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I really do like cats and Mario. So, I love Super Mario 3D World! Also, I do play Xbox and smartphone games. Feel free to add me on any system. Platformers and Sandbox games are my favourite types! I own a 3DS XL and a Wii U Deluxe. Happy Gaming! (^_^)

Thu 19th December, 2013

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Splatom commented on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Confirmed...:

Pac-Man isn't the most popular and most recognizable game character! If Mario was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse, then Pac-Man isn't that big.

P.S Namco, please stop trying with this Reboot. It isn't going to work.



Splatom commented on Video: This Cool Slow-Mo Mario Kart 8 Japanese...:

How was the Death Stare made...

Here's the answer

During a meeting with Nintendo executives, Luigi wanted to keep the Year of Luigi going into 2014. He used the stare and then it was extended for 2 months, until it died.



Splatom commented on Meet LeapTV, The Wii Challenger in 2014:

1 month later:

LeapFrog has filed bankrupsy due to Philips suing a hefty sum of money against the LeapTV

In all seriousness, this is very over priced. The Wii Mini is cheaper and better!