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United Kingdom

Thu 10th Jan 2013

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Stefanrules7 commented on Talking Point: The Emergence of Download-Only ...:

@Knux I am totally against digital downloads but only for 2 simple reasons and im replying to you because you said that with a physical copy , if you lose it then it is gone forever but if you had the digital version you could never lose it. My biggest problem that stops me supporting digital downloads is that if a company cba running servers anymore , say after 5 years of release then you can never play that game again which also ties in with the problem that now if you wanted to go and buy a classic game that came out 15 years ago , you can but will you be able to download digital games 15 years after they are released , probably not. I would fully support digital download only if there was a guarantee that games you have paid for stay with you forever and you dont lose them after a few years because of server shutdowns and other things. Also you would have to buy a game within the first few years of release or you may not ever be able to play that game when they stop selling it. As i said before i would support digital downloads if they werent just essentially an expensive rental of a game that you lose whenever the company running the servers feels like shutting down. Please reply if you know of things that stop stuff like this happening because i get paranoid about the future of digital lol