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StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:


Holy crap that's complicated! One misstep and you could lose all your stuff! :o

Better stick to and and other places who specialize in imports. Yes, they will sell out of stock and might be slightly more expensive, but they won't sell out nearly as fast as US preorders and you get peace of mind.



StarDust4Ever commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@IceClimbers How would a console Pokemon title kill the 3DS? Did either Pokemon Stadium release for N64 or Pokemon Colosseum for Game Cube kill the Game Boy? No, it only helped to sell consoles.

Even though I despise the Pokemon franchise in general, I don't see how a Pokemon Stadium U game would hurt 3DS or Wii-U. You could wirelessly transfer Pokemon from X, Y, Alpha Ruby, and Omega Sapphire using a 3DS with a minor software update for the 3DS titles. Print money and convince Pokemon fans to finally buy a Wii-U. ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

@umegames Yeah they had the one per customer policy too at my local Best Buy. But I had a preorder on reserve for King Dedede and Meta Knight. I showed up at 8:55am 5 minutes to open and there were already 12 people in line. They had one Meta Knight that wasn't reserved. They formed two lines at customer service, one for preorders and one for walk-ins. I was first in line and picked up my two Amiibo no problem but the walkins were limited to one. I felt bad that all these people were lined up for Meta Knight and the first dude in line got it but he had been waiting in the cold pouring rain for 2 hours. They both look really nice, glad I could complete my Kirby series set. And yes, I unboxed them as soon as I got home... ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

@spizzamarozzi But we are as passionate here about beer and [gridiron] football as you guys are of wine and soccer. Just stay away from the cheap ballpark beer. That stuff is nasty...

BTW, I did an Art History tour of Italy in 2005. Spent 6 days in Pompeii; 9 days in Rome. Beautiful country, friendly locals, excellent food and wine too! ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

I loved Zen Pinball 2. I have downloaded and purchased every non-Marvel themed table they've got. Just not a super hero fan so I left the others.

PS - I also got all the Star Wars packs. Yeah, they should have combined them, but I can see why they didn't. The whole dark side / light side aesthetic wouldn't work with Zen. And I always choose the path to the dark side... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

I actually got a nice collection of Amiibos prior to getting Smash Bros. I just set up a 99 stock match in 8 player mode using team battle. I like to set them up as four pairs. Grab a brewski and watch the fireworks. Twerk the Gamepad every now and then so the Wii-U doesn't go into idol shutdown (you'll lose your progress if it does). I don't feed them, just sick them on one another. Lazy as heck, but you need at least one human player or you don't earn squat in game. CPU/Amiibo matches done in autopilot mode don't award credit towards overall time played or work towards unlocking secret characters. Sure you can fight them but it ceases being fun once they start mercilessly kicking the crap out of you. They are awesome as teammates though.



StarDust4Ever commented on Yes, People Are Still Making NES Games In 2015:

@Smooching Because most of the new released RetroUSB games use a special homebrew mapper. The games actually save data directly to the PRG ROM which utilizes flash technology that didn't even exist in the NES lifetime so nothing remotely close to it ever existed. The read portion of the mapper does share similarities with the iNES UxROM mappers, but the registers are in different locations.

In order for these new homebrew to work with the Retron5, a new game dumping algorithm with have to be added in addition to mapper support of the [stolen] RetroArch emulators, which came with a GPL non-commercial license which Hyperkin basically ignored.



StarDust4Ever commented on New Nintendo 3DS Launch Sales in the West Surp...:

Yeah well sadly people living in North America don't have that luxury. The Faceplates themselves are region free, whereas the standard New Nintendo 3DS isn't. :p

Don't worry. PDP or Hori will make covers. I plan on getting the clear cover to protect my investment. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on New Nintendo 3DS Launch Sales in the West Surp...:

@bofis I agree. While I generally prefer the larger variant because of my man hands, I know others and young people do have smaller hands and a standard console would be perfect for them.

Freedom of choice is never a bad thing, but due to region locking it's impossible for North Americans to own the standard size.

