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Mon 25th Nov 2013

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Steel76 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

What the...
They just did a simple upscale.
No improved textures or effects.
I was hoping that they would actually make an effort, and give the graphics a proper facelift, like in Ocarina of Time 3DS and Windwaker HD.
This is just lazy.



Steel76 commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

I agree.
If I was a kid today, I would probably rather play games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.
And if I didn't grow up with Nintendo, I doubt I would have bought the Wii U.
It's the nostalgia that keeps me hanging on to the company.



Steel76 commented on Video: Eiji Aonuma Plays Dress-Up As He Shows ...:

I almost get a bad feeling that Zelda U doesn't really exist.
It was just a tech demo used to troll us all

But seriously, it's really worrying that we haven't seen anything since E3 2014. You would think that they at least could update us with some screenshots. Anything to prove that they still are working on the game.



Steel76 commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Wii U eShop / GBA):

The last truly great Mario VS Donkey Kong game.
I hate how the series became more focused on the mini's after this.

Let's hope we can get another game that focuses more on the platforming and having you control Mario again, in a future sequel.



Steel76 commented on The Retro VGS Wants To Revive The Glory Days O...:

The campaign is pretty much dead in the water at the moment. They got about $60.000 in the first two days, but the last two, have been pretty much dead.
There is a lot of poopitypoopoop that have surfaced about this project and the guy behind it. Just search the Atariage forums and check their Facebook page.



Steel76 commented on The Retro VGS Wants To Revive The Glory Days O...:

It's selling for $300-350, and then you have to pay $40-60 for the games.
WAY to much for a system, that will have the same indie games available on Steam, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One etc.
This is sadly doomed to fail.



Steel76 commented on Super Mario Maker Tops The Charts In Japan, Ca...:

Considering it's Super Mario's 30th birthday, those numbers aren't that impressive. In comparison "New Super Mario" for the Wii, sold over 900,000 copies in Japan in its opening week, 422,000 in the first day.
Sure the Wii was a huge success. But it's telling sign, that Super Mario isn't a big seller anymore. They should give him a break for the next 5 years or so. I've sadly gotten a bit burned out on him as well.

But, let's see if it keep on selling. Maybe the interest for the game will grow bigger over time.



Steel76 commented on Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima to Stick ...:

"2) According to the Nikkei, Kimishima predicted Wii U’s failure when it was introduced by warning it’s too similar to the original Wii."

Sounds like Kimishima could be the best thing happening to Nintendo, in a very long time. Suddenly I have a bit of hope about the NX again



Steel76 commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

All the stages just looks like a cluttered mess.
Looks to gimmicky.
I hope this isn't the end of the regular 2D Mario games.

Even though I'm not interested in the game, I hope it at least helps to sell a bunch of consoles



Steel76 commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:


Yeah, I also thought that it would deliver awesome 2D graphics like that.
Instead we got some of the ugliest and boring 2,5D graphics I've ever seen.
It looks like something that belongs on a smartphone.



Steel76 commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

Nag, Nag, Nag.

I find it funny that most people hating on the movie, haven't even seen it

I saw it, and it was way better than I expected it to be.
Even though it's nowhere as great, it reminded me of Ghostbusters at times.

I just don't understand all the hate this movie is getting.
Just leave the brain by the door and be entertained by the madness.
It's not meant to be high art.



Steel76 commented on Kung Fu FIGHT! Will Exchange Blows With the Wi...:

Another runner...
This the kind of stuff that should stay on smartphones.

And talking about retro styled games.
The only indie dev that truly succeeded with creating a retro 8 bit game, is Yacht Club with Shovel Knight. That one really DOES feel like a REAL 8-bit game, that could have been released on the NES back in the day.

The novelty has worn of, and I'm getting sick of these indie pixel games.



Steel76 commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

If the NX is yet another gimmick console, lacking in power, and fails to bring in the third-party support, then Nintendo is REALLY going to be in trouble.
Doesn't matter how much money they have in the bank, when the rest of the fans give up on them, and leave for the competition.

This is one console I will NOT buy on day one.
The old Nintendo, that I grew up with and loved, are long dead by now...



Steel76 commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

This is complete bullpoopoocadoodle.
They don't have to reprogram the damn games, just upload the roms that run on the emulators.

Stop giving us lame excuses for all your crappy mistakes, Nintendo.

It's just getting worse for every damn day.



Steel76 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

The disappointing thing about Star Fox, is that it seems like a remake, using stages from the N64 game etc. Sure there are some new mechanics, but it wasn't enough to excite me. I was hoping for something more spectacular.

And that "Metroid" game? Screw you Nintendo! That was a slap in the face to the fans of the franchise...

I give up... The Wii U is going back into the closet.

Not even gonna bother with the NX, if they keep fooling around like this.



Steel76 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines His Reasons For Not Atte...:

Guess someone else have to give us the "Please Understand" comment, when everything is delayed until 2016

All kidding aside, I truly hope they have plenty of surprises in stock for us this year.

How about a "Ice Climber Adventure" or "Wrecking Crew Deluxe"



Steel76 commented on Mighty No.9 Looks Rather Neat in This 60fps Tr...:

I wish they had used 2D characters instead, like "Hard Corps Uprising" and the "Ducktales" remake, as the 3D characters and backgrounds just look dull and lifeless to me. The game still looks very empty and unpolished.

I'm glad that I didn't help to back this project.



Steel76 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

It´s not only the lighting effects, it´s the textures, and also, a lot of the machines, structures etc, in the background is now gone.

Will this suddenly make it a bad game? Hell no.
I just wish that the developers didn´t go overboard with the trailers, and then later scale back, when the engine can´t handle all those FX.