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StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

@GotchaForce4 "True 3D Mario sequel?" Umm, Sunshine and both Galaxies were superb followups to 64. Nintendo only got sterile with level design in 3D Land/World, which play way too much like the NSMB series. Even so 3D World is awesome with both single and multiplayer. I just wish Ninento would get back to free-world exploration. The latest 3D Mario feel like obstacle courses.

As for this unreal engine, the environs do not match the Mario theme at all. It seems like someone just dropped Mario in a sandbox World from another game. But a more humanoid looking character might work if they toned down the acrobatics. Make Mario 6 feet high instead of three, slimmer profile with a head in scale with an adult body, and tone down the jump height to about 4 feet max. Or better yet make up a new character.



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

In all truthfulness, those clamoring for the NX to be backwards compatible with Wiii-U will be sadlu mistaken. The Game Cube, Wii, and Wii-U all run on PowerPC architecture, which for all practical purposes is dead in 2015 and beyond. The NX cannot be backwords compatible if it runs on something else. That leaves either x86 or ARM, and Nintendo will likely choose ARM since x86 is power hungry and expensive.

Nintendo also stated that the NX will be a fusion of console/handheld, and possibly run as a third pillar for a while to Wii-U and 3DS. I envision a redesigned Gamepad (tablet with buttons), an HDMI out, and backwards compatability with 2DS (if it runs ARM). ARM is gaining power with each generation and there's a good chance it could be comparable to Xbone/PS4 in processing power by 2017 or whenever this thing drops.

ARM NX would be the perfect platform for indie developers to embrace. Nintendo could even create a tablet sized and smaller portable NX, with unified account system so gamers with two consoles (one for home and one on the go) can sync games and save data between them. I could also see it utilising the Wii-U Pro Controllers as well for multiplayer.

Much as I'm afriad to say this, there's a good chance games for the NX will be download only, as both Wii-U and 3DS are slowly gaining sales toward digital. Disc drives are expensive, although NX cards utilizing the 3DS slot may become a possibility. BluRay currently holds 50Gb and chances are good that game cards holding this much data will be affordable withing a couple years. I could picture an additional tap on both sides of the 3DS card to prevent insertion of NX cards into a 3DS.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I'll have to admit, some of the entries were pretty weak. I'm not sure how PM/M&L will work. They each have different visual styles and battle mechanics, though I can't imagine it being blander than Sticker Star.

The Triplayer Zelda is a bit of an oddity. A deep adventure game is not the type of format you want for three-way multiplayer. Multiplayer experiences are better served in quick bursts. I'd imagine much of the game has you tripping switches and activating various events, which in single player mode would add tedium of constantly swapping character roles or overall dumb AI. I can easily see bonus content, side quests, or events that require multiplayer coop to pull off, locking you from 100% completion in single player. Online would be equally fruitless as progress in a level is tied to a game file, as well some opponents may be newbs or worse deliberately sabotage the quest.



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Yes. PowerPC is dead and x86 is expensive and power consuming, so Nintendo will go with ARM. The competitors will laugh. I'm thinking Gamepad without a console wirelessly tethered to it. Backwards compatible with 2DS. Plug in an HDMI cable to play on the big screen. Nintendo's Dreamcast and swansong. But even as an underpowered tablet with [gasp] buttons, it will sport the funnest games. Then when they go third party, I become full time retrogamer... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America):

@StephenYap3 I struggled with the control scheme. Mario, Luigi, and babies each had their own buttons, and the grinding in that game specifically was excessive. I disctinctly remember spending two hours playing against a worm/catapillar/whatever boss. I was stupidly attacking it while it was healing itself, adding HP instead of subtracting. I finally realised what I was doing and defeated it. No offense to anyone, win or lose, no boss battle should last that long.

Regretably, I used an Action Replay to boost my attack power to 999. Even then, the batles drug on. After beating the final boss and completing the main story, I had little desire to look at it again. Bowser's Inside Story, the original M&L, and Dream Team I never had issues with, but juggling 4 characters simultaneously was a bit much, in addition to the constant grinding. Story was okay, but compared with Bowser's Inside Story or M&L, I cannot recommend it.