Also faceplates are cool, but nothing beats my Gold limited Majora's Mask 3DS. And before anybody asks, yes, I camped out for it. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I think the cards will come in randomized packs sealed in foil wrap so that they cannot be scanned. You buy a 15 pack of Amiibo cards for like $15 (because NFC chips aren't "free"), and you get 12 commons, 2 uncommons, and 1 rare. So you have to buy a metric ton of card packs and trade the rare cards at swap meets and resell shops in order to get a complete set. This is how nearly every collectible card game or series works.

As a result, there will be bazillions of unwanted Marios, Yoshis, Pikachus, Kirbys, etc floating about. Knowing Nintendo, there will probably be a Mario in a minimum 2 out of every 3 decks... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Director Teases...:

@Grumblevolcano To be perfectly fair, there are many people collecting Amiibo who don't even own a Wii-U or New 3DS. Some even prefer to keep them sealed, which actually defeats their primary function by preventing their use in the game.

I think it was a brilliant decision on Nintendo's part to encourage unboxing by placing the foil square in every box, but I confess I think they look better unboxed anyway.

Not everyone views these figures from purely a utilitarian purpose. If you can't appreciate the figures as something more tangible and collectible than simply a means of physical DLC, well that's just sad.

I recommend looking at one of your Amiibo up close and holding the figurine in your hands. A lot of detailed craftmanship went into making these toys. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

I dropped my cellphone in a college parking lot once. A guy picked up my phone and dialed my mom, who told him which dorm/room I resided in. I was so happy when he returned it, I gave him a big dude-to-dude bear hug. :p

I also went through the dispair of losing my Pink/white 3DS... Only to find it inside my couch two months later, with a heavy scratch the dual reclining steel mechanism had gouged into it. Still works fine and I got a Princess Peach cover for it... ;)



StarDust4Ever commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Director Teases...:

So sad that Rosalina came so close to being featured in the game... :'(

I hope they include a nice little bonus for scanning the Rosalina Amiibo... ;)

Also, those of you guys complaining "$15 to unlock lame-O DLC" are approaching it the wrong way. You're not buying the figures to unlock in-game content but because they're awesome! The fact that they give you bonus stuff in games is well, a bonus. B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

@BLPs LOL I collect Amiibos too! But I tend to pick and choose. I have little interest in the third party chars but I wanna collect all the Smash series Mario chars, but not the Mario Party lineup except for Toad. The MP Duplicates I can do without. And Kirby and Yoshi series. I got Zelda and Link but Toon Link is derpy looking so I'll pass, but I'd definitely get a Dr Mario if they come out with one. Also got DK, Diddy, Kirby (Meta Knight and Dedede still on reserve at Best Buy) Samus. Got my Rosetta & Chiko import from Japan too! Upcoming Amiibo on my radar: Wario, Zero Suit, Duck Hunt Dog.

But the Fire Emblems, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade, etc I don't care about collecting at all. And I unbox everything and use them. Good thing I'm a selective collector as I've had to fight over far fewer Amiibo than most people. I even ordered the Choco mini figs for Daisy and Waluigi as substitutes since they'll almost certainly not be getting Amiibos even though they are half the size and don't really match. Yeah I'm wierd like that. Gotta have Amiibo figures that don't even exist! :p

Also dealing with compulsive habbits... I spend more time posting online about video games than I do actually playing them. But playing them brings me so much more joy... Why I never joined Facebook? I don't agree with their privacy policy but also don't wanna get sucked into that addictive cesspool... :p

I agree gotta know your limits and stay within budget. I'm also a sucker for anything new homebrew release on retro consoles... B-)



StarDust4Ever commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

@BLPs The thing is, I am severe ADHD and do have addictive tendancies. As an example: It's one thing if I blow through 150 play coins that I've amassed over several weeks to beef up my Army in Warrior's way so I can blow through the next country with relative ease. Currently I'm playing the game as intended by the developer. If I miss out on some uber cool hat because I spent all my Plaza tickets on stupid lame ones, so be it. It's only a game. My play coins and street passes will slowly replenish. Street passes are preferable because you can use them in all games where as play coins are only usable in just one game at a time. So I make my rounds and often wait until I have more than 6 or 7 street passes queued up before I replay the games so I can maximize my Mii Force potential.

