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Wed 6th Nov 2013

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StDrogo commented on Nintendo "Would Like to Enrich" Its Virtual Co...:

What I don't understand is why it seems normal for only previouse Nintendo handheld systems to be the only system games on the 3DS VC. Before the DS, in the prime days of the GBA, Nintendo released several SNES games on it, 4 or 5 I think, and they sold like wild fire. If the GBA can hadle SNES games then the 3DS is more than capable of playing them and Nintendo has already proved the 3DS can play N64 games. Having grown up teething on the Atari 2600, and now being married, my wife hates it when I play console games so I only have handhelds. I think Nintendo is making a huge mistake not porting, not only GBA and VB games but SNES and N64 games on the 3DS VC. SEGA is once again one step ahead of Nintendo by already having release dates for 8 Genesis games! I'm getting at lest 6 of those. Come on Nintendo take a hint!!! No reason for other systems like the TG16 also!! Man Splaterhouse and Galaga 90 were great games!