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Spoony commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:


Mario being "blacked up" isn't offensive. Maybe to white people it is. Black face comedy way back when was offensive not only for the make-up, but because people would act buffoonish and overplay black stereotypes of the day. So it was mocking with black make-up on your face. Mario himself is a caricature of an Italian. So it could be argued that his existence at all is racist or offensive.

The Mario with the darkened skin in that picture is not offensive or racist. Neither is the snake charmer, the mariachi, or any of the other depictions. If one is offended by that, they are trying too hard to be offended.



Spoony commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

It's click bait. The phrase "come on Nintendo, you're better than this" is a window into just how ridiculous the whole thing is. It's not like it just happened. This was a long time ago.

This person just wants attention and you gave it tothem. I wish this was like Reddit so I could help down vote this article.



Spoony commented on Video: Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 On Wii U Offe...:

I spent all night playing this with my son, here's how I feel.
I spent $10 on a game I couldn't get before yesterday for less than $40. It is directly on my Wii U home screen, easy to launch, and a ton of fun! This is the first game I have played WITH my son. He loved having the second Wii remote and picking up all the star bits for me.

It's $10 right now, and even at $20 is a really good deal. Is it any different than the original? No. Is it still totally f--king rad and super f--king cool that it is on my Wii U? Yes it is.



Spoony commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Hits Japan on 29th April:

All I have to do is not find out I have Stage 4 cancer and I will be set! Just have to live through this year.


(Also this means no flying, train trips, drinking too much, long car rides, riding on horseback, getting into knife fights, getting into pistol fights, trying to jump into the pool from the trampoline, agitating alligators, screaming at bears, flipping off men larger than myself, or putting mentos in 2L soda bottles.)



Spoony commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

I think they made the right choice. The 3DS XL sold more units in the U.S.A. and was overall much more popular with consumers. If they did a small run of the smaller size unit they could be perceived as yet again not supplying enough stock. If the units sat on shelves, big stores would not purchase more stock until the unpopular units were sold off.

It's a business decision. They are making decisions to better their business.

So vote with your dollar. Don't like the New 3DS XL, then don't buy it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can move on with getting down to some sweet sweet NN3DS action while you suckers mope!



Spoony commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:


You will still have to do a system transfer. When I upgraded from the standard 3DS to the XL I bought the XL first, went home and made the transfer, then went back and had the Gamestop I go to refund me the trade in amount. I worked this out with them in the store though, so I am not sure if this is a normal thing they do. It would be nice if stores had some sort of in-store kiosk where you can make the transfer right then and there.



Spoony commented on Interview: Daniel Johnson Discusses His Critic...:

This book was awesome. It really changed how I look at games, and game criticism. I can say that I won't be buying games based on reviews anymore. It's kind of exciting to see things through a new lens. Thank you Mr. Johnson.



Spoony commented on Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 Now Availabl...:

I picked this up yesterday and got through the preface, introduction, and two chapters. Being a 3DS ambassador is really paying off on this one. The authors choice to write a detailed analysis is admittedly tongue in cheek, and a bit of a middle finger (or your' countries equivalent hand gesture) to game criticism. I really like his writing style, and the whole idea is so far well executed. I am going to be a lot more critical of game reviews from here on out.



Spoony commented on Nintendo States There Are "No Plans" to Bring ...:

As a stock holder, I do not want Nintendo to move into mobile gaming. I would also say a majority of stock holders do not want the company to move into mobile gaming. There is a loud minority, coupled with internet doom-and-gloomers who go on and on about Nintendo's need to move into mobile. That is not the answer. There are other problems that need to be dealt with that will have a much greater effect on pulling up Wii U sales. So, you and Peach64 are wrong.



Spoony commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I voted no, but I don't think the added "it just needs to find it's killer app" is true either. I like the gamepad. I like browsing the internet with it. It is my go-to controller now. This is a pretty lame article...



Spoony commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):

@Goginho Oh yeah, that was there. Depending on the TV you had, it was either really noticeable, or barely noticeable. On a flat screen TV it stands out. I think the convex glass screens of tube TV's made a difference. I never really cared about it until I fired up my original NES on a flat screen TV a few years back and was all "WTF?!". I kind of like it now. It reminds me that when I was a kid we had all of these amazing experiences with games in spite of graphical flaws. Sometimes it was part of the fun to find those flaws/exploits. I have never really been one for harshing on a game because of a glitch though. When SMB3 came out it was crazy. On the playground we were poring over our copies of Nintendo Power just in awe of how amazing it looked. When The Wizard came out we all rushed to see it, and the game footage at the end had us all creaming our jeans. Just think of whatever graphically amazing game in the past two years that has blown your mind, and equate that to SMB3 for its day.

It's a perfect game because it has perfect game-play. The balance of levels, the curve in difficulty, all the new mechanics were all just so amazing. I have played the Advance version and still prefer the original.



Spoony commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Wii U eShop / NES):


The original game had the side bar. It's not an emulation mistake, just true to the original. Some of you seem to be missing the point. This game is a 10/10 gem in spite of it's faults. I can see not appreciating this game if you didn't grow up with it. You whipper snappers have been ruined by graphics being the benchmark of a quality game.



Spoony commented on Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Co...:

If this is the extent of the changes, it's really not that big of a deal. To the people saying that we aren't children blah blah blah... realize that our social standards are different here. There are a lot of children that own a 3DS. I would wager that more children own a 3DS than adults. Parents buying games for their children might like the SUBTLE changes. I for one would prefer the western release if my son wanted this game.

Also, they look super young so it is kind of creepy.



Spoony commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

I know it has already been addressed, but The Wonderful 101 deserved a second place nod somewhere on this list. That game is epic, exclusive, rad, awesome, great, imeancomeonwowitsgood, and just overall a remarkable experience on the Wii U. For shame.



Spoony commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:


As a new father (13 month old) all I can say is... sleep between crying. You are only going to work yourself up getting frustrated when the baby cries and you have to stop to go take care of it. Also, go in and just be AWE STRUCK OVER THE LIFE YOU HAVE BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD AND STOP WHINING ABOUT NEEDING GAMES DUDE WTF.



Spoony commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:


Right? Bust out them AR cards. Take it for a walk and rack up those coins. Make some Miis of your family and friends. See if you can get someone (or yourself) to take you to some SpotPass zones. Have fun with it. Wii U people, ummmm, watch a movie or ten?