, Mega Swampert, Mega Sableye, Mega diancie, and now Mega metagross.. I think milotic and metagross are the most asked for megas by the public. We got metagross, and I think just to please the public (which gamefreak failed to do in gen 6 so far..) they are going to make mega milotic. Alot of people also think mega camperupt and sharpedo are confirmed by the key stones seen on whats their faces.

I'm still hoping they don't do something trolly and give megas to pokemon by popularity again.. Pokemon like cradily, armaldo, flygon, and as much as I could care less tropius, really need a buff.



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


This is why they should be removed, take notes.

IV stands for indivigual values, every pokemon is randomly generated with a value of 0-31 in all 6 of it's stats. Pokemon with an IV of 31 in one of it's stats will have an extra 31 base points in that stat when at level 100, which is pretty big..

It is possible to breed the 31 IVs on pokemon, you simply catch dittos from the friend safari as all pokemon in the friend safari are guarenteed perfect IVs in 2 of their stats, and then giving the ditto the destiny knot pass on up to 5 of those IVs. (you'll need more than one ditto to do this as you'll need ivs for each stat.)

You can watch a tutorial for the whole breeding process. It's really really deep ingame stuff that's explained no where but when researched or asked..

and I didn't say you don't know what you're talking about. You said keep your hacked pokemon away where it won't harm anyway, in a sarcastic reply I said the dream ball killed thousands since it was the only thing hacked about the aegislash and it didn't do anything but make an animation nobody cares about.

Last gen we had pokegen.. which was indeed hacking as you could make ANYTHING with overkill stats and like.. gen 4 we had action replay (still did for gen 5) which could make you do just about anything if you knew how to code it (which others often provided those codes only)

This gen we got powersave, and it doesn't let us do that much overall. There is no easy way out of breeding.. seriously everybody is arguing the breeding is what causing hacking, this gen you are still stuck breeding even if you are using powersave as there is no code on powersave whatsoever that fixes IVs, nature, stats, species, abilities, or anything like that. You can only do 3 things to a pokemon.. change it's ball, change it's shininess, and max it's happiness and whatnot which only affects pokemon amie anyway. No matter what we hack into the game we're still breeding. We can't even transfer pokegened pokemon from last gen anymore because the hack filter on poketransfer will block anything illegal, and as of may wi-fi is shut down, so is pokegen since it required it.

Also it's well worth noting in a legendary's case you cannot breed them.. so your stuck with that 1 in some million chance of random catching one. This gen they did nerf it a little so that any legendary caught in gen 6 will be guarenteed atleast 3 perfect IVs but still for things not catchable in this game try catching a 6 IV heatran or latios.. WITH THE RIGHT NATURE under those odds of 1 in a million. Now you can see the importance of hax!

I hacked myself a snow warning aurorus, contrary serperior, and adaptability dragalge.. I still had to breed every single one like normal.. even for hidden power fire on serperior and that's always never fun..

Back to ray rizzo, the only harm he caused was maybe not being able to upload a battle video now because battle videos won't upload if hackmons are used even if it's minor things like this. So the tourny wouldn't of had anything to show for if they wanted to show all the battle videos.



Stomatopod17 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Mega Metagross for P...:

Honestly I don't see a problem with this like everybody else is complaining about.

Metagross was always slow unless it used a weak priority choice banded bullet punch. Or managed to get that attack boost from meteor mash.. not to mention being weak to ground, fire, nuetral to fighting, nuetral to bug, and now steel is nerfed so he gains 2x to ghost and dark as well.. can't touch aegislash!

Now that he gets a mega evolution it depends on his stat spread.. he looks like he'll be faster and get higher attack and drop in his defenses.. either way there is always one question to ask.. "What can this thing do in comparison to leftovers, choice band, or life orb while taking up a mega slot?"



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


The dream ball killed thousands, it hurt people across the globe!

