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SquirrelNuts commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

You have no idea how bad it is. The major cities and college towns are very open-minded. But middle America, all the small towns and farm towns that make up a very vocal minority, are way behind the times. The hate is off the charts. The weird thing is, they feel that people of the same sex being allowed to publicly love each other is somehow infringing on their beliefs. It's crazy, weird, and sad.

They honestly believe that some dude with a big white beard is going to come down and blame them for letting it happen and send them to hell. It's crazy.

EDIT: I also want to point out, a lot of the users on this site that are being hateful or bible thumping are most likely children. Children that are brought up in a religious homes often cling to their religion and will be very aggressive about defending it or sharing their beliefs on a public forum. So we should cut them some slack. They will grow out of it. (Not grow out of being religious necessarily, but at least tone down the rhetoric.)



SquirrelNuts commented on Collectors Rejoice, Rare amiibo Figures Are Ge...:

I am happy knowing that at some point I will be able to acquire all the the amiibo I want, in the package, for less than a dollar each. I am a patient man.

They flood the market, people will still swoop them all up because they think they can get a lot more for them on the secondary market. And they will, for a short time. But in a few years, nobody will give a shit anymore. All those suckers that dropped 2X the retail value (if not more) on these toys will be stuck with almost valueless pieces of plastic.




SquirrelNuts commented on Analysts Suggest That Nintendo's Quality Of Li...:

Can you guys stop using stuff Patcher says in your articles? He is constantly wrong, and he is so annoying. When you quote him, it just gives his position more weight, it's just another soap box for him.

I personally was, and still am, excited to see what Nintendo can do with Quality of Life technology. I think video games and healthcare are starting to see more benefits when used together. It's a smart move for Nintendo, and I doubt they are going to abandon something they have already made enough progress to announce in the first place.



SquirrelNuts commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

You know why NintendoLife are running this garbage right? Because most of the articles here get like 10-30 comments. The last two about Mr. Pranger got over 200 each. Which is more clicks, and thus, more money.

EDIT: Expect them to milk this for all the clicks for the foreseeable future.



SquirrelNuts commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

Holy crap you guys do like no research. WTF. And he got fired from a company for probably more reasons than we know about. But Nintendo are being professional about it and not coming out with their reasoning, which Chris P-R-A-N-G-E-R should have also done. What a garbage article.



SquirrelNuts commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

Even though he should have lost his job, we should start some kind of gofundme thing for him. He has a toddler and a house and all that. Dude might need some help staying on his feet. I would throw $20-$50 at something like that for him. His Facebook post about it was pretty sad.



SquirrelNuts commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

He had a sensitive job. They just last year started to disclose the Treehouse section of development. He went and talked about things he was not approved to talk about, and poked fun at Nintendo customers while doing it. It was stupid, he knows it was stupid. Any tech company out there would do the same thing if you were employed by them and then went out with no permission and talked about it.

If you worked at McDonald's and they were coming out with a new kind of french fry and you went and talked about how they are made, and that people that buy a McDouble are whiny and self entitled, they'd fire your ass too. It is precisely because of the day and age we live in that he was fired dude.



SquirrelNuts commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

OOF. Well, there's some hard life lessons in there for him. I hope he regroups, learns, and moves forward. When I read that article about his views on localization, I thought "this dude is gettin' the boot for sure". Not too happy to be right.



SquirrelNuts commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. - 1985:

Some people have a song they listen to when they are sad or generally bummed that cheers them up. Some people have a movie that does that for them. For me, World 1-1 is my security blanket of choice. When I need a break from the world, if something has me really down, or if I need to just reconnect with my childhood I grab my 3DS, or my Wii U and go right for Super Mario Bros.

I never play all the way through except on rare occasion. Really just getting through the end of 1-2 and warping is enough. I love this game. It's the first video game I remember playing way back in 1986 when I was 5. It's still with me to this day.



SquirrelNuts commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

There may not be a lot of games scheduled right now, that's true. But you have to admit the amount of games available currently is rather robust. I have over 40 games myself for the Wii U alone. (NX announcements put a nail in the coffin of new games though. )

Yes, their approach to DLC is awesome. I think it's a good bet that they will continue on their current path in the future with other titles.

EDIT: Nuts.