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Mon 5th August, 2013

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SpookyMeths commented on The World's Oldest Video Game Media Brand Is B...:

I guess I don't really understand this because I'm not from that side of the pond, but why would they ditch a dedicated audience to try take IGN head on? Isn't that a great way to sort of... fall into irrelevancy/obscurity? Better to continue serving a niche audience than get lost in a crowded market dominated by giants.



SpookyMeths commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

@Peach64 The disconnect is in UK and the rest of Europe and indeed, in most regions worldwide, where the Wii U is performing better than in US/UK. Problem is that the US and UK are such major markets that it puts a huge dent in the Wii U's commercial viability when both markets hate it. If the Wii U was selling comparatively as well in US/UK as it was in, say, France, Germany, or Japan, it wouldn't even be struggling at all. Probably a solid 12-15 million LTD.

But there is no myth here. The Nintendo brand is absolutely toxic in the UK and probably always will be.



SpookyMeths commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

@ThomasBW84 Just going through my eShop here and it looks like MGS is $20, not $30 :)

Also, probably not too noteworthy, but Canada prices often differ from America. Fairune and League of Heroes for example are $0.50 more. At most, some retail releases like Pokemon are $5 more. I haven't really deciphered a pattern as to which games are a little more expensive and which aren't though.



SpookyMeths commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

Oh wow, I was just thinking like 15 minutes ago that I wouldn't mind having Metal Gear Solid, but I'm digital only, so it was unavailable.

You can all thank me any time for my mystical wizard powers.

And for my next trick... Koei Tecmo and Namco Bandai need to follow suit. Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Dead or Alive Dimensions, Tales of the Abyss, and Tekken 3D are missing from the eShop for unfathomable reasons. Pls? :(



SpookyMeths commented on Nintendo Dismisses Rumours That The GameCube C...:

It would be very puzzling indeed if they allowed this huge demand to just go untapped. I mean, you have people lining up waiting to throw money at Nintendo, for them to just say "no thanks" doesn't make sense.

I'm sure they'll restock as needed. As for amiibo, hopefully someone somewhere in the company will look at the financials, realize that Marth and Villager sold out in like 36 hours, and say "hmm, maybe there's a demand for these too."



SpookyMeths commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

4chan anons are notorious for making up bogus rumour "lists" like this surrounding something highly anticipated because, you know, it gets a reaction. They tend to be very strangely specific and based on information that nobody outside of Kyoto could possible know. There was a flood of conflicting rumour lists for both Nintendo's E3 showing and the Smash roster too.



SpookyMeths commented on Science Tries To Ruin Our Fun As Zelda's Hooks...:

As Octane said, the chain launch is a gradual process. What would cause the most damage would be the nearly instant acceleration and then deceleration of Link. As the video said, 20Gs would cause serious and permanent damage... but then you hit the wall at 72km/h.

And you dead.



SpookyMeths commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

These comments aren't nearly as harsh or scornful as the topic title suggests. :P

But it is weird for SCEA to talk up the Vita when Sony doesn't even support the Vita anymore. It would be like Reggie talking up the Wii, and it's pretty well blatantly wrong that any Sony product is servicing an audience that the Wii no longer has. Soccer moms are all playing the newest fad on their phone now, not on a PS4.



SpookyMeths commented on Take A Look At The Super Mario And Pokémon HO...:

I keep waiting for a theme that isn't so... loud. There's just so much going on in all these pictures. You can barely even see the icons on the menu because the background themes are so overbearing.

For the same reason, I just keep going back to the simple gradient background with the ribbon on my PS3. Every theme I've tried, it just drowns out the text and icons and is a headache to look at.



SpookyMeths commented on Resolution Doesn't Matter With 2D Games, Says ...:

It's very important to make the distinction that he's talking about the resolution of the pixel art, not the output resolution of the game. Yes, it will look just fine at 1080p and beyond. Shovel Knight does, and its resolution is lower than 480p.