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Spuratis commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

@vonseux So far that's how I've viewed Nintendo's DLC. "howshouldbedone" I like to think that Nintendo watched all these other companies completely muck up their DLC and learned from their failures on how to do it right. The only DLC from Nintendo that I've even considered slightly lame is Fire Emblem: Awakening. Other than that, I've been really happy with it. Pikmin 3's DLC was WELL worth the $3 per pack.



Spuratis commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

Really? I mean, why not just announce it for the Wii U already? I'd be a huge mistake and loss of profit not too. How the heck is Arcade gaming even profitable anymore? I haven't even seen an arcade in Michigan in like 5 years.



Spuratis commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Wii U e...:

I was considering buying this, now I feel that I have too. I never played Double Dragon 2, but I played the first one and loved it. I also got the urge to play the first one again recently because I found an aluminum Double Dragon sign from 1988 at an Antique store, lol. Pretty cool sign if you're into collecting retro Nintendo stuff.



Spuratis commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

As much as I'd like to see Galaxy in HD, I'm voting Eternal Darkness. Simply because Mario has already had and will keep seeing releases in HD. Eternal Darkness on the other hand, well.. we'll be lucky if we ever even get a decent sequel.



Spuratis commented on Dakko Dakko Confirms Development of Update for...:

Bought and beat this game last week, collected all the cats. It's a good game, but it has a serious lack of bosses despite the quite challenging levels. It really feels like some of the earlier levels are harder than the later ones, which is strange. The controls are definitely something that you need to practice so if you buy this game don't go in expecting to pick it up too quickly.. I suppose that could change with the update, but I don't imagine they can change it that drastically. This game is definitely worth the current sale price if you want a good, challenging and off the wall game.



Spuratis commented on Nintendo Download: 7th August (Europe):

Wow. I literally just bought and beat Scram Kitty like 4 days ago. That's disappointing. Seems like it went on sale kind of fast..

Anyways.. if anyone has any questions about the game feel free to ask me.



Spuratis commented on Review: Master Reboot (Wii U eShop):

@outburst Well, I'd say it's safe to get your hopes up for that one. The devs have said that they would like to bring it to Wii U in time, though probably NOT very soon. (Rogue Legacy that is.) I've been wanting to play it really bad, just holding out for a possible Wii U release..



Spuratis commented on Did You Realise Lone Survivor Was Coming to Wi...:

I really enjoyed this game for the PC but I can't see myself buying it again unless there is a heap of new content. I do suggest anyone who hasn't played it, give it a shot. Especially if you're a fan of survival horror.



Spuratis commented on The Mysterious Murasame Castle Set For North A...:

I'd probably check it out if it came to Wii U. I prefer to play that over my 3DS.. in fact I haven't been playing my 3DS at all recently and don't think I will until Fantasy Life comes out. Possibly Smash Bros, too.



Spuratis commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

@Einherjar You know, I didn't even have the disc thing in mind when I thought of Pokemon Rancher, but the amiibos would be the perfect thing to take the place of CD's. They could make a lot of money even if it was selling some kind of coins, like you said. I never really thought of Monster Rancher as a Tamagotchi type of thing, but I suppose that's pretty accurate. My initial thought was it would just be cool to raise a Pokemon and train them in their various stats by doing the training sessions ala Monster Hunter and then taking them to explore ruins/caves/etc from previous Pokemon games that we'd be familiar with. When you're not doing that, you could attend the stadium tournaments, even online tournaments could be possible. A lot of people seem to want another Pokemon Stadium game but honestly I think those games lack depth, incorporating something like the Monster Rancher mechanics they could really have something.



Spuratis commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

@Einherjar Tecmo Koei has one of my favorite franchises of all time, that being Monster Rancher. It's too bad they've let it die. I think if they ever did another Pokemon collaboration with Nintendo they need a Pokemon Rancher. If you've played that series you'd know it would be a good fit. It'd be perfect as a new "Pokemon Stadium" type game.



Spuratis commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I was really hoping for a Magic user from FE:A, personally I was hoping for Tharja, but figured it would never happen. Robin is kind of lame, but oh well.. now if I could make him look like the character I made in FE:A, now then that would be awesome.



