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Currently a student. Hobbies include Gaming, Anime, Collecting figures, and 3D modeling!

Sun 5th June, 2011

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Spleetal commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

That is interesting. I bought and actually enjoyed Blok Drop U even though it was quick and such. I knew that the other games were fairly cheap and such but I never thought there was a hatred for his company or anything. If he were to put out more fleshed out and good games people would pick it up I'd imagine!



Spleetal commented on Rumour: The Happy Mask Salesman Teases a Reapp...:

Dang, stuff like that doesn't just get thrown in for no reason. Now I'm all intruiged! It'd be awesome to see a new 3D Zelda game for the 3DS following along with Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D! Maybe a sequel to Majora's Mask to continue that timeline a bit or something? I don't know. That's definetly an interesting comment though!



Spleetal commented on Video: Tap Your Toes To Fresh Footage From Hat...:

Definetly will be picking it up day one! I love the Vocaloid Rythm games and have been playing Mirai 2 for a while now! Though I always found it weird they didn't have Gumi in the intro sequence, but have her in quite a few songs.



Spleetal commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:

I always loved the English voice actors! For me it wouldn't be the same in japanese.

Either way though I'm pumped! I'm tail most done with the Wii version so I'll be able to replay it when this version comes out!



Spleetal commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I have everything so far, including the mario series on preorder and I haven't had much of an issue luckily! I did import Lucario though because there's no Toys R Us nearby and I missed the online portions. I go through my GameStop for most of my Amiibo transactions which is nice as the employees at mine are awesome!



Spleetal commented on Weirdness: Even Masahiro Sakurai Struggles to ...:

I've managed to get every Amiibo for waves 1-3! Granted I'm waiting for the release of wave 3, but I have them all on preorder. All that's currently left to do is eagerly await preorders in NA for wave 4!

/r/Amiibo over on reddit was/is a big help though! They're how I managed to get my hands on Captain Falcon, Pit, and Little Mac as I didn't get the chance to preorder wave 2 back then.



Spleetal commented on Happy New Year From All at Nintendo Life:

Happy new year! I'm beyond pumped for the games coming out this year! Personally my top 3 hyped games are Xenoblade Chronicles X, Zelda U, and Star Fox. Really though I'm pretty excited for almost everything coming out this year! Going to be a good one!



Spleetal commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

Hopefully this leads to some Hyrule Warrior Amiibos! I'd love for a Lana, Midna, Girahim, etc. Figure!

Really hope they figure out what Amiibos do. If some games are character specific that will throw things off a bit and make it even more confusing.



Spleetal commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

I hardly play online portions of games. Online games you put in all this effort for it to just disappear one day. I think we should have the option to run our own servers for games. I run a minecraft server for my friends and family and since I run it I can start it up whenever. I may turn it off someday in the distant future but if wanted I can start it back up whenever



Spleetal commented on Watch_Dogs Wii U 2014 Release a "Possibility",...:

In all reality I think it's a good idea for Ubisoft, by the time they've released it smash bros and Mario kart will both of been released so the console sales will be at least a little bit better. With the delay though it makes sense not to release it month or two after the other versions come out, because if they release it late this year or early next year people will be more for getting it again if it turns out a good game. Peoplele wouldn't want to buy it on a different console then next month or two buy it again, but if it's almost a year later and it's released people will be more into playing it again since it's been a while, plus the install base will be bigger. Either release it right along the rest of the versions or wait a while so people will be more up to buying it again or for the first time.



Spleetal commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

I'll attempt to hold out for the Wii U version but if the delay is more than 4 months I'll just pick this up for the PS4 most likely. Glad they're at least just delaying it for now and hopefully we will actually see a release. I'm excited for this game but I don't feel like I need it right away



Spleetal commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

I've been dying to play a metroid game, I havent played any before and havent gotten around to getting one so a Metroid game on Wii U would be awesome. I would like Animal Crossing: "City Life" but they just released one for 3DS, If they had a way to have your character swtich between games whenever I'd be interested. Although if not I'd still like to play and focus on New Leaf for now



Spleetal commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014:

2014 is looking awesome! My most hyped game is Watch_Dogs, I've been excited for that since they announced it. These are all going to be amazing games! 2014 is going to be a good year for Wii U



Spleetal commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

ya, noticed that, nothing was working this morning but now miiverse and my NNID work and now there are icons in the warawara plaza that have gold around them and say recommendation, still waiting for the eshop to go up



Spleetal commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Golf (Wii U eShop):

I have to say golf is my favorite so far, you actually have to try and work on your golf swing and the gamepad adds a cool view so its even more realistic. Definitely challenging and I can see how it could be hard for the little ones, but I've enjoyed it a ton



Spleetal commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I completly agree with this article, PS4 really doesnt have any good games right now, resogun is my favorite and it could be a "Last Gen" game. I feel like there was way too much hype for these consoles. With Wii U's launch i spent hours playing through Zombi U and Nintendo Land, and I havent spent more than 12 hours since launch playing my PS4. I am super excited for Uncharted 4, and hopefully Imfamous Second Son will be good



Spleetal commented on Video: Nintendo UK Interview Shows Off GamePad...:

I've really enjoyed this game as I'm a huge fan of roller coaster tycoon 3, it's actually challenging to please all the set goals and it has a sandbox mode so I'll be spending some time making some roller coasters on my Wii U now



Spleetal commented on Review: Wii Sports Club: Tennis (Wii U eShop):

I've had a lot of fun online and only have had serious lag once, which was while playing doubles with someone else, but single player is smooth for me and doubles works well most of the time, Really enjoying both tennis and bowling so far! I enjoy ranking up and playing against other clubs more so that playing against the CPU, feels like my wins have more meaning now. I usually play it in between games so I can get up off the couch and stretch my body for a bit, then continue on with the next game.



Spleetal commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

This is my first grand theft auto game so well se how well it goes, Im mainly interested in all the stuff to do rather than the actual storyline and playing online in a huge open world with friends will be awesome