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Stomatopod17 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Wii u and wii ain't got anything on this..

Gamecube was HANDS.. DOWN.. the best system ever! Don't know what it was, maybe the games were just more interesting or fun or something.. but to this day alot of use find ourselves popping NGC disc in our wiis or old gamecubes. If I remember correctly.. I reach over 600 days on pikmin 2 on one save.. and made quite a few replays on the others. Metroid prime 1 and 2 were awesome games that current metroid games can't seem to live up to. Ty the tasmanian tiger was a very underapreciated EA game for the NGC (and the other consoles I think) that was surprisingly addicting too.

Oh.. and how could I forget my very first pokemon game colloseum? AWESOME.



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

Actually sharpedo seems like it's going to be broken..I mean c'mon.. Speed boost prior to mega, and it has destiny bond taking out anything it's guarenteed not to OHKO. Sword's dance is also an option. However four moveslot syndrome is a problem.. aqua jet isn't strong enough as it's a weak move and it's not strong jaw boosted.. however mach punch will murder you otherwise. Power vs. survival and this is were it may be terrible..



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

@BlatantlyHeroic Same playstyle, I like it, (I still use aegislash so no smogon perspective here fyi) but like I said.. even if using gallade, what is the unpredictability difference between him and medicham? Sub-dance maybe? Could work (does he get focus punch?) but like I was pointing out they're very identical. If one has a different niche compared to the other like setup then perhaps it's just as good or better than medicham.. then medicham has competition trying to make sets to outclass gallade... this is why one of the two needed a type change or something so they can't be compared.

I can see gallade pairing well with heatran and galvantula.. galvantula can put up sticky web so after an SD=GG. Heatran is strickly for talonflame and stealth rocks. Galvantula can also deal with skarm and mandibuzz. Gallade has ice punch for everything else (gliscor specifically.)


Medicham vs. gallade=Sheer power vs. Setup+versitility.

I personally prefer clawitzer over blastoise since a mega slot isn't taken up. I even run sludge bomb on mine to surprise and lure azumaril.



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:


That's not the problem.. the problem is, is it fast enough? Is it still too frail? Does it have high base power moves? Is it strong enough to compete with choice band/life orb? Well.. 100 base speed is something you'd want to scarf so not that impressive.. improvement definitly as seen with mega garde but not enough. Volcarona and slower things get away with it because they have a boosting move or have priority/are tanky. If gallade got huge power or even pure power I can see it abusing SD+shadow sneak but other than that, fake out, drain punch, mega medicham brings more to the table.. if I'm going to run a team of 1 mega and build around it.. (head smash aggron paired with it for talonflames?) wouldn't I want that mega to be my best choice? Or is it going to be outclassed by something else with the same niche only stronger in general.. and that exactly describes gallade vs. medicham..

Medicham has fake out to break sashes. Gallade doesn't.
Same speed tier.
Gallade could have 165 base power in attack, medicham has 200.
Gallade has shadow sneak for metagross and gengar, medicham has bullet punch for fairies.
Almost identical movepools with gallade having wider coverage.
Same typing and weaknesses.

They each have their similarities and that's what worries me..

I'm almost 100% sure that's be gallade's stat spread.. it wouldn't seem logical to reverse the pokemon's stats nonmega with gardevoir and not to when mega. The only way gallade can say it's different would be a new ability for it.. and that we have no clue yet. Either way just speculation.



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

repeating what I said in the ORAS thread

Not really sure what to think of this.. well mega gallade is awesome, that needed a buff for sure. Needless to say, sharpedo and camerupt too needed megas.. my concern was how could they make them any different than now?

Maybe strong jaw is good with sharpedo.. it only needs a single speed boost nonmega. However they might require protect wasting a moveslot.

Camerupt.. probably mega ampharos v.2 with worser typing and only running (for sheer force) fire blast, flamethrower, earth power, and that's it. Going to be tricky to use reguardless, atleast not any better than specs eruption trick room+sun teams..

Gallade definitly needed a mega, but sorry fans who begged for it.. it's still terrible because it's gallade's typing thats bad.. turning resistances into neutral hits and weak to two different, very common prioity. Unless it gets 130 speed (which is all it needs) and has a couple sword dance's with shadow sneak.. I can't see it being that useful.. lucario could atleast live a brave bird.

I'm pretty sure it's going to get the same boost as gardevoir when mega.. just special/physical reversed.
Atk: 165 +40
Def: 135 +20
SpD: 65 +0
SpA: 85 +20
Spe: 100 +20

Adverage at best.. doesn't give me a reason to use over lopunny or some other physical attacker mega with similar speed.



