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Kupo! :D

Male, United States

I'm just a friendly guy that likes to do a lot of things! I am very passionate when it comes to the likes of video games (mainly Nintendo's). I am also an active player of Super Smash Bros. and take pride and joy in its competitive and casual play! :D

Tue 16th July, 2013

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StaticWind commented on Masahiro Sakurai Teases A Potential Final Smas...:

It looks like it'd be a pretty neat Final Smash! I like the Negative Zone, but I'd rather take this any day. If anything, I hope the Poltergust is a part of Luigi's moveset. I just want characters to be as represented as possible. I really wouldn't mind if they changed some of Luigi's moves to make use of the Poltergust. It's one way of saying why I don't mind Mario having FLUDD. :D