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Mon 25th November, 2013

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Steel76 commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Come on Nintendo!!!
Add a damn account system, so we can just add our purchases to THAT.
If my Wii U crashes and burns in the future, and I need to buy a new one, then there is no easy way to get those games back, unless I send my old machine to Nintendo.
Playstation and Xbox have had this system for YEARS, this should have been added back in the original Wii days....
Oh well, maybe in 5 years or so ;)



Steel76 commented on Video: More Mighty No. 9 Footage Arrives to Te...:

Ugh...the graphics and colors are so dull.
I wish they had gone with 2D handpainted characters, or at least cellshading. Imagine this with the same kind of engine as "Rayman Legends".
Yes, it´s still work in progress, but for every video, I lose more interest in this game.
The level designs, so far, look nowhere near as great as in the Mega Man games.

Shovel Knight acts more like Mega Man than this.

And voice acting?? There is no need for annoying voice acting in platformers. At least keep it in between the stages, as I hate when they pause the action to talk nonsense in game like this.

Oh well...let´s see if things improve closer to release.