Spuratis commented on Retro-Styled 2D Action Adventure, Midora, Hits...:

Color me interested. Like many have stated before this looks a lot like Minish Cap which is one of my favorite Zelda games. Throw in the crafting and material collecting/fishing, this sounds like it could be right up my alley. Glad to see it's coming to Wii U.



Spuratis commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

@2Sand Very well said. There were a lot of games around that time that made collecting feel mundane and a chore. Majora's Mask made it actually interesting. One of the few games where I actually felt I enjoyed collecting every last item, lol.



Spuratis commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

Ahh, you sound like a lucky dude. I was just making a joke, the way you said it made it sound like you were literally going to download it into your wife as if she was some kind of cyborg. ;)



Spuratis commented on Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo Dur...:

Although I'm happy for the new Star Fox, they couldn't have done it in a worse possible way. Why not just show a trailer, anything? Anything but what they did.. good god. In a world where hype tends to be key, the do it in the most low-key fashion. Ugh.



Spuratis commented on E3 2014: Splatoon Will Offer Team-Based Ink-Sp...:

Strangely, I think this is one of the better announcements so far. I just think this game has the potential to be one of those extremely addictive multiplayer games that keeps you coming back. I'll be looking forward to playing this one.



Spuratis commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ca...:

I've thought from the start that the Wii U Zelda will be a direct sequel of some sorts to Majora's Mask. I feel like that's why they've also been saving the Majora's Mask 3DS release. I really hope this is the case anyway. :P



Spuratis commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

Seems like this would make the game so much easier. I absolutely hate the Wiimote for Pikmin and the thumbstick isn't as accurate as I'd like it to be. I'm going to have to try this out.. gives me a reason to play again. I love this game. :)



Spuratis commented on XSeed Games Localizing Newest Harvest Moon for...:

@Hy8ogen HM64 is hands down the best Harvest Moon. I really liked Back to Nature a lot, too, but the load times in it were atrocious.. that still didn't stop me for playing it a couple years in it. A Wonderful Life is alright, a Magical Melody, which I recently bought to try, is so freaking clunky I don't see how it's even playable. I haven't played any of the other 3D ones.

Honestly, although I didn't play it passed the 1st Winter, I have to say my favorite Harvest Moon since Back to Nature is probably a Tale of Two Towns. Despite a lot of people disliking it, I felt the art-style and the layout, new way of gardening and what have you, just felt really charming. I liked that game. Talking about it makes me want to go back and start playing again..



Spuratis commented on XSeed Games Localizing Newest Harvest Moon for...:

@Hy8ogen Though I will miss the Harvest Moon name, it will still be the same game at heart. That being said, I actually kind of find the new name "Story of Seasons" somewhat refreshing. I hope this game actually feels refreshing, as well. I've bought and played the last two HM games for 3DS and for some reason I can never make it passed Winter without them becoming.. boring I suppose.



Spuratis commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

@Stomatopod17 It's made by the same people who made Dynasty Warriors, so that's why it looks like that. There isn't much information on dungeons or puzzles or anything of that sort. I imagine it's just a lot of hack n slash with Zelda elements thrown in. I imagine you will enter dungeons, but it won't be like a typical Zelda game. Just big battles and boss fights within there.

Of course, I am talking out of my rear so don't take anything I'm saying to be fact. It's just what I'm getting from the game so far. It still looks pretty good IMO and it might be refreshing to play a new take on the Zelda franchise.



Spuratis commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

I have a Wii U and I really have no problem with this. I'd rather they do what they can for the Wii U while in the meantime work and come out with something that will -Hopefully- be a game changer. In 2-3 years they it will be 5 years since Wii U was released. That seems to be the going trend with Nintendo console releases anyway, so I don't think this is too unusual.



Spuratis commented on Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament Tradem...:

@memoryman3 The Pokemon Mystery Dungeons are great games. At least the two that I played.. it might help that I'm a fan of that genre, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 being one of my favorite PS games. A lot of the other Pokemon games do seem a bit lame though.. Rangers looked terrible. Snap was actually decent for what it is. I'd like to believe that this game will be held to a higher standard. They want it to get good ratings so Pokemon fans buy the Wii U.

And.. Hyrule Warrirors has a decent chance of being good. You can call it a pointless, but you can't say it's bad yet. I for one was actually pretty stoked to see it. Being someone who has always had interest in the Dynasty Warriors series but never played it, this game will be the perfect chance too.