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Mon 7th April, 2014

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Steven1094 commented on Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Arriving Next ...:

Will Vaati, Demise, Gramps (from: A Link Between Worlds), Tingle, Rauru, Nabooru, Saria, Tetra, the Oracles (Din, Farore, and Nayru), Ralph, Irene, The Pirate Captain Skull (from the Oracle games), Telma and her Reinforcements, Toon/ Child Link etc. be announced?



Steven1094 commented on Yet More Hyrule Warriors Details Coming This Week:

It's probably more modern Zelda characters than the classic ones, and the classical remakes like Ocarina of Time 3D and Wind Waker HD. I don't think they'll be adding characters from the Oracles series, or less popular ones.



Steven1094 commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

Yes, Nintendo should start releasing SNES games for the 3DS eShop. And also, an update were NES Virtual Console games can now be played the full 3DS screen instead of that small, 4:3 size screen! I have to squint my eyes to play Legend of Zelda...