Stomatopod17 commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

Wait.. so if you get the event diancie.. you get the diancite upon transfering it?


You have two seperate events.. the diancite is obtained via event reguardless of if you have it or not?

Diancite is randomly found in the game itself without an event or anything special?

I hope it's not two seperate events.. in two seperate games... and limited distribution time.. in different countries..



Stomatopod17 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I personally am sticking with my wii u and that's it. Xbox 360 doesn't feel old yet and everything I seen on xbox one that the 360 doesn't have isn't a huge turn on.. the price isn't up my ally either for a system that's not too much different from it's previous model.. 343 also is screwing up the halo fanchise.. halo reach's matchmaking was tampered with, halo 4 was a trainwreck, and halo 5 more than likely won't be different. Halo sequel and to catch up with friends would've been the only reason I'd actually get it.. but only like 5 of my full friends list actually own an xbox one and not looking forward for another trainwreck either.

I just don't play sony games that much and when I do the majority of them are just third party games for fillers since the sports/racing games aren't my thing either.



Stomatopod17 commented on Video: Mega Slowbro Spins its Stuff in New Tra...:


As if slowbro is switching in on any of that. Slowbro is going to switch in on something easy and setup calm mind, or trick room then calm mind. M-venasaur might be the only true counter with sleep powder and resisting scald.. but psyshock and psychic are still possible. Even chesnaught, the only other viable grass type currently, can be destroyed by it's secondary STAB.

No bug type wants to take a psyshock either after a calm mind under trick room.. and the only ghost I ever see are chandelure who's weak to water, gengar who's weak to psychic, and the rare trevenant that still fears possible ice beam lurk sets.

Charizard Y may do a hurtin with solar beam.. but it isn't stab and psyshock will still hurt alot.

Electric types.. meh they're all frail too like bug types and can't do nothing under trick room/can't OHKO after a calm mind.



Stomatopod17 commented on Expect a 'Shocking' New Pokémon Project on 26...:

@Mega719 I don't think that's the issue.. battle revolution connected with the handheld systems which kinda improved sales a little bit inorder to get more pokemon on the game and such.

I just think they're put in a bad position with what they did with x/y.. I mean picture it..

Picture aegislash in battle revolution.. and picture mega evolution. It just would seem odd..

In battle revolution they reused the same models from pokemon stadium even, then from the NGC games, on the Wii U there is no way reusing all the models from past gens, on an HD console, with more well developed gen 6 pokemon, would look good at all. The 3ds systems get away with it because of how fast everything is. Aegislash, if he was stancing changing in battle revolution it'd take him 5 whole seconds or more as everything was very calm and laid back animation wise.

There's just too much involvement they might as well make a pokemon Z instead.



Stomatopod17 commented on Video: Mega Slowbro Spins its Stuff in New Tra...:

You guys are forgetting..

This pokemon gets these moves:

Trick room
Slack off

If it gets a +50 boost in both it's defenses.. this thing will be nearly broken.. since you can't wall break it. The only strong dark type move, knock off, doesn't work since it's a mega stone (hits but the secondary effect isn't added) and sucker punch fails to hit hard enough and can be played around. Physical users also can be burned with scald and special users have to fear the calm mind set. Especially since he gets recovery and trick room makes it extremely easy to abuse.

Honestly the only way you can wall break this guy is with a critical hit.. Oh wait shell armor :$

Shell armor seems inferior to regenerator mega slowbro.. but it looks like he's ment to be a tank rather than a come and go pokemon like mienshao and amoongus.

Just because reuniclus got regenerator don't mean he's best as a tank.. people prefer to use him as a calm mind life orb magic guard user. A more offensive variation for short.. This may be the more offensive variation for slowbro being a mega. This actually let's him preform two roles, a wall, and a sweeper. He can be a wall.. and then at the right time in the match when you don't think he'll care for regenerator anymore or needs a defense buff, mega evolve and annoy everything living.

In conlusion.. we're dealing with a blissey with much bigger offensive potential and two abusable abilities in the same match. I hope our nasty plot porygon-z can over power calmmind sets as it doesn't look like there's any other way other than toxic stall and running sableye on every one of our teams..

Anyway.. I hope GF gives us a mega flygon. Especially since so many people are demanding for it..