And it's funny how all these anti-hack comments have no clue what hackers are even limited to. A hacker can only do what's provided to them, there is not 1 hack that alters the outcome of the games other than an unreleased item or pokemon which obviously wouldn't be aloud on sight at tournies.. and those unrelease items and pokemon aren't that great (I personally run around carrying a mega lati@s against passerbys.. they kinda hold the rest of the team back as they need tons of support and take up a better mega slot.. if I lost them, usually the rest of the team falls as they're ment to keep lati@s alive and support with SR and such..)

You're forgeting how insanely difficult it is to encrypt a 3ds game. So he could only have done that with powersave, whether it was him (assumingly.. shiny aegislash is obvious, especially if somebody else bred it for him.. I certainly wouldn't hatch 1000+eggs for a shiny aegislash to give away anyway.. still harmless, but red flag right there) or somebody else.

It's well worth noting that I think you're aloud to use kalos born pokemon ONLY so any pokegened mons weren't even aloud.

Oh btw.. he lost the battle anyway, or according to some of your logic, he hacked so he could lose! This guy is one big threat in the championships! I never want to face this guy if I attend!

As others above stated, while IV training is easy for me, for younger players its like trying to solve college math. The good players, like smogon, are higher aged and usually stomp on casual players making it a little more of an aggressive strategy game rather than RPG.. Natures do provide some kind of break through for things like outspeeding normally faster threats, etc which is good, but IVs are too complicated.. players have no clue what they do unless you research them yourself.. and how to even get them.. and if the dizziness didn't already kick in trying to understand them, actually breeding them is when the headache really begins! Turns out their purpose is really important in competitive play.

Hacking, is probably the only thing keep the fanchise alive honestly. Without hacks events are only limited to certain people who go to them.. like the pokeball vivillon, people are begging for that.. but without cloning or powersave wondercards.. there would only be a 100, maybe couple 1000 of them in the entire world. Unless you buy a plane ticket :| Then theres everybody's.. AND I MEAN EVERYBODY'S favorite pokemon.. mew and meloetta.. both events (or in mews case glitch) pokemon that you have and adore.. and without the ability to clone, no body would ever give you since it would be super rare in the whole world.

Also why wouldn't gamefreak do something about hacking? Even a company, datel, makes money off providing players the devices to hack nintendo consoles! Well profit, like I said.. pokemon would fall without hax as events would be too hard to get, and also there'd be no hype for anything.. when players hacked mega eons and diancie in the game, it gave players something to search for and talk about, then when players were able to hack them in, the few seen begin to raise hype and excitement to get them at any event, spend money on a movie ticket or like.. or buy the next game which may have them! Money money Money!

Besides.. everybody is on pokemon showdown now, a free program you don't even need to download half the time on the internet! Why work making your team to fight other players with poorly prepared teams, when you can make your entire team, and edit it at anytime, on showdown! This is were gamefreak is at a standstill.. nobody buys their games because they're instead on free application that is unassociated with them. Thankfully I oddly enjoying building my teams on the cartirage games myself.. I hatched 9 shinies (actually 8 but one was a nincada so.. counting shedinja in) legitimately, I have the device to hack but never use it even for shiny breeding.



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


Aegislash is actually fairly easy, most aegislash actually do not run spe IVs so that they can purposely lose speed ties against other aegislash (I.E. their king's sheild activates while your's fails.. so you can go for it again next turn doubling chances of lowering their attack.. that or they shadow sneak.. you take a weakness policy, and shadow sneak back on blade forme and sweep). That's only 4 IVs needed.. 31/31/31/x/31/x.. or when special, 31/x/31/31/31/x.. or even when mixed you still have the 5 IVs, 31/31/31/31/31/x.. hardcore players may even aim for the 0 IV in speed along with brave nature for best results or even speed ties against similar aegislashes. Personally I use a regular sword's dance sweeper with weakness policy as well as a toxic+sub+king's sheild staller fully defensive.

And like I said before, the only methods of hacking is; one which does not work on kalos pokemon as it's done only in gen 5.. and the other has absolutely no method of manipulating the IVs or stats in anyway of said pokemon. In short, the advantage is nothing as rizzo's aegislash, if it has the proper ivs, would REQUIR breeding as there is no easy way out of that this gen.. even pokegen was closed when the wi-fi for the wii+ds consoles shutdown.



