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Squid commented on Iwata Cites "Same-Generation Hypothesis" For S...:

I've noticed that a lot of 80's gamers don't seem to like Pokemon or Smash Bros. very much... It must be the opposite of Iwata's theory; they didn't grow up with it and it didn't appeal to them when it came out in the 90's, thus they still have no interest in it today.



Squid commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

Hey now, not all of us Mewtwo supporters were wildly complaining. And think about it — there are thousands of Mewtwo fans. If this convinces people to buy a Wii U and the Wii U version of the game, it's just more money for Nintendo!



Squid commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

It's laughable that he's trying to make it sound as if he intended for the graphics to be bad. N64 style graphics should not be achieved, and they even look better than that. He is only making it sound as if it's "retro" because that's just the extent of his skill.

This is a joke. Literally, you must be joking if you expect this game to be taken seriously.



Squid commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

Trying to assume this game could turn out even remotely good is truly a waste of thought processing.

One could be out playing football! Or bashing one's head against a brick wall! I would rather do both than play this horrific game.



Squid commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

This is the best news I've recieved all year long.

The Wii U is finally getting the sports games that it deserves. Clearly it doesn't need any help from EA. Just look at those graphics! The Wii U can handle fifth-generation graphics just fine. I must commend the man at AE Games for all his hard work and experience on this game.

NL, you guys should be saving this stuff for April Fool's Day. It's golden!



Squid commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

Sounds like a great review, and one that does justice to this type of game. I will probably get this someday down the line, but I already have Bayonetta 1 and haven't finished it...

@c1pher_c0mplet The game's producer said that the game would not exist without Nintendo's involvement. I wouldn't see that happening.



Squid commented on Weirdness: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS ...:

I think what's funnier is the original Pokemon TV show referenced in Pokemon Trainer's Trophy description:

"Back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he fought to be the very best — like no one ever was. To smash them was his real test — to launch them was his cause!"



Squid commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

"The way in which the game captures the authenticity of its guest-starring third-party characters such as Mega Man and Sonic is astounding, to the point that even their respective owners would struggle to match the sheer quality on show with their own output."

We wouldn't be thinking of any particular company here, would we? ;)



Squid commented on Meme Run is Coming to Troll Your Wii U Very Soon:

This isn't a game, this is a pathetic attempt at trying to appeal to younger gamers with outdated jokes. Unfortunately that's what happens when Internet culture becomes more mainstream...

Yeah, I could tell early on that Ninja Pig Studios would go on to create system-sellers like this. Say, how much longer until Mad Men Football is out? I'd rather play that... :P



Squid commented on Hyrule Warriors Producer Would Love to Work Wi...:

It doesn't need to follow the Dynasty Warriors gameplay, but a Smash Bros that is nothing but one huge cinematic action game with a world map would be amazing. I'd imagine if they did this it would be something like a three-directional Smash Bros.



Squid commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:

Hyperkin is awful. Terrible build quality and lack of consumer service. I wouldnt touch the Retron 5 with a 10-foot pole.

That aside, whatever your views on the ethics of emulation are, the original coders still deserve to be credited.



Squid commented on Atlus Showcases P3 and P4 Heroes in Persona Q:

Nice to hear that the tarot cards are still in the non-premium versions, but that fact that it's only 11 cards is still disappointing...

I also really hope by some miracle they choose Chie's first voice actor in Persona 4, but chances are they'll use the VA that's been used in Arena, Golden, and the anime dubs.



Squid commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Tell me, where are the articles outlining the sexualization and gender roles implied on Peach or Zelda? Does only Samus deserve an article because she looks sexy to you? To me that feels invariably more sexist, to assume that Samus is sexualized only because she is sexy. This is nothing.



Squid commented on Video: More Mighty No. 9 Footage Arrives to Te...:

Meh. I've lost interest. Like others have said, this game looks unimpressive compared to what we saw last year. I know it's still in development, but... with all the money they received, things ought to look better than this by now.