Fact is short of manipulating the date/time on the 3DS (which will totally screw up your pedometer and play records) or using a spare 3DS to earn "dummy" streetpasses, there's no real way to cheat the system. Were Nintendo to allow users to "buy" extra play coins to progress further in the game, instead of naturally allowing them to accrue or seek out street passes, either through relays or in the wild, at some point I would find myself in a situation where I just had to get the next stage or redeem that fancy new Mii hat. Instead of being forced to put the game away and try again later, it would be a very real temptation to me to spend the 99 cents here or there to get that extra perk.

As it stands, I've spent a grand total of $15 on the Streetpass Mii Plaza expansion pack and have thoroughly enjoyed it. That amount is fixed. I'll never have to spend additional money to continue playing it, unless Nintendo releases an additional one-and-done DLC pack in the future. I've spent a good deal of money on games over the years, probably more than most but all of it I have permanent access to enjoy at my leisure. If I ever get short on money, I'll just enjoy the stuff I have.

With the F2P business model, that temptation, "oh, it's just 99c here or there," could very well end up costing me hundreds of dollars in the end on what should have been a $5 game. The whole "pay to win" concept will cheapen my enjoyment of said game, then I'll feel guilty and mad at myself for paying so much.

It's easy for some to say "oh I just won't pay" and enjoy what they've got. But for others, it will become a problem. So I've never been sucked into one of those "pay to play" schemes, but I know that would potentially be a weakness for me. So I've made a commitment not to download such titles.

Rusty's All Star Sluggers taught me that I can't just say "no." I had to play through the whole story, and while haggling was fun and the story was charming, I'm still sinking real money into cheap throwaway minigames that are fun for like 30-40 minutes then get really boring. And you have to haggle and eventually buy every single minigame to finish the story. At least I can keep the minigames I've purchased.

I do not gamble, because I have a strong mathmatics foundation and I know that every single game in the casino is rigged so that the house always wins slightly more than it pays out. I bet one dollar at a casino, played the slots, walked out with $4.10. Cashed out while I was ahead and never went back.

Games are fun, new, retro, whatever, I love to collect games and I love to play them. Nintendo especially but I collect other systems as well. Yet I have confidence when I spend money on a game, retro or new, that it's mine to keep and play as little or as much as I want. I support developers of new games and help preserve old classics, because by patronizing businesses that deal them, it helps to keep these little pieces of gaming nostalgia in circulation and out of landfills.

But I have to draw the line at in game consumables. They aren't tangible; they aren't even tied to my console or NNID like digital or DLC content. You buy the consumable, you use it and it's gone. I have to commit not to download these titles, because the temptation to repeatedly spend money on consumables is always there.

Sorry for the long rant, but I cannot support this type of business model. I will not be anybody's "whale."



StarDust4Ever commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

I wanna say burn this trash, but with a bit of self restraint, it may be like the Streetpass Mii Plaza games. Over time, the number of street passes I recieve has steadily increased although many are from local relays but I've passed a number of Yokels multiples of times as well. The Streetpass Plaza games are currently impossible to blow through in one massive burst. Over time you are rewarded with play coins up to ten per day, which you can spend on additional content or bonuses in game. Save up large stockpiles of play coins, and it is possible to "blast though" at least partway through the games before running out. I've really enjoyed playing the Streetpass games (all six of them) on an almost daily basis.

Going back to these "Microtransactions". The awesome Streetpass game would become the very abomination of mobile microtransactions people are decrying, if Nintendo updated the game to allow the user to purchase spare play coins, say ten play coins for a dollar. Responsible and self restraining players would get the same level of enjoyment in Streetpass Mii Plaza without spending a single dime, yet people with addictive personality disorder or compulsive gambling tendancies, would likely siphon huge amounts of money trying to beat the games in lengthy sittings. In the industry, such consumers are known as "whales" with 1% of the userbase contributing 99% of the revenue.

Firstly, buying extra play coins would simultaneously cheapen the experience of going out and walking the DS and earning streetpasses and playing the game as intended in bite-size chunks, sapping much of the "thrill" out of tagging other users, earning achievements, collecting tickets and exchanging them for hats, by paying your way through the game.