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


What advantage? If a pokemon's stats are perfect.. that's no different from perfect stats on a breedable pokemon.. or for that matter any pokemon including legendaries who can be soft reseted for perfect stats.

Plus.. everybody hacks their pokemon with two things: action replay, and pokegen.. pokegening stopped when wi-fi shut down as it involved hacking the gts on BW/BW2 to send perfect mons like legendaries over. Those then, if everything is legit, can be sent through pokebank. The poketransfer would stop ANY illegal mons from going to the pokebank.. so nothing illegal can be hacked that way.

The other which is action replay, a product made by datel.. that.. well..can be bought at gamestop! The 3ds models are called powersaves. I got mine for 30 bucks there. There is NO CODES ON POWERSAVE that alter stats.. change nature, change IVs, or change abilities... only things are to alter a pokemon's forme, shinify them, and change the pokeball they're caught in... nothing that is of concern.



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

If it's not pocessing an unreleased or illegal move/ability combo and it's stats are perfectly normal and it's item is legal.. then who cares. Hacked shinies and hacked pokeballs don't make a difference in gameplay whatsoever other than looks..

Lol, I just finished breeding an adaptability dragagle I got off powersave and this is the first thing I see after.. as a side note powersave cannot make pokemon like you think.. its not pokegen. You still have to breed those pokemon competitive reguardless. The only thing you can do is shinify, and change gender/pokeballs.. nothing else that touches IVs or stats.

It's possible to get unreleased HA through the wondercard modifer though which makes any pokemon with a random possible ability.

Plus.. just about every player is guilty of hacking somehow.. infact some pokemon used to be impossible, by any means as no event was ever released to be obtained.. yeah super fair I couldn't get an arceus myself just because I never traveled across the planet to get the event. You do relize that 99% of all players who have event pokemon.. wouldn't because event pokemon would never be something you'd easily give up for trade if there's only a few hundred in the world.. so yeah, no matter how legit you claim you are.. if you have an event pokemon.. it's hacked more than likely.

Hackers don't do anything that hurts the game.. other than maybe get an earily unreleased item or event.. oh deal with it, facing them now only prepares you for them later.



Stomatopod17 commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

If they're three seperate characters for each class than that is such a waste.. I would've rather had miis fully customizable.. like you can give the mii any moves in the game rather than limit them to just a set amount of moves like other characters.. That atleast would give them a niche of having any move combo possible along with appearence making them special in some way. Now they're just plain regular characters who probably would be disabled if there was a random character selection option (we seriously need that..)

Why would I ever want to use these? Just because they look different? I think I'd rather play as mario than a customize mario with possibly worser moves... or better yet I'd rather play as three different characters who should've been in brawl or this game instead.. I always like the idea of them adding a mii into smash brothers.. but they did a horrible.. HORRIBLE job when we actually got what we asked for.

You had one job.. one job.. instead you turned it into three and messed up on every one of them..

Ah well.. we don't even know what it's like to play as them.. maybe they're not THAT bad gameplay wise.

Reguarding them not being playable online, that was a little too overprotective IMO.. but then again what kid wants their parents to walk past seeing them fighting hitler with a ninja frog.



Stomatopod17 commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:

The problem I see with this is who would buy it.. alot of people prefer the PC version for better content and access to everything (mods, custom skins,) while on xbox you have friends you can play with. It's easier to make friends and communicate on an xbox then hunting for them on the wii u without any communication..

Xbox- "Hey guys is there a creeper outside?", "Yep"

Wii U- "Where is everybody? Can you give me the position on your map?" ,"....."

Xbox- "Guys I'm hungry you got food?", "sure"

Wii U- "HELP I'M STARVING! punch", "OW WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM... kills starving friend"

PC+skype/ingame text, Xbox+headset, all works perfectly.. but the wii u would be a more single player experience for players..

Plus.. minecraft this, minecraft that.. I don't hate the game I occasionally play the xbox version (pc crashed computer from lag) but it rules the world/internet already appearing so many times. Give it a break much? People will just buy minecraft for their wii u.. be too occupied.. and ignore nintendo's other products.