StarDust4Ever commented on Parent Trap: Woolly Yoshi amiibo Finally Turn ...:

Awesome vid. And yes, I want the yarn Yoshis! I placed my preorder for Yoshi Wolly World yesterday at Gamestop. The guy says they are absolutely not doing future preorders on Amiibo and no bundle SKUs were in the system.

Should I attempt to buy the Yoshi 3-pack from Europe/Japan or wait until they release here and possibly get them cheaper or possibly risk sellout and fighting the scalpers?



StarDust4Ever commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

You PAL blokes are lucky. All the good blockbuster movies come out in the summer. Why can't we have Yoshi now? Forget waiting for Christmas like some little kid. I am 34 and super stoked for this game... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on French Retailers Are Cancelling Yoshi Woolly W...:

@Tempistryke There's a spot in Super Mario World around the Cheeze Bridge area, where the keyhole is placed beyond the goal pole. I believe it is required to access Soda Lake and one of the Star World Shorcuts. The only way to access the keyhole is to dive under the platform and jump up on the other side. For this, you need Yoshi and a cape. Glide underneath the platform and hit "X" to dismount. Yoshi falls into the pit, sacrificing himself so that Mario lives on to complete the stage.

For it is written, "no man shows greater love than this, that one give up his own life to save his friend." That's loyalty, folks. Yoshi's loyalty to Mario rivals that even of the most loyal dog.

But I still don't see how this relates to needless mass geno- er "Yoshicide" of adorable plushies... :'(



StarDust4Ever commented on French Retailers Are Cancelling Yoshi Woolly W...:

@argh4430 that would be highly unlikely. NFC draws very little current by it's passive nature. The NFC would have to absorb many Watts worth of RF energy in order to ignite the whool. That said, placing in a microwave oven would probably yield the desired result if spontaneous combustion of Yarn Yoshi is your ultimate goal. Not recommended; poor little guy has suffered enough abuse at the hands of French assassins... :'(



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Take Another Look at the Skylanders Sup...:

@rjejr "kids lost 20 levels in SSB..." user error doesn't count. I've never had issues saving to Amiibo in Smash Bros, even while drunk.

If I place a Skylander or DI or even my credit card to the Game Pad, I get a response stating "the object you placed on the game pad is not an Amiibo..." The fact the Gamepad recognises the presence of a non-Amiibo NFC object tells me it is plausible the Gamepad could read data from other objects. The Japanese eShop even lets people use NFC credit card payment. Also as far as I've heard, no real data is saved to the Skylander or DI figures. So I assume the gamepad could technically read data from them with the proper low level drivers or software.



StarDust4Ever commented on New Nintendo 3DS XL Back On Top In Japan As Wi...:

LOL at Xbone barely breaking triple digits. Why do M$ even bother with the land of the rising sun? Surely any money made in console/software sales is lost on marketing and distribution. Atari Jag looks like a runaway hit in comparison. Give up already... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Cube Life: Island Survival:

Is this the same game released on 3DS a while back? I have the 3DS thingy where you mine the ground for minerals and kill animals for food to replenish health. You need fire to cook the food though. I once managed to craft a diamond pick axe but lost it when I got mauled by a bear and respawned. :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Promises 3DS E3 Reveals While...:

@Vineleaf I figured somebody would bring that up. Daisy would have been a totally forgotten conquest and naught but a foot note in gaming history until a bunch of developers got together and said, "Wario and Peach need partners for Mario Tennis 64. Got any suggestions?"

That said, Waluigi really made his proper debut in Mario Party 3.

EDIT: Daisy apparently existed prior in her proper color scheme in NES Open. Female Caddie for Luigi. Anita Sarkesian would be proud. Derp.