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino Leaked for Pokém...:

@True_Hero Mostly because these mega are terrible.. Healer and shell armor are terrible abilities when their nonmega forms have much better abilities (regenerator)

These, litteraly, are stupid megas. I hope these were taken off because they were scrapped not leak.. or somebody was translating wrong.. so many other pokemon need that mega and have more use for it than these two..

Mega sableye was also a fail in that prankster is a better ability for it than magic bounce. However atleast he should've got a mega since mawile did. He was also hoenn :$

These non3rd gen megas are really ruining the hype a little for me since that means it's less likely for pokemon like glalie, flygon, and tropius who need them in hoenn to actually get them. Nope.. instead they give it to these two who aren't even hoenn and screw it up.

Mega quaqsire with pressure up next.



Stomatopod17 commented on Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino Leaked for Pokém...:

I think these were waste of a mega evolution slot.. I think I'd prefer a much more reliable regenerator ability over a protection for a 1/16 chance to critical hit me.. which most of the time on a slowbro doesn't even matter..

Audino is even more useless now.. healer is so situational..

I'd rather see mewtwo get a fourth mega evolution than something like these ever again..

EDIT: even audino gets regenerator! That's so much more useful..

Design wise they're alright I guess..



Stomatopod17 commented on Nintendo's At It Again With Another Majora's M...:

See guys, we kept begging nintendo for a remake and now looks what's happening.. they're teasing us!

Nah but really.. honestly I don't think we're getting a majora's mask remake.. if we do it won't be soon. If we were getting it, we atleast would've got it a year or two ago.. OOT 3d was released in mid 2011... we're nearing 2015!! Heck we might not even see it on the 3ds at all but a new handheld at this point..

Nonetheless I hope I'm wrong as I love this game until I can't sleep at night.. but I just feel like at this point, even if they finally announced the game I wouldn't be too excited as the wait has been a rediculous bummer.



Stomatopod17 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Mega Metagross for P...:

Mega lati@s, Mega sceptile, Mega Swampert, Mega Sableye, Mega diancie, and now Mega metagross.. I think milotic and metagross are the most asked for megas by the public. We got metagross, and I think just to please the public (which gamefreak failed to do in gen 6 so far..) they are going to make mega milotic. Alot of people also think mega camperupt and sharpedo are confirmed by the key stones seen on whats their faces.

I'm still hoping they don't do something trolly and give megas to pokemon by popularity again.. Pokemon like cradily, armaldo, flygon, and as much as I could care less tropius, really need a buff.



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


This is why they should be removed, take notes.

IV stands for indivigual values, every pokemon is randomly generated with a value of 0-31 in all 6 of it's stats. Pokemon with an IV of 31 in one of it's stats will have an extra 31 base points in that stat when at level 100, which is pretty big..

It is possible to breed the 31 IVs on pokemon, you simply catch dittos from the friend safari as all pokemon in the friend safari are guarenteed perfect IVs in 2 of their stats, and then giving the ditto the destiny knot pass on up to 5 of those IVs. (you'll need more than one ditto to do this as you'll need ivs for each stat.)

You can watch a tutorial for the whole breeding process. It's really really deep ingame stuff that's explained no where but when researched or asked..

and I didn't say you don't know what you're talking about. You said keep your hacked pokemon away where it won't harm anyway, in a sarcastic reply I said the dream ball killed thousands since it was the only thing hacked about the aegislash and it didn't do anything but make an animation nobody cares about.

Last gen we had pokegen.. which was indeed hacking as you could make ANYTHING with overkill stats and like.. gen 4 we had action replay (still did for gen 5) which could make you do just about anything if you knew how to code it (which others often provided those codes only)

This gen we got powersave, and it doesn't let us do that much overall. There is no easy way out of breeding.. seriously everybody is arguing the breeding is what causing hacking, this gen you are still stuck breeding even if you are using powersave as there is no code on powersave whatsoever that fixes IVs, nature, stats, species, abilities, or anything like that. You can only do 3 things to a pokemon.. change it's ball, change it's shininess, and max it's happiness and whatnot which only affects pokemon amie anyway. No matter what we hack into the game we're still breeding. We can't even transfer pokegened pokemon from last gen anymore because the hack filter on poketransfer will block anything illegal, and as of may wi-fi is shut down, so is pokegen since it required it.

Also it's well worth noting in a legendary's case you cannot breed them.. so your stuck with that 1 in some million chance of random catching one. This gen they did nerf it a little so that any legendary caught in gen 6 will be guarenteed atleast 3 perfect IVs but still for things not catchable in this game try catching a 6 IV heatran or latios.. WITH THE RIGHT NATURE under those odds of 1 in a million. Now you can see the importance of hax!