Stomatopod17 commented on Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dream...:

I'd enjoy the first pokemon in your party (or better yet pick so you're not forced to lead with it in battle or switch before battle..) mechanic from HG/SS to return.. and with the departer of wi-fi soon we really would appreciate move tutors.. especially for the new gen mons like clawitzer getting shell smash and such. (hopefully), Move tutors would probably force players to go buy the game whether they wanted it or not just for their x/y games.

The mega eons I already have.. both as a matter of fact as well as diancie.. but hoenn remakes.. generation of the eons.. without a doubt the stones should be somewhere in there. Diancie event isn't far from being released in japan so july to november isn't that far away of a new offically announced pokemon/mega being revealed... then I can finally trade them to my other poke X copy and actually get to save battle videos with them.. point is I'm expecting the stones in these games somewhere rather than an event which would be splendid!

Don't forget.. gen 3 is when the wonder troll was born.. No ghost type E4 shedinja users.. as awesome as it sounds that might seriously cause problems for people (anybody else get walled by the psychic inver's?).

New wi-fi battle design rather than that grid.. we need more elementle looking stages like BW2

Minor thought.. but maybe have the pokemon and their trainers visible during battle much like in battle revolution and colloseum where the trainers were shown giving commandments and comparing size with their pokemon... it'd be a nice touch, especially consituring x/y is huge on fashion with customizing your characters, other than the intro of the battle it'd be nice to see the trainers in full 3D effect during battle... also get to see them mega evolve with that animation during wi-fi battles would really give a nostalgic feel to the game... and an option to disable having to view them for the few who complain about it.

I forget the name but we need whatever item in gen 4 aloud us to rematch trainers back.. as well as somewhere you can battle high leveled trainers, with random teams made on a daily basis like those sports stadiums in BW while still gaining Exp.. I'm getting bored and annoyed with the restruants already.. nothing new each time..

Maybe an AI test chamber were, similar to battle revolution you can make your own and opponent's teams to test out before any offical use... since showdown is kinda stealing pokemon away from gamefreak and most of the content (from other users..) are very immature.. it'd be nice to give showdown users a good reason to stick around on the real thing rather than a custom made similator..

Gametype change for battles as well? Make your own rules whether it's limiting only 5 pokemon.. the time limit.. banning certain pokemon which would solve alot of problems for those complaining about legendary users.. even OU ones.. would be splendid!

DLC would be great but I'm already downed about it. Masuda clearly stated in the past he wants all pokemon games to be sold as a whole rather than an imcomplete game with an extra 10 dollars for DLC and such that many might not be able to get. He also said he sees all main selling games (like x/y) to be played on a handheld and not the wii u (which would be AWESOME! battle revolution in HD graphics.. have the bottom screen of move selection and such on the gamepad and the battle going on the tv screen.)



Stomatopod17 commented on Unique Vivillon Distribution Confirmed for Par...:

One problem.. You cannot breed this thing or get the guarenteed nature. The egg generated will instantly become your type of vivillon instead of this one.. and since this is event only there is no single person in the world who can breed competitive ones to give out.

If lucky maybe one person will use the vivillon wonder card on their powersaves or from here and might even eventually get a perfect one.. which can be cloned and passed around... who ever has time for something like that..

I believe I may be able to get one.



Stomatopod17 commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

Let me say one thing.. "Innovation"

That's the key to what most gamers like, some kind of twist to a new game or console from it's previous family member. However it may work for better.. or for worse.. you can have a good idea, and successfully make it, but it depends on who wants it.. and who even needs it.

Microsoft certainly did innovate with the kinect. It was a creative idea that no body else thought of and it worked accordingly. The technology was outstanding, and it definitly put pressure on other companies competing for technology.. however.. thing is.. it sucked. Kinect was technology you'd picture in 100 years later from now.. microsoft succeeded in doing that now, but no body enjoyed it.. no body liked it.. nobody needed it.. it was a pain to use.. I don't know about you guys but I think it's easier to push a button then yell "Xbox! Do this.. Xbox, do that!.. Xbox, turn off before parents see!"