Secondly, this microtransaction system would feed the addictions of compulsive gamers who feel driven to spend needless money for playcoins in order to get that instant gratification. I see this as a somewhat immoral if profitable business venture, by feeding off the addictions of consumers who have a serious gaming problem.

Thirdly, seeing Nintendo being seen a family friendly company, I feel that there could be serious repercussions from a PR perspective, if kids are given access to a 3DS with an unlocked eShop account, and spends thousands of real world currency to their parents credit card. We have seen this effect time and again with Andoid and iOS where Goggle/Apple have been forced to refund thusands of dollars to customers due to "unauthorized" transactions when mobile devices placed in the hands of minors, who may not be able to grasp the difference between in game and real world currencies. Nintendo is already teetering on the edge of losing market share or relavence in gaming communities. A microtransactions related SNAFU could easily topple the last market stronghold Nintendo shares as a family-oriented gaming company.

As a result of all things, irregardless of whatever investors are trying to shoehorn Nintendo into doing, the microtransactions bandwagon is a slippery slope to trod on. I have no problem with a one-time fee for permanent unlock. Free-to-play games are fine if you give us 25% of the game for free with a nominal fee to unlock the rest. Downloadable content is fine as well provided it's a one-and-done unlock fee. Paying real world cash for in-game consumables aka microtransacions, is where I draw the line.

The arcade analogy where you pay per play is not valid here, because you are essentially renting commercial grade entertainment equipment at a venue, bar, arcade, whatever. I'm of the school of thought that when you buy a console, you own it. Buy a game, digital or retail, and you have exclusive and unlimited useage of said game. It is yours to play for as much as you want. With the microtransactions BS, it's like you don't even get to keep the game, but are renting it, as in the arecade analogy. With one huge exception: the arcade machine is owned by the operator.

My games console is owned by ME. Why is it even remotely fair, that I should be charged for unlimited usage of a games console that I retain full ownership of? That is BS. Nintendo, I am disappoint. I will not download any microtransaction based game on my system because it is basically you renting out hardware and software that I should retain full rights and privleges to use. I even played the little haggle minigames in Rusty's Super Sluggers because I though I was getting a deal on the games and the story and minigames were cute and fun. Little did I know you were fielding a test market for future microtransactions-based F2P games. Nintendo, I'm not your "whale." I will refuse to download and play future F2P microtransaction based titles to show my disapproval, but I will gladly continue to buy "one and done" games and DLC. I can only hope others join me in my stance.......



StarDust4Ever commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

I'm down for another. So far I'm still working on Bayo 1 from the dual disc pack. Even on "Very Easy" Mode, it's still challenging! Love the Peach costume. Like the lady in the treehouse video, it's so wrong on so many levels but so awesome too! :*



StarDust4Ever commented on Guide: How to Watch 3D YouTube Videos on Your ...:

I procured a new 3DS Gold Zelda edition, but I won't be unboxing it until Easter. I wish Netflix would support streaming 3D movies, which is supported on certain Smart 3D TV and BluRay models.A lot of Dreamworks animated movies and others I would enjoy in 3D, even if displayed in 240p. They can't use lack of bandwidth or processing power as excuses anymore... :p



StarDust4Ever commented on January NPD Results Bring Improvement for Wii ...:

Sports games sucked then and they suck now. Go look at the Genesis and SNES games rack at the local used game store. About 60% of them are sports games. There are a few that are worth playing. NBA Jam and NFL Blitz come to mind. Most, however, dated horribly.

It's no different today. Except that not only will you have today's sports games in the bargain bin of the future, but all those FPS games with weak campain modes, and tons of other games that will be either be broken or completely useless without their mandatory "day 1" updates, once servers are shut down for good.



StarDust4Ever commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

One important thing to remember, is that the DS/3DS runs on ARM and the Wii/Wii-U runs on outdated PowerPC. If Nintendo expects to merge their home console and portable hardware lines, it will likely mean an ARM device, which the Xbone/PS4 devs will scoff at, but mobile and indies will rejoice.

Sadly, this will also likely mean and end in backwards compatability with Wii/Wii-U software moving forward.