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Sat 25th Sep 2010

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Starman49843 commented on Final Fantasy III:

@9 Yes, the music is THAT good. Chrono Trigger has great music, but as a kid I actually made a homemade soundtrack of FFIV's music. THAT'S how much I loved it.



Starman49843 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Likely to have...:

^ I think part of the reason it sold well is because people WANTED to like it, but wound up not liking it. The demo was not available until way later. Does not liking a video game mean you don't like video games in general?? Is being disappointed with a video game not a good enough reason to express your negative feelings about it?? Does expressing those negative feelings about a game that left you feeling disappointed mean that you just like to hate on things??