In that case innovation was there beyond genius minds but the appeal of it afterward failed miserably. Just cause you think the technology is out of this world doesn't mean it's enjoyable. That's what we want.. innovative work, and enjoyment out of it.

Nintendo on the other hand did make enjoyable innovations.. I'll have to throw a quick nit pick at the 3ds where they tried too hard with innovation on the 3D feature which nobody likes (seizure warning). It was something unnessecary and boring yet genius. The standard graphics change to the system was enough.

Nintendo was the first to create handhelds.. big hit! Nintendo was the first to create motion controls.. big hit that later other companies copied. Both these ideas were made and blown our minds with how they pulled off the technology.. and yet they were still fun, entertaining.. ah heck who am I kidding, they're amazingly addicting!

The wii u was a stretch.. they kinda did it all and they were scared of making the same mistake microsoft did. They wanted to innovate without disappointing people at the same time. They hoped of making a successful console again by combining their two biggest acheivements, a wii with motion controls, AND a handheld with improved graphics and HD. Good innovation when you think about it.. despite how easy a 6 year old could come up with the same idea.. it works splendid!

However I'm still satisfied with the wii u. Unforunantly.. this is the generation of the world where anybody ages 4 and up are usually on COD or something else for bragging rights and to show off or get even with friends.. joke is they'll rant about other gaming companies when they never played them or for that matter a game made by them and no outsiders like EA and such. I'm sure almost everybody on NL read me saying this by now.. blood and gore isn't a game.. innovation and enjoyment is.

The wii u, IMO, is a huge success, just now is not a good time for it as too many people are involved in the other direction.. xbox one and ps4 were released right around the corner. If the wii u was made years earlier.. without a doubt it'd have just as many or more sales then the wii.

I'm glad the wii u gamepad is staying. You don't HAVE to use it either if you don't like it (atleast hopefully for most games). And what difference does it make anyway.. I find it convienant using for quick access to things like wind waker HD and such.. alot easier than the GC verison.. it's no different than a pro controller with a touch screen in the middle.



Stomatopod17 commented on Several New Pokémon Online Competitions Annou...:

Fairy types only in the one competition? Well guess I should finish my mawile so I can just spam iron head... and make a HP poison gardevoir if that's the case.

I really think that's a bad idea.. there is only a couple viable fairy types and not that many options to choose from.. everything will more than likely be special walls as the only physical threat is mawile which we all know will be on 99.9% of all teams for steel type.

Azumaril, gardevoir, mawile, sylveon, grumbull, jigglypuff, wigglytuff, togekiss, slurpuff, aromotiss (spelling?), florge's line, that pichu ripoff.. and tbh honest that's all I can think of as far as all the fairy types in the game.. I can't even think of more than three different strategies.. either mawile sweep with wish/heal bell support with sylveon and the two fairies that need traded.. or gardevoir sweep... or just annoy the entire world with possibily the cheapest method of winning in the form of paraflinching everything with togekiss..

For the ghost type one.. atleast you have plenty of ghost types and many ways to attack each other.. fairies, nothing fairy can stop gardevoir.. or paraflinch togekiss for that matter. Hidden power fire gardevoir murders mawile.



Stomatopod17 commented on First Footage of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha S...:


Haters gunna hate!

Whenever we have 1000+ pokemon.. no matter how long the fanchise goes thing is every new addition affects the metagame or increases strategies.. etc etc..

In gen 1-4 things were pretty steady and new moves were added which changed battling. Then black and white added major changes with hidden abilities, moves, and extremely interesting and usefull pokemon we overlook. Gen 6 didn't have much to offer with their 69 new pokemon.. but they introduced alot of new game mechanics and alot of other threats dominating and changing the meta game like gale wings and aegislash as well as mega evolving at any time. A remake of these games would only enhance even MORE changes with move tutors (if there are any) and more mega evolutions(again if there are any..) and who knows what else gameplay wise will be changed.

Pokemon isn't a story line changing game each time.. each and everything little change completely impact the strategy.. picture it as chess! if chess had 6 generations.. I'm pretty sure it's be extremely different than gen 1 with every new piece and strategy made despite the similar gameplay.

