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Wed 2nd July, 2014

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StoicDeviant commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Rewrote the E3 Ruleboo...:

This is EXACTLY why I enjoy Nintendo. Currently, being 25, I would like games catering to my own age, but who am I kidding... I still play PoKeMoN and Zelda is always in my heart, as well as Luigi and the other guys!

Right now, I'm teaching my 3 year old niece how to play Mario Kart 8. She struggles and says "Do it for me!" which is HIGHLY nostalgic! I remember when I played Super Mario Bros on NES and would struggle with the first level, me being 5 at the time, and so I would ask my Pops (NOT AT ALL A GAMER) to help me and he WOULD. Regardless of not playing games religiously, he still took time to help me, but we had fun, even though he never did get me passed the first level (IKR!) due to his poor gaming motor skills! lol

Nintendo has been, and should always cater to the kids. It's what they do best. Family moments are worth every dollar I give to Nintendo!