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Wed 17th March, 2010

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Spoony_Tech commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sells Nearly 500,0...:

My initial thought was is that all?? Then I realized the in the US there's probably only about 4 million units if that. Considering that alone it actually has done well. I still haven't picked my copy up yet either and I know of many others as well that haven't. In no hurry since it will be a CHRISTmas present for my son (and me of course)



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Rage Of The Gladiator (3DS eShop):

@MC808 No, actually the highest is actually only between a 4 and 5 on the 3ds. It doesn't have that extra when you plug it in. At first I was disappointed but I'm Sure that's how they get a little more out of the battery. I'm also one of those people that have the brightness all the way up most of the time. I'll turn it down only when my system is starting to die.



Spoony_Tech commented on Details Uncovered of Upcoming Update for Zelda...:

@gage_wolf I was on the fence as well when it was first talked about but many naysayers have even said I'm surprised at how much I actually like this game. I think most reviewers were looking for something else when playing it but most who actually get into it find it quite enjoyable.



Spoony_Tech commented on Review: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS):

After reading the review I get the feeling we might of seen the last of the Etrian Odyssey series. Why you ask, I think this is the mash up with more of a name behind it that Atlus was going for. I think we are seeing all of the older EO games going through this remake process and that might be the end of them. I sure hope I'm wrong but I got a sneaky feeling this is what we will get going forward.

@MERG What do you think of this game? Are you getting it one day?



Spoony_Tech commented on Eiji Aonuma Discusses Changes On the Way to Ma...:

I think this games a way to take away ttention from the Wii U version. I wouldn't be surprised now for sure to see nothing of Zelda U till E3. Its ok though as this is more then enough to hold me over till then. More Zelda is always a good thing.



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

@Laxeybobby I wouldn't take those reviews seriously. They were done near midnight and they couldn't have possibly played the Wii U version. They're probably haters of the game and worship at the alter of GTA. Metacritic is full of them. The score is slowly going up though so that's a plus.



Spoony_Tech commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@C-Olimar Would you still be saying that if the console had sold 17 or so million units by now? Even with the same games released. I still say no matter what the sales 3rd parties would be gone. For my gaming needs and my families I would give it a B+. There's still a ton I haven't played but I was day one This go around either.



Spoony_Tech commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

Yep, the first thing I took away from this is no price drop and why should they now of all times. You have arguably their biggest game about to release and the holiday season to boost one last rush. For those patient enough it will be 250$ in April heading into their new fiscal year.



Spoony_Tech commented on Video: Feast Your Eyes On Etrian Odyssey Untol...:

I don't usually buy games just to own them but this would be one I do that with. I have barely touched Untold since I was a bit burnt out on EO at that time. I will get this when released and probably play the first just before that. I own and played all so I'm in no hurry to finish untold.

As far as characters go this looks a little weaker then the last one just by sight. Either way I'm more interested in the story since I've played the main game anyways.