A cod game simply make one gun which is as usefull as all the others.. not perticularly nessecary nor most likely wanted.. and they just remake the campaign.. pokemon likes to try something new whether it's a small mechanic or change of scenery.

Blood, gore, and graphics isn't an on going successful franchise.. good innovation is.



Stomatopod17 commented on First Footage of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha S...:

Ok, alright alright.. so I'm excited to see what type of phootage they have to offer.. but one thing...

Does anybody speak japanese so they can translate on here?

I'm more excited to hear about things added that x/y lacked (move tutors mainly..)

And then to offically reveal the eons as well (Megias/megios)



Stomatopod17 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:


The way I see it, they may not be transferable.. but they may be tradable like every other item (which I still don't understand why..)

However, who knows.. anything any of us say will be nothing but speculations whether they're true or false. So let's just see what they announce prior to release.

One japanese poster I saw in a video which idk if it was legit showed a silhouette of what almost looked like a rayquaza/groudon hybrid. Of course I can't speak their language so tanslation is beyond me.



Stomatopod17 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:


Maybe, but for some reason I'm not really feeling it for them to get mega evolutions. They are already too powerful.

But... maybe it's the version exclusive hoenn eons who we HAVE confirmed to get their megas. Besides if groudon and kyrogre got megas they would have to be transferable to x/y.. not to mention that x/y has been hacked weeks after release and pretty much we found only 2 new megas and 3 events as well as potentially scrapped or hidden vivillons.

These may be what they're refering to by "never before seen".. or it would be like that if hackers didn't jump to work.


They also wanted these hidden more than anything.. notice how nintendo let action replays and cheating device get arceus and all those pokemon? but only now when there is very little special they actually threaten the company of powersaves (datel) with a lawsuite to stop releasing the unreleased content.. they weren't only spoiling events.. they were spoiling future plans and games gamefreak had all along!

But who knows.. time will tell. We'll know what's up in 7 months.



Stomatopod17 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:

So those making speculations of a new game coming out that was never hinted or announced were right...

Guess this means..
I hope they are released for these new games! (despite the fact I already have em..)

Nonetheless.. I hope more effort is put into this than x/y. I felt X/Y focused TOO much on graphics rather than the design/movepools of the pokemon.. it seemed more like they were just testing the 3ds hardware on a pokemon game and rushed the entire development saying "meh we'll make this game bad so the next one is awesome!" not to mention only made like 69 pokemon.. since this is a hoenn remake it shouldn't have to worry about that lackluster ammount new gen pokemon.. they already have most of their animations and designs made.. so I hope they focus more on utilities and enviroment than just making everything 3d and calling it a game.. which btw x/y has very little use of the 3d feature but no body cares to get a seizure anyway.

BUT IT BETTER HAVE MOVE TUTORS!!!.. and no gym/elite four shedinja users ;-;



Stomatopod17 commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

Over here we have a mall with TWO gamestops in it.. one on the bottom floor.. and one on the second floor... and then .25 miles away from the mall is another gamestop in a plaza..

Century III mall if anybody is familiar with that..



Stomatopod17 commented on Super Smash Bros. Online Code of Conduct to La...:

In random play where rankings are recorded what's the big deal anyway.. self destructing to make up for your friend's points doesn't benefit anything because you simply screw up your K/D ratio... so you're not really helping yourself..

Even in gamemodes without ranking or if somebody does decide to do what you said.. you can't control it.. you're going to have trolls here and there and there is no way any filter is going to prevent it.. Where video games go wrong is they try TOO hard to made their titles "bullet proof" and often just ruin the experience for players with strict rules and engines that often screw them for accidental mistakes.. examples being microsoft games where if you teamkill in some of them by accidental blowing them up when they jump in the way or you accidental run them over you get kicked and banned for something out of your control.. I'd hate to see nintendo get too serious with this and follow their mistakes out of competition..

Like several above mentioned.. I wouldn't want to run for a bomb and it explodes before I grab it.. or even get knocked back and my own sticky bomb kills me and I get banned for it. It's engines like these that can go horribly wrong and ruin the game rather than help it..