I hacked myself a snow warning aurorus, contrary serperior, and adaptability dragalge.. I still had to breed every single one like normal.. even for hidden power fire on serperior and that's always never fun..

Back to ray rizzo, the only harm he caused was maybe not being able to upload a battle video now because battle videos won't upload if hackmons are used even if it's minor things like this. So the tourny wouldn't of had anything to show for if they wanted to show all the battle videos.



Stomatopod17 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Mega Metagross for P...:

Honestly I don't see a problem with this like everybody else is complaining about.

Metagross was always slow unless it used a weak priority choice banded bullet punch. Or managed to get that attack boost from meteor mash.. not to mention being weak to ground, fire, nuetral to fighting, nuetral to bug, and now steel is nerfed so he gains 2x to ghost and dark as well.. can't touch aegislash!

Now that he gets a mega evolution it depends on his stat spread.. he looks like he'll be faster and get higher attack and drop in his defenses.. either way there is always one question to ask.. "What can this thing do in comparison to leftovers, choice band, or life orb while taking up a mega slot?"



Stomatopod17 commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:


The dream ball killed thousands, it hurt people across the globe!

And it's funny how all these anti-hack comments have no clue what hackers are even limited to. A hacker can only do what's provided to them, there is not 1 hack that alters the outcome of the games other than an unreleased item or pokemon which obviously wouldn't be aloud on sight at tournies.. and those unrelease items and pokemon aren't that great (I personally run around carrying a mega lati@s against passerbys.. they kinda hold the rest of the team back as they need tons of support and take up a better mega slot.. if I lost them, usually the rest of the team falls as they're ment to keep lati@s alive and support with SR and such..)

You're forgeting how insanely difficult it is to encrypt a 3ds game. So he could only have done that with powersave, whether it was him (assumingly.. shiny aegislash is obvious, especially if somebody else bred it for him.. I certainly wouldn't hatch 1000+eggs for a shiny aegislash to give away anyway.. still harmless, but red flag right there) or somebody else.

It's well worth noting that I think you're aloud to use kalos born pokemon ONLY so any pokegened mons weren't even aloud.

Oh btw.. he lost the battle anyway, or according to some of your logic, he hacked so he could lose! This guy is one big threat in the championships! I never want to face this guy if I attend!

As others above stated, while IV training is easy for me, for younger players its like trying to solve college math. The good players, like smogon, are higher aged and usually stomp on casual players making it a little more of an aggressive strategy game rather than RPG.. Natures do provide some kind of break through for things like outspeeding normally faster threats, etc which is good, but IVs are too complicated.. players have no clue what they do unless you research them yourself.. and how to even get them.. and if the dizziness didn't already kick in trying to understand them, actually breeding them is when the headache really begins! Turns out their purpose is really important in competitive play.

Hacking, is probably the only thing keep the fanchise alive honestly. Without hacks events are only limited to certain people who go to them.. like the pokeball vivillon, people are begging for that.. but without cloning or powersave wondercards.. there would only be a 100, maybe couple 1000 of them in the entire world. Unless you buy a plane ticket :| Then theres everybody's.. AND I MEAN EVERYBODY'S favorite pokemon.. mew and meloetta.. both events (or in mews case glitch) pokemon that you have and adore.. and without the ability to clone, no body would ever give you since it would be super rare in the whole world.

Also why wouldn't gamefreak do something about hacking? Even a company, datel, makes money off providing players the devices to hack nintendo consoles! Well profit, like I said.. pokemon would fall without hax as events would be too hard to get, and also there'd be no hype for anything.. when players hacked mega eons and diancie in the game, it gave players something to search for and talk about, then when players were able to hack them in, the few seen begin to raise hype and excitement to get them at any event, spend money on a movie ticket or like.. or buy the next game which may have them! Money money Money!

Besides.. everybody is on pokemon showdown now, a free program you don't even need to download half the time on the internet! Why work making your team to fight other players with poorly prepared teams, when you can make your entire team, and edit it at anytime, on showdown! This is were gamefreak is at a standstill.. nobody buys their games because they're instead on free application that is unassociated with them. Thankfully I oddly enjoying building my teams on the cartirage games myself.. I hatched 9 shinies (actually 8 but one was a nincada so.. counting shedinja in) legitimately, I have the device to hack but never use it even for shiny breeding.