StarDust4Ever commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Promises 3DS E3 Reveals While...:

@NinjaWaddleDee Well Luigi (Luigi's Mansion, Luigi-U), Wario, Yoshi, DK, Peach (Super Princess Peach DS), Bowser (Bowser's Inside Story DS), and even Toad (Wario's Woods, Treasure Tracker) got their own games. Toad was the player in Wario's Woods so that's why I included him. That's everyone from the cast of Mario Kart 64 who starred in his or her own adventure at some point.

Daisy and Waluigi were only created as doubles for Peach and Wario in Mario Tennis, and have since only made appearances in Sports/Racing/Party games to stuff the rosters. I do hope Nintendo releases Amiibo for them however.

That leaves Cosmic sorceress Rosalina with no game all her own although she's unlockable in 3D World. Unlikely to get her own game, yes, but she's here to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom... ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Video: Share The Joy of Receiving a Launch Day...:

@TimeFart yup. Born in 1981, I finally got the Nintendo I practically begged my parents for every year... In 2002 when I was 21 years old. Needless to say, I went over to Game-X-Change to get some games for it, and I was instantly hooked!

Sad part was, that boxed NES Action Set had been sitting in the garage for nearly ten years. My mom had gotten it for me at one point, then stashed it away in the garage for Christmas, and plum forgot about it! :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Fake amiibo Figures Spotted In The Wild:

@Dolphin64 I think 3D Printing has a long way to go yet. But I'm sure there will come a day when you can just run to Kinkos and have something "run off" cheaply. We are not there yet, however. There's a lot of materials out there right now with comoeting technologies but currently it's a toss up between cheap extruders (ie Makerbot) or $250,000 laser stinturing machines (ie Shapeways).



StarDust4Ever commented on Momonga Pinball Adventures Is Bouncing And Fli...:

I'm down for another Pinball title provided the score doesn't drain balls. LOL! Zen is awesome fantasy pinball (I DL'ed every Non-Marvel table plus Star Wars) but sadly Pinball Arcade has been MIA since 2012 when it announced Wii-U support (and still has the logo on their website). I've been enjoying TPA on Ouya however... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Fake amiibo Figures Spotted In The Wild:

@Dolphin64 Actually most figures are printed very thin as pricing is based per cubic centimeter of material. If anything they woud be light and cheap feeling. Any amount of surface preparation won't change the fact the figure will still continue to release fine white powder from the hollowed out areas.

This powder, while harmless, has the potential to alarm consumers. If you don't believe me, send a letter to your congressman laced in baking powder and you'll probably get arrested as soon as the hazmat teams finish decontaminating the office.

Regardless, it would still cost $100+ per figurine. It's great for custom one-offs, but 3D printing technology is not yet ready for mass consumption.



StarDust4Ever commented on The Days Are Numbered For The Nintendo Video 3...:

I stopped using the Nintendo Video app after they started filling it with rubbish 2D cartoons shortly following the 2DS launch. It was specifically billed as exclusively 3D content, which Nintendo negged out on eventuallly. I did enjoy Dinosaur Office, as well as many of the eccentric arthouse music videos they used to show on it.



StarDust4Ever commented on Fake amiibo Figures Spotted In The Wild:

@Nintendian for the time being quality 3D printing is very slow and time consuming although prices have dropped some over recent years. Sure you can get low grade parts made from an extruder of some sort like makerbot et al, but for figurines it would look really bad. Complex figures also require a support material which generates waste.

Injection molding is orders of magnitude cheaper per part. $10,000 and up for a mold, but then afterwords it's like 10 cents per part. 3D printing, maybe $50-$100 a piece, little to no setup cost. Quality figurines need to be made from fine laser stintured poweder, not a spagetti strand extruder. Secondly, much surface preparation needs to be done to buff and prime the sandy texture to achieve a finished piece. Injection molded parts come out shiny every time, and the batch can be any color of the rainbow.

I recommend Shapeways for an example of quality 3D prints abd how much it costs. We will not see 3D printed McDonalds toys anytime soon.